Friday, November 03, 2006

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

DUDE!! Y'all -- I am still gettin 25 hit a day here -- I MOVED!!! ;-) Join me at the new place!

I am keepin this one live for archive purposes but I don't plan on Blogging here anymore..

Friday, September 08, 2006

Y'all I can't sleep again.

By the way - grab a box and load up the truck... I'm movin.

Here's the new diggs Barefoot in the Garden hope you'll all join me. I will be moving and futzin with the place for a while before I leave this place completely -- but start changin those links!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I am LIT!!!

Well, actually I am slightly calmer than what I was earlier. MY local newscast just did a story on "homeschooling".

However, they profiled a student doing a state supported cyber PUBLIC SCHOOL. THAT IS NOT HOMESCHOOLING. It is PUBLIC school at home. As a parent you have NO MORE RIGHTS than if your child goes down the street to the local school.

You are given the curriculum, and if it doesn't work for your child, TOUGH. If you would like to teach that God made the universe - good luck - you will still have to teach the Big bang theory. Can't skip it. You have no choice but to complete ALL the curriculum, even if your child doesn't get a subject or problem (for example Algebra - my nemesis). Say you spend an extra 2 weeks on algebraic formulas but don't get to the next stage on time, you have a problem. You must work on the PUBLIC SCHOOL timetable.

This makes me NUTS!! If homeschooling and public schooling at home are portrayed as the same thing, what is to stop lawmakers from writing laws that infringe on true homeschoolers rights? The rights that pioneering homeschoolers went to JAIL for?

Am I saying that public schooling at home is wrong? For me and MY family -- HELL YES. For anyone else? I don't know, not my problem. Each family makes their own choices. Homeschoolers chose to homeschool for 1000's of reasons. My main reasons are faith based. Other families choose homeschooling for faith reasons, for secular reasons, for reasons of safety in the school, just to name a few.

I am saying it's a horse of a different color. And it's going down a slippery slope.

Edited to say this -- I did call my local news and give them a piece of my mind. And I left my phone # and contacted a woman in my state (actually in my neighborhood) to see if she would be willing to back me up if they called back.
Today is the last day of my job. Weird. Wild Thing goes to pre-school next week.

It's also the first day of school for our school district. I didn't even realize it. The kids got up and went downstairs to play just like usual, I woke up a little later (aren't my kids nice?), and I looked out the window, and there were parents everywhere. We live right near the public school, right in the path of most of the walkers, and all the parents park on our street to drop off and pick up.

For a second I felt sad. Like he's missing a rite of childhood. The first day of school, backpacks and new pencils and teachers. For a minute I felt the jitters of "Am I doing the right thing for my kids?".

Then, as I was cleaning the kitchen I hear Thing 1 talking to Wild Thing about God's house, they were "discussing" which was better, the church or heaven. It was cute!

Yes, I am doing the right thing for my kids, we haven't started "school" yet, since the last of my curriculum order is not in yet (and I really have to get off my fanny and lesson plan).

I have worked out my DD's dance class and my bible study (They were at the same time! ACK!)Wild Thing's mom will take Thing 2 to dance class on the days I have Bible study. The girls have dance class together once a week, I could have changed Thing 2's day but since the girls will not see each other so much, I really wanted to keep them together for dance. So that is worked out.

I think it's time to play with the girls since this is Wild Thing's last day with me.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dollar Tree ROCKS!!!!!

I LOVE the Dollar Tree! I dropped $62 (YES I DID) there today! I got 18 workbooks for the kids - most of them biblically based. (Remember I have 2 kids- and I got extras to put up of the Kindergarten stuff for Thing 2 for next year, and 1st grade stuff for Thing 1)

I got some terrific puzzles, dominos, dice, and poker chips for counting. A clock puzzle for learning about time, markers, construction paper, tape, and the like (of course). A little bulletin board for my desk, smelly good candles, flashlights (my kids LOVE flashlights!) a couple of mama-can-I-have-thises but really - it's the Dollar Tree. ;-)

I cleaned UP!!!

We also went to the library and took out SO MANY BOOKS!!! Mama books, homeschool books, fun reading books and computer games. WHAAA HOOO!!!! Fun day! I took a picture of some of my loot, I will upload it later (the picture thingy is on DH's puter in the basement and I am too darn lazy to go down there right now, although I really should change the laundry over...)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

OMW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Barbie has a new pet. His name is Tanner. It's a dog. Big deal right??


Yes it does!! GO HERE and watch the commercial! After peeling myself off the floor (I was losing it I was laughing so hard) I had to post this.

Why Mattel?? Why exactly do we need our daughters to have a toy dog that "eats" it's dog food (which incidentally is what is used for the poop! So it EATS IT'S OWN POOP!), and then "goes to the bathroom"??

I totally understand the premise behind dolls that go potty when potty training your child -- BUT REALLY, this is too much!

Oh yeah! And Theresa (Barbie's friend) has a cat that TINKLES IN IT'S LITTERBOX! Then Theresa can "scoop" the litterbox.

Beyond the yuck factor -- has anyone thought about the little boy who died from swallowing some magnets from his sibling's Magnetix set? There are magnets in the "food/poo" as well, should we be concerned?

Thanks to Jules at Everyday Mommy for her fantastic idea! If you agree go sign her petition and put the button on your blog!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Many retailers, marketing and PR firms review mommy blogs for trends and opinions. If we speak as one we may be able to effect change. Please let your blogging friends know and if you normally don't leave a comment, please leave one now.
Moms & Dads for Modesty Mission Statement

As a Mom or Dad for Modesty I believe in common-sense modesty for girls and young women.

I believe in refraining from sexualizing our girls and young women.

I believe that it is unwise and unfair to taunt boys and young men by permitting my daughter(s) to dress in an immodest manner.

I believe that true beauty comes from within and I strive to teach my daughter(s) this truth.

I will loyally shop at retailers that provide girls' and young women's clothing that is modest, affordable and stylish.

Several women have written significant posts on the subject of modesty and dignity in dressing our little girls appropriately.

It comes down to this. I WILL NOT dress my daughters like "Paris Hilton tartlets". For me it has to do with teaching my daughter to dress like a lady, to have respect for her own body, to have respect for God's word on dressing modestly. Does that mean skirts to her ankles and long hair? No, jeans and tee shirts are great! I live in them. But those tee shirts will not have double entendre written on them. Those tee shirts will not carry messages about being disrespectful to parents or authority.

It also has to do with teaching MY SON to respect women. To respect women no matter how they are dressed, but to chose a life partner wisely. It has to do with teaching my son that modesty in a woman is a virtue. It also has to do with teaching my SON to dress modestly. No pants down so low that his boxers show, no ripped up clothing (unless you're changing the oil or painting, doing something messy that CALLS for old clothing).

For my son this ALSO means no tee shirts with inappropriate sayings on them. I will tolerate them no better on my son than my daughter.

Monday, September 04, 2006

This is a totally different post. Thing 2's hero has passed away. Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter" was killed by a stingray this weekend.

I am in shock. It seems silly I know, but Thing 2 ADORES him. I have been stalking the Austrian Zoo website trying to find out when his next visit to the US so I could take her to meet him.

He's left behind his wife Terry, and an 8 year old daughter Bindi, and an almost 3 year old son Bob. Say a prayer for his family. I don't know the state of his soul (of course) but I will be praying for God to strengthen his family through this loss.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Any of you who pray - would you cover me with prayer please?

This sounds overly dramatic to my "secular" head, but I feel that The Dark One is fighting me.

I am getting some sleep - but plagued by nightmares. Vicious, dark, vampire + evil filled nightmares. During the day I am fighting thoughts of inability, that I can't possibly teach my children and "train them up in the way they should go", that God doesn't really want me, that he cannot possibly love me.

Not the "normal" kind of "how could He love me thoughts" you know like after you have done something you know God frowns on, but just random whispers in my ears when I'm driving the car, trying to sleep, or teaching my kids. Intrusive thoughts, I am SURE it is the Dark One. When they come I cast him out, (literally thinking "Satan, get thee gone!") and pray for God's strength, but I am tired and impatient with my kids. I don't need to up my Zoloft I am sure that's not it. I take a sleeping pill sometimes but that doesn't stop the nightmares.

I could uses some powerful prayers sisters! I need some sleep so I can be a good mama - and fight during the day.
Free chocolate anyone?? Thanks Angie!

Nestle Chocolatier


Saturday, September 02, 2006

What I did While Ernesto messed with my weekend (or what I did to keep for duct taping my kids to the ceiling.)

I LOVE to have my kids stuck in the house and squirrelly because of the weather. Really I do. (and if you buy that I have a bridge to sell ya).

Before the rain came, in the interest of telling the truth, I am prepared to submit the fooling photos... My poor garden has been SORELY neglected.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My poor sunflower (which are now on the ground, the rain saturated soil could not hold their weight up)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My greenhouse is at a standstill is a SEA of grass (there used to be lovely broccoli lettuce and zukes here!)

On the PLUS side!!! I found 3 of these little guys! My nephew (the Rockhound, who has decided to become a lepidopterist) will be over the moon!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Incase you don't know - those are monarch caterpillars munching on my milkweed.

And this is what Thing 1 built! A cooler to hold their snacks.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And then there was the trip we took last night to the Christian bookstore. My DH bought himself a Bible! I am so proud. It's a cool Archaeological Study Bible .

I have a few more thoughts -- I can't keep them straight though. I will gather and post again later tonight.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

For proper understanding please read to Anna Nalick "Breathe (2 am)"

2 Am and I'm still awake writing a Blog
If I get it all out there
It's no longer inside of
Threaten' the sleep that I long for

And I feel like I'm alone here in the
But these word are my thoughts
screaming out loud
And I know that you'll read them
and so what you want to

But you can't stop the Blog
it's like strokes on the keyboard
Life's like the dashboard
moving in html

Just READ --
Oh READ, Just Read

Yeah -- can't sleep again. I have been asked for my Fried Chicken recipe - sorry can't take credit for it. Alton Brown baby!

1 broiler/fryer chicken, cut into 8 pieces
2 cups low fat buttermilk
2 tablespoons kosher salt
2 tablespoons Hungarian paprika (I just used what I could get at the Grocery store)
2 teaspoons garlic powder
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper (I didn't have any so I used Morton's Hot salt)
Flour, for dredging
Vegetable shortening, for frying
Place chicken pieces into a plastic container and cover with buttermilk. Cover and refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours. (THIS STEP MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!)
Melt enough shortening (over low heat) to come just 1/8-inch up the side of a 12-inch cast iron skillet or heavy fry pan. Once shortening liquefies raise heat to 325 degrees F. Do not allow oil to go over 325 degrees F.
Drain chicken in a colander. Combine salt, paprika, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper. Liberally season chicken with this mixture. Dredge chicken in flour and shake off excess.
Place chicken skin side down into the pan. Put thighs in the center, and breast and legs around the edge of the pan. The oil should come half way up the pan. Cook chicken until golden brown on each side, approximately 10 to 12 minutes per side. More importantly, the internal temperature should be right around 180 degrees. (Be careful to monitor shortening temperature every few minutes.)
Drain chicken on a rack over a sheet pan. Don't drain by setting chicken directly on paper towels or brown paper bags. If you need to hold the chicken before serving, cover loosely with foil but avoid holding in a warm oven, especially if it's a gas oven.

There ya go!
Y'all it is after midnight, AND I CAN"T SLEEP. I have been trying to sleep, I have been thinking about sleeping. But I can't seem to do it. My head won't SHUT UP. I tried praying (just because I do at night) and my head kept meandering off. AN example..

God thank you for this day. Thank you for Thing 1's enthusiasm for ...hmmm I wonder if I painted a huge USA in the playroom, no that's too big maybe in the schoolroom of our next house. DANG - sorry God - Thank you Lord for the blessing of our new nephew, Wow I can't wait to buy him baby clothes, I wonder what they'll name him. I haven't even seen SIL pregggers yet. This is pitiful I can't even PRAY. Hmm, I should blog about this. I should get up and go blog about me not being able to sleep and me thinking about blogging about not being able to get to sleep.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? I am wide awake (and giggling over my inanity and silliness)
I can't sleep (and my hubby can - and does so, LOUDLY!) (See Shannon! A COMMA!)

If you're still with me (boy, are you bored! WAIT! Don't leave! Whatd' I say?) I have a question. SO, you have met a new friend that called you for the first time How long do you wait to return the favor? (I feel 14, how stupid - of course it could be the lack of SLEEP! Did I mention my hubby snores??) If you don't know what TIRL go here I'll wait (I don't have anything else planned) Good-night what is wrong with me? I am snarky tonight. So is it polite to return the call or shall I wait for her to call again? Help me out people! What's the bloggy etiquette ?

And I really do have a neat idea for the schoolroom in our next house (the one I fantasize about all the time - it also comes with washing machines that do the laundry themselves, children who actually like to clean up their toys, a potty with an automatic lid closer, and Rosie the Robot ~from the Jetsons~ to do anything else I have forgotten) Back to my idea.

The idea is to paint a large USA on one wall, paint in all the states and then get pictures of all our relatives and either attach the pics to the state they live in or attach the pictures to the wall next to them and do the thingies (gettin technical here, try to keep up!) like you see on maps when they can't fit the name on the states (or if you're a redneck, like the little boxes above the cars when you're watchin a Nascar race ~I only know that 'cuz I done married inta a Nascar family, Thing 1 was Dale Jr last Halloween, and Tony Stewart the year before that) I think It would be neat for the kids to get where they all live. Then above the USA (ya know where Canada usually is) I am thinking of painting clouds and the words "Dancing for Jesus" and pictures of the Great Grandparents (my kids were lucky enough at one time to have 5 living great grandparents we have lost 3 since Thing 2's birth).

That's it! I'm taking a unisom and goin to bed. AGAIN. G'night

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Short post! But REALLY good news! I talked to my SIL tonight (shhhh the blankie is still a secret!) and she's 20 weeks along~ sonogram time!!!!!

It's a BOY!!!!!

YAY!!!!! The Things are excited.

And they are killing me to start homeschooling today (everyday!) nevermind that I haven't ordered the math program yet, and have no concrete lesson plans yet!

Monday, August 28, 2006

The kids are in bed (and they may even stay there!) so I am ready to tell THE STORY.

About 3 weeks ago I found out that a person in my church (remember I have only been attending church and truly open up to Christ since May) had been convicted of a sex crime. A horrible crime that requires registration with the state and a photo being posted on the internet.

I was SHOCKED, utterly and completely devastated. This person seemed like the most Christ filled, loving, give you the shirt off his back man. He is part of our worship team, leads the praise music when the leader isn't there. Why I needed to find this out RIGHT before church I don't know. But that's when I found out. And he and his wife were greeting that week.

I didn't know how to handle it. I played it off that week and kept to myself. I tossed this around in my head. I KNOW that Christ can forgive any sin, and if Christ had forgiven THAT then who am I to judge? The picture that this person presented did not match that crime (and no I am not telling you all what it is, this post is about how God led me not his "crime" stay with me now!) and I could not deal with it.

So, I emailed my pastor. He called me and we talked for a long time about forgiveness and Christ's love and what he knew to be true of this person. We spoke about how as a parent I had every right to my feelings, and how I dealt with them would have to be thru Christ.

Well, there was more to the discussion, but that ties in more with the nature of the crime. I thought about it, and prayed about what we talked about. And last Sunday (when I made the BEST fried chicken ever!) I kind-of avoided their family. I was not rude, I spoke to and was kind to either of them if they spoke to me. I just did not go out of my way. I was still processing.

This Sunday, GOD was there in church. I cannot explain it. The LIGHT was ethereal. I have been there for months, and it has NEVER looked like this. The music was ROCKIN - just this GREAT rockin praise music, hand clappin, foot stomping, hands raised up, Praise Jesus music.

And then Jeff started preachin! We studying our way thru Mark. Chapter 7 1-22 this week. Talking about the things we hold on to and the things we need to let go of. Traditions of the elders, those who have added to God's laws and considered those additions as unbreakable as God's word. He brought it back to Revelations 22 18:19

I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. 19 And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.

And that we try to change God's word to suit ourselves. (those seeker friendly - water down the Word churches)

Isaiah 55 8-9 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. 9 "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

And this one... John 3 19-21

19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. 21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God."

So I was learning that I needed to do this the way GOD wanted me to. Not the way I wanted to. SO I took a deep breath. And asked (we'll call him Gene) Gene if I could talk to him for a minute. I told him I had seen his picture, and that I didn't know what to do with it. So in accordance with Matthew 18 15- 16

If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over. 16 But if he will not listen, take one or two others along, so that 'every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.

So we went to the nursing mother's room (ha! kinda soundproof) with Jeff (the pastor) Gene, Gene's wife, and Gene's daughter (who was leaving in just a couple days to go to Germany with her hubby - Air force) And the situation was explained. Gene was falsely accused of horrible crimes dining a horrible divorce. His daughter was told to say things that WERE NOT TRUE. She was there to tell me this herself - (she is my age now, a married woman with 2 kids). Nothing can be done about what is able to been seen by all. I cannot and will not go into details on this public forum. I believe that he was wrongly convicted and spent time in prison for a crime he DID NOT commit. His daughter has promised to email me when she gets settled in Germany and I am looking forward to hearing from her.

The sad thing? I don't feel better. I feel like it was a test I failed. I should have trusted my God. He was telling me all along not to worry. I didn't listen. I had to know. I feel better in that I had the courage to talk to Gene. And he has no hard feelings, he told me that he admired me greatly for having the courage to confront him with this instead of letting it fester. And I am proud of myself. But I feel like God sighed at me and said "If you MUST do this, if you are not willing to trust - then this (Matthew) is how to do it."

I think next week, when I see Gene again. I will apologize for not trusting God and ask him if he would be willing to pray with me.

(STOP yelling at me about how I have to protect my babies! I know, that's why I check the site I saw him on. This ended up being about me and God and trust I am not going to be stupid about my kids safety.)
I will fill ya'll in on the story - really but it is a long one - So I will probably wait until the kids go to bed. Sorry!
I have gotten SO MUCH done today! While on the phone with Jules I get tons of housework done - the laundry is cycling abd I got 2 loads in the dishwasher! The kids are being goo too!

I have a rant first!! I had time to cut out coupons this afternoon. and THIS is what I found.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I mean REALLY - do we need this? Now Cherrios is making "fruit loops"!!

Then there's THIS.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Dog treat with fortunes on them. WAIT!!That says READ 'em and EAT 'em. HUH?????? DOGS CAN'T READ!!!

On to the Target ad. I love shopping at Target! Really I do. I was there LAST NIGHT. I didn't see these.

Boy's section

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In case you can't see them. Top right- " I tried to be good but I got bored.", bottom middle "Home + Work Two words that should never be together. Bottom right. "Enough with the learning already"

Then the Girl's section

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The purple one - "I'm in charge here. The parents are just for show". The blue one "Ok I'm perfect now stop staring"
The green one "Spend your money on me"

What are we teaching our youth by purchasing or allowing them to purchase there things? Am I an old fuddy duddy now that I'm a mom?

On a happier note. My Sister in Law is pregnant. For each of my kids, my best freind's kids and one of my dear friend's son I have cross stiched a quilt. I have finished the first corner of the one I have started for my SIL. (shhhhhh- don't tell her - it's a secret)

Sorry! Those pics were driving me NUTS! I had to delete them

I TIRL-ed Jules!!!!!!! Yes I did!!!! How COOL! On Mondays (tee- hee Jules - Thing 2 just asked for ICE CREAM!) Jules hosts Front Porch days and I mentioned that I did something scary but God led on Sunday.

So OF COURSE she emails me to ask what I did. 'Cuz there's nothin Jules loves more that a God leading story! And I (alright I admit it I planned to tease her into calling me in the email! There I said it! I'm a stalker!) emailed her back a little of the story but said it she wanted the whole story that she could call me. WITHIN 10 MINUTES THE PHONE WAS RINGIN Y'ALL! Heather, the Blog writer whisperer. OH yeah - and Jules says I talk like I blog! Or is it I blog like I talk? Whichever - it was funny!

Oh yeah! And Jules did not sound at all like I expected. She has this slow southern voice that remind-ed me of caramel (ok did that sound too stalker-ish??)

So we talked about everything under the sun (except of course the STORY! LOL! She's gonna call me later -- I'm gonna wait by the phone. Every once in a while I'll check to make sure it's working. I will restrain myself from looking up her # on the caller ID) ~stalker~

We talked about my church, my pastor (who passed the Jules test with FLYING colors!) and what a great Sunday I had. We talked about the kids (I know Love Bug's REAL name! Whoo-Hoo I've arrived! She knows the Things real names!!), we talked about scripture, and how she keeps streching my brain and not giving me time to write a suitable answer before she does it again! We talked about Wild Thing and her family situation (please pray for them - they have welcomed EVIL into their home)we talked about how I should move to Typepad.

Jules has ordered me to tell you, dear readers, the following story. She found it HILARIOUS!! As in she could not breathe and I swear I could hear tears falling down her cheeks she was laughing so hard!

It was spurred on by innocence. While talking to Jules I was doing housework. I do that alot. In fact if I have alot of housework I will glue myself to the phone. Beware! I popped out and got the mail. Noticed I had gotten mail for the people who owned my house 4 years ago! Told Jules. She quipped about throwing it out unless it was magazines. Which I parried with "Well the only magazines I get are Gun club ones! And I HATE guns. As in my DH was in the military (army) and I will not allow pictures of him in uniform in the house. At this point Jules giggles a little.

That is not entirely true by the way. Any picture just in his uniform are fit to display - it's the ones where a weapon is present that turn my stomach. THOSE pictures are in a box in the attic.

This leads to a story about when we bought our house. I was 8 months pregnant with Thing 2 and got the Brilliant Idea that I am going to clean the kitchen. So I start cleaning the kitchen cabinets - sounds reasonable right? I mean we just bought the house and who knows what was in there right?? Yeah, except I was nesting in a BIG was and decided to clean the TOPS of the cabinets - you know the part that usually touches the ceiling?

(Ok here you need to know that the wife of the previous owner was about 5'2" so when they redid the kitchen they put the cabinets lower than standard they don't touch the ceiling and there is a bunch of space up there - we put extra paper towel rolls up there and the crock pot and such!)

So here I am 8 months PREGNANT people, standing on the kitchen countertop (see left that part out didn't I Jules?) cleaning the tops of the cabinets because... I AM CRAZY LIKE THAT WHEN I'M PREGNANT. (this statement had Jules IN TEARS PEOPLE!! " You must blog about this! I order you too!" she said while belly giggling - and who am I to argue?)

What does this have to do with the hated guns? Guess what I found while up there? No not a gun. Just a FULL magazine of bullets. Yes I did. Now tell me, how does one FORGET that there is a magazine of BULLETS on the top of the cabinets? Aren't they supposed to be in a GUN SAFE or something?? WTH??

And being 8 months pregnant I reacted in a totally adult and appropriate way. PANIC! Yes I did. I freaked out a little. Because as you all know those bullets were going to FLY out of that magazine and impale my belly or my little guy (who was not even two) without the necessary firearm. (HEY! I was pregnant and hormonal!!!!) I called my neighbor, who was friends with the previous owner, she in turn called our other neighbor, who's hubby was a former police officer and had a gun safe. He took it and put it under lock and key until the owner could come and get it.

Now here's the really funny part. I was in Marines Corps JROTC in High school. It's where I met my hubby. I have shot weapons (ok air rifles and be-be guns not the real thing but were not ALLOWED to - had we been allowed I would have)

Jules found all this just hilarious (especially since she owns guns, and has won shooting contests).

So that's the story Jules wanted me to tell. Now if Blogger would just let me post it. I will fill y'all in on the God led story later. Better play with kiddies.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Visit Terra Incognita She is great and doesn't get enough traffic or comments! I'll be adding some new stalkees to the list after the monsters go to bed
The problem with moving (in the bloggy world) is I LIKE the format I'm in - just gettin bored with the colors.

I have been playing with a Wordpress blog but you can't do much to change it in the free mode. And I HATE the idea of paying for it.

Although I am planning on looking into buying a domain name - and then starting from scratch - then I would need major design help.

So many choices - so little time. I will play for a while and see (since I have these short people in the house who want to learn and eat and stuff!) what happens.

Said by Thing 2 this morning. Me Too. Hubby is working tons of overtime - Thank you Jesus! We have been tight around here and I have been praying for financial blessings, and we got 'em. Ok - I admit it, I wanted to win the lotto but since we don't actually BUY tickets, overtime is the next best thing.

But since DH is at work there's NOTHING TO DO MOM!! I know I could do ~shudder~ housework but what would be the fun in THAT? SO am am sittin around reading too many blogs. Laughing at THIS , and THIS , growling at our school system over THIS , and generally gettin annoyed with BLOGGER!!! Which decided to putz out halfway thru this post and I had to copy and paste it into Word -- I am working on getting my blog at Wordpress but I am not thrilled with the temples available. I want a FREE service - any other suggestions? Or suggestions where to get free Wordpress templates?

Ok Blogger WOULD NOT let me post this earlier. GAHHHHH! I actually did some housework - Thing 2 helped me with the laundry and I picked some 'maters. Now to figure out how to make home made spaghetti sauce.

Edited -- cuz Blogger is MAKING ME CRAZY today!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Blogger is making me crazy again!! I am thinking about moving to Wordpress - any thoughts?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now Enjoy that cake!!
You like me~ you really like me!!! (LOL!!)

Ok pity party over. That question really got me. Lots happened yesterday but nothing I can blog about. Sorry!

I did have a playdate at the library with Rachel! The kids had a good time (it was a little frenzied - but there were 7 kids between us!) but it was good. And I even got the nerve up to call someone I don't usually call later that day!

Scintillating I know -- I'll try to think of something mindblowing later.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Everyday Mommy has started a new "thing" for Tuesdays "What'cha Think?"

"This week I want to know what y'all think about comments. "Does it encourage you to continue blogging when you receive comments"? If you're in a blogging slump, do comments seem to charge your batteries, or are they just part and parcel to blogging? Do you personally respond to the comments you receive?"

I answered this a little in her comments section. But I keep thinking about it. My comment WAS this...

"I LOVE comments! I know most of the time my posts are not very exciting but I love to know that someone is reading. Sometimes I just need an "AMEN SISTER!" I started my blog for ME - really - but it has evolved to me with an audience. Interesting. And I LOVE when I "meet" someone who has me on their sidebar!! You know someone I don't know IRL. THAT is cool. That someone I don't know, someone who doesn't know me - thinks I'm cool enough to read. "

And I KEEP thinking about it. WHY are comments so important to me? Really - they are - they shouldn't be - but they are. I have quite a few blogs that I read EVERY day that get tons of responses. Me, not so much.

Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer tells us not to live by our Sitemeters - it's a good thing I don't. Otherwise I might be wondering why I get 40+ hits a day but 85% of them are for 0 seconds! I wish those ones weren't counted! I readily do.

I know there are several IRL friends who read my blog on a semi-regular basis. I know there are a few readers who found me thru a post in a comments section, or a tour or something.

I have found myself wondering why I like having an audience. My best friend summed it up best for me I think. "You're just more social.." I am. I LIKE having friends and acquaintances.
Granted, I have levels of friends. Everyone does.

I have only 2 on my inner most circle. One I am married to. The other is my sister in heart, next closest ring is still only populated by a precious few. It goes out from there - to the ladies I FLY with (you know who you are!) and extended family and neighbors. My "girls", the ones you go out with to have a laugh, to pick each other up, to vent when you need to (just not necessarily the deepest most innermost stuff).

I noticed on Sunday - we had that luncheon at church, and my sister in heart (who also attends the same church) and her family were not there. My family sat kindof alone. I mean, we chatted with people and had a nice time. BUT no one else sat with us. Not a huge chatfest. I just don't know how to break thru and MAKE FRIENDS with some of these people. Not that they are the problem - it's me. I am nervous in large groups - YES I AM - I try to brave it out most of the time - but I really have a hard time making new friends. Eventhough I want to.

That's part of the reason I like the blog world so much - you can get the friendship and camaraderie without the social awkwardness. I am STILL nervous about calling my friends around here. Thoughts like "Maybe they are busy", "Maybe they have company", "Maybe they don't really like me and are just being nice since we are in this group". With Blogs - someone is ALWAYS home.

I need to get over this. But still - all ten of you, COMMENT! ;-) (that means you in the back too!)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well, she's gone home.

SIGH. It's not that I hate her or anything. I don't. REALLY. It's just well, like I said , we're different.

My thought before was that I heard in my head -Matthew 25:40 And instead of getting annoyed - I served. Dude - I must be growing up or something.

The kids are sad she's gone. They really love their Gram. And that makes me glad. Dh's relationship with his mother has not always been good. In fact at times it was downright horrendous. His parents divorced when he was 9 and lets just say it WAS.NOT.PRETTY. There was alot of turmoil for the kids (Dh has a sister) Until just the last few years they barely spoke. My coming into the picture began the healing process. I don't say that to be full of myself - really - I had to smack him over the head with a few truths about his family from an outsider's point of view. Reminding him to look at the situation as an adult NOW instead of the child and what her"knew" happened. We all know how childhood colors what we see - and how kids always think they know what's going on - but truly the only 2 people that know what happened are my in laws.

The relationship has slowly healed - between his mom and him. And between his dad and US. In the beginning Dad didn't respect us as a couple (well, we did get married REALLY young I was barely 22 DH was barely 24 our birthdays are 2 days apart and about 5 weeks before our wedding anniversary). And THAT has taken a long time and several long talks and one HUGE ENORMOUS BLOWOUT of a fight. And now? It's really good. REALLY.

Dad respects me - he does. I don't let him push me around (one of the many reasons for the divorce) and I speak my mind. I am also willing to listen to his side and compromise when I need too.

So all in all it wasn't a GREAT OHMYGOSH we had a great time - visit. But it was pleasant. There were things going on this past weekend at the church ( a goodbye luncheon for a family leaving us, the praise team playing at a Christian bookstore) and flea markets to go to. Much playing in the pool by the kids. Visits to a bookstore, dinners out (yay! No cooking!!)

AND I read a book of the Bible! I read all of Matthew ('cuz I am a New testament kind of girl)

OH YEAH!! For the luncheon? GUESS WHAT?? I made fried chicken! As in Gout out the chicken, soaked it in buttermilk overnight, spiced it up, dragged it in flour and PAN FRIED IT!!! Yes I did!! And it was GOOD baby!! (and yes I thought again about BooMama's sweatin for Jesus post which I can't find - so BooMama if you are reading this SEND ME THE LINK).
I was utterly proud of myself for 2 days!
THIS ARTICLE is quite disturbing.

But it is information as parents we need to protect our children from ped@f&les. (I don't want THAT search)

I will be back later tonight to fill y'all in. But that needs to be posted.

Monday, August 21, 2006

OK she's out gettin the oil changed. SIGH of relife!!!

It's not that she's BAD. Really. It's just that she and I are VERY, VERY, VERY diffrent people. She is self effacing, whatever you want dear, but in a slightly manipulative way. I am pretty much a say what I mean type of person - she's not. It grates on my nerves after a while.

BUT! She loves my kids unconditionally. And they ADORE her. So I bite my tounge (ok those of you who know me IRL - you can pick your jaw up off the floor now!!) and enjoy the kids enjoying her. In fact when she did something mildly annoying this weekend -

She's back!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Now back to your regularly scheduled blog... Maybe not - MIL here until Tuesday.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Mother in Law will be arriving here this afternoon. So I probably will not post this weekend. She doesn't know I have a blog and I'd like to keep it that way.

I'll be lurking and posting on other's blogs --

And I MISSED half of AGT last night!!! I am totally bummed.

I'll be back on Monday-ish!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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WHAA HOO!! I have one!!

My son was chewing his shirt collars - it was making me C.R.A.Z.Y. Yes - certifiably insane - it was ruining his shirts and well, it's just GROSS. I mean - He's 5 1/2 - not 2 and he JUST started this.

I threatened him with Tabasco - I took off his shirt - I helpfully (and Kindly) reminded him - I grumpily (and less than kindly) reminded him. I thought about Bitter Apple (it's this stuff you use for dogs), then I thought about Tabasco again...

You know what worked?? Pennies. Yup - pennies - ain't bribery great?

I gave him a little coin purse with 30 pennies in it. Every time he chewed his shirt, he had to give me a penny. At the end of the day whatever pennies he still had in his change purse he got to count out and turn in for silver "monies". It was also a great math exercise.

The first day he lost 10 pennies. The second day 5. None since. YAY!!! Sometimes he will realize he hasn't chewed his shirt and he is SO PROUD that he stopped. I am too!
Works for me!

Edited to add -- To keep my other Thing happy I give her coins for doing "extra" chores around the house. It has not been a major problem for me to have him getting pennies (not to promise anything to others!). And it only lasted a couple days - the habit is broken (and I implemented this last week!)

I will continue to do this as another means of time out - getting them in the wallet seems to work better than time-outs or spanking.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Check out my Favorites Stalkees and Newest Stalkees -- I fixed a couple links and added some new vista- I mean friends... ;-)
Sit Down. Take a deep breath. Are ya ready??

The playroom is CLEAN. So is the PIT that was their room. I made room for a 4 foot tall doll house - I moved furniture all over the house ( I get bored easily so I move the furniture in the kid's rooms a couple times a year) I changed around the playroom and it LOOKS GREAT! I am taking pictures (because it will not be like this again for MONTHS).

I have a ton of empty shelves in the playroom! What to do, what to do....

I also bagged up 2 1/2 large garbage bags (contractor size bags!) of STUFF that they don't play with, don't love, don't need and is going to Goodwill. I also managed to convince Thing 2 to give her little doll house to the church (of course I could not convince her to do it out of the goodness of her heart, I had to tell her about the big doll house first)

I have torn apart the kitchen, 2 weeks ago I got rid of 6 grocery bags of kitchen stuff that I have not used in goodness only knows how long. Trashed a ton of junk - lids with no bottoms, bottoms with no lids, all kinds of food that has hung around for so long and we are just NOT going to eat (I didn't throw that away - it's going to the food pantry box at church)

Next is my flaming hotspot of a desk, Thing 1's art center and desk, and the curio cabinet in m dining room full of knicknacks that are not ME.

What is with the sudden Fling-fest you ask? Well, a couple weeks ago I was a little stressed about the PIT that was my house. DH was home and the kids had been at me all day. So I went outside to sit on the front step to just be alone. I wasn't praying specifically - just being quite and meditative and listening. I heard VERY clearly. "Worry not, prepare to move" I got a peaceful calm feeling coming over me.

Now, I don't know if that means in 6 months, a year, 3 months or what. I don't know if it will be under good circumstances or difficult ones (I pray that we won't LOSE the house but if we do - God will provide). My gut feeling is that it will be a good move and happy circumstances. I am NOT going to worry about it. I am just going to follow His direction and start flinging and blessing others with my STUFF (blessing?? Others with my junk is more like it! LOL!)

And I REALLY want to move to a mare homeschool friendly state - AND I AM TAKING MY GREENHOUSE WITH ME! We have not stopped planning things that need to be done here - like finishing the third floor, and moving Thing 2 into her own room. I am just keeping it in the back of my head that we need to finish things to add re-sale value to the house.

That and I told DH we were not having any more babies until he finished the third floor! And I REALLY want to have another baby. So does DH he keeps making SLOW progress.

The kids are playing so nicely in thier new CLEAN playroom!!!! AHHHHHH - 15 minutes is up - time to re-boot laundry, load the dishwasher and get movin'

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The weekend was GREAT (for the most part - but more on the other part later)

Sat. Morning

Went to meet a few girlfriends for coffee and breakfast at a local diner. Some of the ladies brought their kids so I brought the Things with me. We had SUCH a blast. Took up the whole back of the restaurant giggling loud and having FUN. The kids were sooooo happy to see each other. Thing 1 saw one of his friends "Peter" that lives about 45 minutes away. Were those boys happy to see each other!!!! As soon as "Peter" say Thing 1 - it was "Bye Mom" and he plunked himself at the other end of the long table with my boy. "Peter's" brother "Ivan" was more shy and sat by mom to eat and then came to play at the other end of the table later.

Thing 2 had a very nice time playing with "Mini Scrap baby" and mom and I have plans to get them together - SOON.

(And the boy's names are a referral to my Walt Disney version of Peter and the Wolf! Ivan was the cat - and since these two darlings came to their mama and daddy from Russia I thought the names fit)

After that fun - I came home and finished getting ready to host that birthday party. My dear Friend's son Bit was turning 6 and I had offered to host the party. So the whole Bit family showed up! Little Bit, Bit, Big Bit, Bit-ter Sweet, Mamma and Daddy Bit and Grandma and Grandpa Bit. Also Wait a minute!! Peter and Ivan and Mama! Also another Bloggy IRL friend and her 3 darlings (whose middle child is apparently my future son in law. Thing 2 ADORES him)
The party was a BIG success. Dh got to show off his Rc cars, cake was eaten, candy was gobbled and presents given. A good time was had by all.


Today was tiring. My SHE (sister in heart) moved in to their FIRST house today! We have moved them 10 times!! I am NOT kidding - and I am done! I am so happy that they bought a house. And the house is GREAT and not far from us (in fact, it's on the way to our favorite
Tar-jay). So my hubby is SO tired. Cues, really, the d's did most of the work. We unpacked the kitchen , and I moved boxes all over the house to the right rooms. SHE fell and twisted her ankle (maybe a hairline crack) a couple weeks ago (and keeps doing too much and re-injuring it!!) so I was the one muffin stuff around for her while the hipsters loaded the truck again.


Have to clean up the PIT that is my children's room and the ABYSS that is my children's playroom(yes it was clean for the party - it is a mess THAT FAST!!). Shies 5 year old DAD has a 4 foot tall doll house (fits barbie size dolls - but it's from Toys r Us). While they were packing up toys and things to move - her DD says "You know Mommy - I don't play with this Barbie house anymore. Thing 2 really likes it. I think I'll let her have it O.K?" Which was fine with her mom and fine with me. So now I have to make room for it (I know I don't HAVE to take it - but my DD does like it, and how SWEET is is that her friend thought of her?) Then I can pack up Thing 2's little doll house (that SHE no longer plays with!) and take it to the church for the kid's playroom there. Receive a Blessing - pass on a Blessing.

The "other" part of the day? I am just not ready to blog about it yet. We're all ok. It's nothing like that, but it IS something I want to talk to my Pastor about and something I will HAVE to pray on.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

(America's Got Talent) I could blog for HOURS just on Leonid the Magnificent. OH MY WORD - if you missed him, you missed the BEST part of the show! He was.. stunning, astounding, and well, just plain magnificent. And YES he defiantly goes to different clubs. Oh man... Wow...

So I will go on to another topic - my little girl and the seeds she's planting.

Monday afternoon was lazy sort of day. It was a Wild Thing day so I had the extra child. Thing 1 was in the house playing with his paper airplanes (a current love) the girls were in their princess dress-ups swinging on the swings and I was outside on the deck in a chair -reading a book, but mostly checking my eyelids for holes. The sun was shining, it was balmy and warm, but not too hot. A perfect day for little girls on a swing and eyelid hole checking. The girls voices in the backyard are washing over me. I am not LISTENING to them, just hearing them really.

So there I am with my feet up, relaxing and I hear Wild Thing in a happy excited voice says "Yeah and GOD made me!" I perk up!
"God made us all. And he loves us!" My Thing 2 replies
"Did God make the houses? No, the builders did" This is all Wild Thing
"No Wild Thing -God made the people smart enough to make the houses" We have been talking about that a lot lately as they sort out God's creations and human ones.
"Yeah - God made us smart!!" Wild thing again.

At this point a butterfly flitted by, and the girls ran off to chase it and continued to play. I sat in my chair and praised God for his blessings.

Wild Thing's parents are agnostics and anti-church, NOT anti God per say, but anti-church as a body and (Dad especially) well, I am truly not sure where their faith IS - I can pretty much tell you where it ISN'T right now (they have some other life choices that I wholeheartedly disagree with and pray about nightly) in any event. We are one of the few Christian families around them and certainly around Wild Thing on a regular basis. I am SO PROUD of my little girl. She is helping to plant the seeds in her best friend that hopefully will grow and flourish.

Last week Wild Thing asked me a question about whether God gets mad at kids (or is grumpy, I can't remember the exact wording). I was able to calm her fears and tell her that God loves her the way her Daddy loves her. Even when he is grumpy because she's done something wrong he STILL loves her and will ALWAYS love her. And that THAT is how God loves us too. She had a big smile on her face when I explained it.

I hope those seeds will grow in her. I pray they will. And I praise God that I have the chance to make a difference in her faith so young.
I'm So BUSY! I have a birthday party this weekend - and not even for MY kids! I agreed to allow a friend to have their party here since their yard is the size of a postage stamp.

SO I am bustin my hind end cleaning! PLUS!! I get to go to a meet another homeschool family that lives down the street from us! Ok I have met them before (they are neighbors afterall) but not in this setting as fellow homeschoolers. Cool!

I have a cute story later about my 3 year old - I WILL post later tonight. And I will update on my poor, poor greenhouse.... :-( Dh won't get off HIS hind end...... Sigh.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Boobie post

Not to beat THIS dead horse again - and I am a day late (more like a week) for THIS round up of ladies.... Or THIS one

Watch out!! You might see breasts in their natural state! You know, feeding babies and not selling cars, beer, or men's magazines.

And here I am in all my tired and glory - nursing Thing 1 at about 3 or 4 months old.

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and here!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I just wish I hadn't been so darn discreet!! LOL!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

You know, God provides just what we need.

After the lesson He taught me the other night, today's message at church was - Just believe.

Mark 6:1-6

The passage was talking about how in his hometown of Nazareth the people had preconceived notions of who Jesus was (and referring to Jesus as Mary's son is a HUGE insult - in that time period a man would be referred to as his father's son - in this case his earthly father Joseph not as his mother's son - it's insinuating something tawdry about the circumstances of his conception and birth). Those notions of who they THOUGHT Jesus was prevented them from seeing the Truth of who he was.

Pastor went on to talk about how our preconceived notions of how Jesus and God are may sometimes keep us from a closer relationship with God. Or how those thoughts may keep us from asking questions --- "Oh those Christians, they have all these rules. Those Jesus freaks - they don't know how to have fun. Ugh, they think they are SO perfect" I am so FAR from perfect it's not funny. We all are.

We are to THROW AWAY our preconceived notions of who Jesus is and what "being a Christian" is. And JUST BELIEVE that Jesus died for our sin, and that when we accept God in our lives he will never turn from us.

Simple -- and yet so hard for so many of us. Yet, I BELIEVE.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Do you ever feel like you are white knuckling it?

Living your faith I mean. I KNOW so much of it in my head and my heart but I have trouble getting it out - I know that the Bible is the True and Living Word, I know that my God is the True and One God (I know I have readers of different faiths - but this is MY faith and what I believe).

But sometimes, on a day to day level I have a hard time LIVING that. I pretty much (lately anyway) listen to praise music in the car and at home, with a smattering of Def Leppard and Bon Jovi, that is. I have been confronted a couple times in the last few weeks with chances to testify and I find myself backing off from what I WANT to say. I am afraid to offend others. Or I'm afraid that I won't have the right words to get my point across - especially since I don't know the scriptures well AT ALL.

I know one fix is to JUST READ the Bible and absorb it - but it take me a while to absorb what scripture I learn at church on Sunday. I am STILL digesting the sermon form 2 weeks ago - it focused on Satan and how he tries to infiltrate us in little ways. And I SEE it now - especially in my anxiety about homeschooling - because Satan REALLY doesn't want me to raise my children knowing and loving God. So he keeps whispering little random thoughts in my head (are you nuts? You can't do this! See how hard that teaching style is? Just give up - send him to school - he'll be FINE) Meanwhile I KNOW with all my heart that my quirky sweet little man will NOT fare well in public school that he may very well get labeled or treated like there's something "wrong" with him.

I want to be a light - but sometimes I feel like a firefly flashing that light in the daytime - no-one sees it. Or at least only ones who do are the ones who LOOK for it.

And then my kids stop me in heartbeat. They ask me about God in the car, they sing praise music with me, my son tells me he would like to go to Church to hear God's word (on Wensday!). Tonight, I was cuddling in bed with my son - and he told me he was afraid of the dark - I pointed out he has a nightlight. And that it is a special nightlight.

They have a touchlamp in their room for a nightlight. My grandfather bought it for me about 10 years ago. I LOVE my grandfather. He was the most loving person I have ever met. I grew up Pop-Pop's girl. I miss him deeply now that he has gone Home.

When I got married my Grandfather was so happy for me - eventhough we had lost my grandmother only 10 days before my wedding. And he was SO happy when I told him I was expecting! My son was Pop-Pop's little buddy and my Pop always had candy in his pocket for my little man. By the time Thing 2 was born and walking Pop-pop would come over and visit 3 or 4 times a week (he only lived about a 10 minute drive from our home) the kids would run over to him and my DD would put her chubby little hand down in his inside pocket and find the Hershey kisses he always stashed there for them. (I am tearing up as I type this - I miss him SO MUCH).

I told my son about how Pop-pop bought me that night light and how he always had Kisses for him and that he was Pop-pop's little buddy. Thing 1 always smiles when I tell him this story - my grandfather passed on when they were 4 and 2 so they really don't remember him at all (WHICH BREAKS MY HEART - they were his greatest joy in his final years). Thing 1 can tell I am a little sad when I talk about my Pop. And I tell him how much Pop loved him and how he is in heaven watching over him so he doesn't need to be afraid of the dark.

And my darling son says to me - "Don't worry Mama I'll see him again when I go there!"
"Yes you will baby - and I bet he'll have Hershey Kisses in his pocket for you" And my darling boy got me laughing with this one.. " But Mama how will I eat them? Will I have a mouth in Heaven??" LOL!!!! He kills me.

God reminds me in little ways that He is there with me in the dark - just like I told Thing 1 that Pop-pop is there. He doesn't remember Pop - but he KNOWS with all certainty that Pop-pop loves him because I said so. And I guess that I need to remember the God loves ME because the Bible says so.

Thing 1 was not a perfect child (still isn't) but my Pop loved him with everything in him. My Pop loved each of us with all that was in him. So much so that he gave his life for my cousin (that is another long and painful post which may or may not ever get posted here). God loves me and my family even MORE than my Pop does ( I KNOW that my Pop sits with Jesus). That is hard to comprehend sometimes and humbling. But that is what I will work on keeping in my heart, even when my head and words get tangled - my God Loves me more than my Pop-pop ever did - and my Pop loves me a WHOLE LOT.

Gosh - I didn't even know that I was being taught a lesson until I typed it all out. Praise God.
But I still miss my Pop. I can't wait to see him again.

UPDATE!! After all that sadness - I cried thru most of the post - the kids call me upstairs to see their beds. Apparently Thing 1 got up and "made" both their beds complete with going and getting 2 pillowcases and using them FOR SLEEPING BAGS! LOL!!!!!! I guess I needed a giggle!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

America's Got Talent Live Results show!

Oh no! He's gonna sing -- ick - I am NOT a David Hasselhoff fan.

COOL! The back to back thing was a good trick. Love their comedic patter too!

Desperation Squad - THANK GOODNESS they are gone
King Charles unicycle squad - their act totally bombed last night so I'm not surprised
David Smith - too bad bit I figured he wouldn't make it.

OH MY - the wacky talents are too funny! HA!! Regis sucked helium!!!

Oh my word - the little girl played her ears!! That CANNOT be good for them!
OH - I am speechless - if you were not watching this - the pretty little girl BURPED the word to take me out to the ball game.

The Circ act was OF course very cool!

It's between David and Donya and Celtic Spring -

HOORAY for family! Celtic Spring won! Piers is too hard on them - They should totally stick together. I will blog about this whole thing later I think.

Ick - get out of my TV David Hasselhoff! Ewwww - and the Hoffettes! LOL!!! Tee Hee - the got Kit in! KIT GET HIM OUT OF HERE!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

And the Judges choice is... Passing Zone Thank Goodnees - I was worried about the tramp.
America's Got Talent Live Blog - Part 2

Quick Change - Well I don't know how much more they could have done - but frankly I was disappointed.

George Kelly - Wow - a Christian song! Although it's nice - I feel like he needs more power for this song - ouch - he just miss-hit a key! Too bad this is lovely praise song, he just could not hit it.

Michele Lamour - burlesque - HA! TRASH - Yes it's ok to be sexy and be a woman - but putting that on display in front of the CHILDREN IN THE AUDIENCE. Really puts me off. OH MY WORD!!! I loved the hook - since it was Nightrider and Kit. NOW I WANNA KNOW WHAT'S ACROSS THE STREET! Piers had his children in the audience knowing she would perform?

King Charles Unicycle Troop- I admire ANY group who tries to go out and teach kids something other than gangs and violence. Unfortunately they didn't do anything for me.

Desperation Squad - BAD BAD BAD. WHY ARE THEY EVEN ON? What can I even say?
America's Got Talent!!!!

BRANDI IS NOT WRONG! She is TOTALLY inappropriate! There are kids in the audience as well!! I really hate the stripper act.

The passing zone! OH MY WORD! The was GREAT - soo funny it had all 4 of us in stitches!!!

Celtic Spring - Not my cup of tea, but good. Piers is a jerk when it comes to family.

Sean and John - love them they were on fire! Wow! They got a chance to perform with Gregory Hines! I like the style.

Lilia Stepanova -Ok - her big trick was almost the same - I would like to have seen something else. She is very talented true - but I was looking for something else.

Dave Smith the one man side show - "Yeah it's dangerous, yeah I could die, but it's a good time!" OH my word - he reminds me of a couple of guys I dated in high school! This act was - um - interesting.

Back in a hour for the second half!!
I have been informed that my blog is boring. Since I have not posted in a couple days (because I have been melting in a puddle of my own sweat!). I. AM.BORING Sigh ... donca love best friends who can tell ya that without fear of being punched in the face (of course that COULD explain why she told me on the phone and not in person.)

So now I will catch you all up.


1. I thought I was done - I did! But NOW I notice more people have added themselves to the Tour of Homes - FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY PLEASE STOP!! My poor fingers are bleeding stubs and I didn't even comment at everyone's place!

2.We had a GREAT experience yesterday. We went to our local friendly ice cream parlor yesterday (since it was about a MILLION degrees outside) and as we were leaving, my son noticed an ambulance parked in the lot and the EMTs heading into the ice cream shop. WELL, there was a young (I guess Jr. EMT??) kid about 17 when he noticed my kids. He told the EMT's that he would be right back - and offered to give the kids a tour or the ambulance! He showed Thing 1 EVERYTHING inside - gave him gloves and answered all his questions. He was great to the kids - he also gave me the phone number and name of the person to talk to about setting up a field trip for some homeschoolers to come see the fire house! He never did get his ice cream by the time Thing 1 was done checking it out the EMTs were back. AND HE DIDN'T MIND. WOW! It was over 100 degrees with the heat index and he took time out to show the kids the ambulance (I can't tell you how many times we have walked by our local firehouse and not once been invited in to check it out - even when Thing 1 stops to look at the fire engines). He gave up ICE CREAM on a hot day to show the kids. I smiled the whole way home. I was so impressed with this young man.

3. Did I mention it's HOT???

4. We made some cute hair things for Thing 2's hair. I will post a picture later tonight. She likes to have beads in her hair (she saw a little African American girl with beads and braids and FELL IN LOVE - my poor baby fine blondie!) So we made some barrettes and things with beads on the end. She will ONLY allow me to put her hair up for church and dance class and only if she "clicks". SIGH no cute bows for me!!

Monday, July 31, 2006

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made it through all the HOMES!! YAY!!! HAPPY DANCE!! I will post pictures of my bleeding fingers later my poor mouse is smoking!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I am HALFWAY thru the Bloggy tour of Homes! I am a woman on a mission -- I will finish - but DANG my under review blog file is gettin B.I.G. !!

UPDATE!! I have made it to 146!! I'm almost there - but I am out for the night! If I didn't post on yours - sorry -- my fingers are bleeding! LOL!!

ARGH!!!!! I went to bed last night and there were 218 participants - now there are 230!! YIKES! LOL!! I made it to 175 this morning - taking a break to play with the Things and throw them in the pool before the water boils! I WILL make it to all these houses! I will! (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I have made it so far - to 70+ houses, 2 in Australia, one in Scotland, another one in the UK, also Spain and Indonesia. Nevermind ALL OVER the US and I am not done yet! There are over 200 participants in the Bloggy Home Tour - and I am determined to visit them all!

Of course I am doing this while watching a "Good Eats" marathon -- I LOVE Alton Brown - he's like a mad scientist of the kitchen!

Back to snooping!!! I mean TOURING...

Friday, July 28, 2006

Well I didn't wanna do it! I REALLY didn't. So for truth in advertising -- ya got the untouched (kinda) version of my house. It's NOT perfect not by a strech - BUT you can see the floor and the sink is shiny.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Our playroom - DH built those shelves so I can put the toys in buckets and away from little fingers - unfortunately the little fingers are taller now and know how to use chairs!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The living room - we have to paint over the yellow walls - and we'll eventually take up the carpet - but the kids are still in the spilling stage.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Little man at the computer - above him is my shelf of official curriculum

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Our kitchen. Our dining room is just off this - but it looks like a BOMB went off in there! ;-)

GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Apparently the news would like to create a dustup over THIS magazine cover. Go look - I'll wait.

OK? A baby nursing at the breast. BIG FLIPPIN DEAL. The magazine is targeted at new moms and moms to be. Our local news did a piece on how some people are "outraged" at the cover photo. Of course when they showed people they interviewed - only ONE person said - "oh she should cover up" in fact a 20ish year old guy said "I think we should be more worried about the guy sittin next to her trying to get a peek. Babies are made to eat that way. I think we should lock the guy up" (ok that's NOT verbatim but I can't remember what EXACTLY he said, but I did get it 90% right)

Then they go to a woman with a new baby (STILL in the hospital!) who "tried" to nurse but it was "too hard" and besides "people look at you like you're disgusting if you do it in public". WHAT?
1. Yes it's weird and a little uncomfortable at first - especially if your baby's latch is not great. BUT I AM SORRY trying a couple times while still in the hospital is NOT trying

(my personal opinion only - I have had a DEAR friend walk though h*ll to be able to nurse - but have to have surgery and have to wean, and finally walk though h*ll on GLASS with her second child to be able to nurse AND SHE DID IT!! I have another friend yes sister-in-heart who had a mass removed as a teenager and only has half the ducts on one breast AND SUCCESSFULLY NURSED 3! Do I think there are reasons to quit? Sure. Am I a militant BF mom? Somewhat. Will I accost you in the mall and tell you you're a bad mother becasue you're giving that baby a bottle? NO!!! But if it's not for you - then OWN THAT. Don't try to placate anyone with - it's too hard, it's weird, it hurt. POOP! Own your choice - you will get alot more respect for just saying "It's not for me" that a bunch of excuses. Someone get me the ladder so I can get off my soapbox now?

2. I have NEVER EVER had someone look at me like I was disgusting. In my 3 years of nursing my 2 kids I can count on one hand the number of negative comments I received. And they were from my AUNT (who DID NOT DO "THAT"). I know that negativity towards breastfeeding happens - it was not my experience. I took the stance that I never "saw" anything wrong with what I was doing, therefore no-one else would either. You reap what you sow. If you are looking uncomfortable, furtive, or otherwise like you are doing something wrong - SOMEONE will pick up on it.

I KNOW that is a generalization and there are nosy busybodies everywhere and "grumpy old men" who feel like they can say whatever they want, whenever they want. Breastfeeding mothers (just like bottlefeeding mothers) need to embrace their choice. You are NOT doing something dirty, weird, lewd or yucky. YOU ARE FEEDING YOUR CHILD. I am not advocating bare breasted Amazon mammas marching on Washington babies at the ready. What I am advocating is simple - embrace your choice - whatever it is. Make no apology, no excuses. It sounds odd - but think nothing of it just nurse your baby, just give your baby that bottle. If that is your family's choice LIVE IT. The more confident you are in YOUR choice the more the outside world will "accept" it. (not that the outside world has to accept anyone's choices but my goodness isn't it easier if you are not criticized at every turn?)

For our family the breast is best. I carried my babies in my sling and nursed them whenever and wherever they needed it (including in the FRONT ROW of a very conservative church when my Sister in Law got married and Thing 1 was 3 weeks old and got smiles and pats from little old ladies) I did cover myself with the tail of my sling for privacy's sake (especially in the beginning and I was still learning to get that Ft. Knox of a bra open with one hand!) And when I was around older people like my grandfather - out of respect for them. I did not cover myself at home at all (unless my Pop-Pop was over) but neither was I Amazon woman! LOL!!!

I am SICK of the "Mommy Wars" over breastfeeding or not, working or not. We all need to embrace the choices that we make for our own families. Be comfortable in your own skin and hang the rest.

Now, somebody hide that soapbox from me....... Stay tuned I will post pics for BooMama's tour of homes later tonight!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

This is an amazing web site! GO here NOW -- The Shape of a Mother
I am gettin blog burnout- I can't think of anything to write about. Well - not much anyway. But I have to come up with something! Cuz Karin mentioned me and ALL THESE MOMS said they were going to check out her blog favorites!! ACK! Although my utterly ridicules goal is to get on the bloglines/blogrolls of as many people as possible! Tee hee!!!!

Nope - I didn't live blog America's Got Talent last night - watching the live results show right now.

As for Melanie - I found it pretty interesting that one of PBS's reasons for firing her was that she may "lose credibility with her audience" because of the dialog of this 30 second spot. HUH?? Her target audience is 3!! Why would they be watching a spot that is 7 years old?? What possible credibility could she lose? If she purposely KEPT it from PBS or there was a morality/behavior clause in her contract I could see her being fired - but :losing credibility" with toddlers? Over something they will never see? Frankly PBS lost the credibility if they really expect me to believe THAT.

Thing 2 has been going to Dance camp all week and loving it! Wild thing and she look SO.DARN.CUTE. Thing 1 has had a good time playing with all the other brothers downstairs (he could have done the camp if he wanted to, but the darling declined)

OH! On our way to camp everyday -Thing 1 has been able to bring a couple toys to play with downstairs - on Wednesday he brought his rocks (polished ones)! He wanted to bring them so he COULD.DO.MATH!!!!! Yes he did!!! And we did math - that boy can add in his head! WOW!! He impressed me!

We also went to the library to see a little concert from a local music class/school then spent an hour reading books in the library and borrowing tons (after mommy paid almost $20 in LATE FEES!!! BAD MOMMY!) We had a GOOD HOMESCHOOL DAY. Without even trying.

OH!!! I got my new curriculum in for bible study - I like it - but dang I will have to find the verses for each week and come up with a craft - sigh - I may actually have to work. (Ok - I am kidding - except they really could have noted the verse #'s) Other than ordering the math workbooks I need. I am DONE BUYING - for now. (ha!)

So here it is - LMK if you have dropped by from Karin! And I will get back to posting almost daily once I catch my breath.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Beenhaving blogger and Phone issues (not my fault! The phone co. broke it)

BUT I AM IN SHOCK!! mealanie - from "The Goodnight Show" on PBS Sprout GOT FIRED!

Here is a feed to the video -- OH MY WORD - No she didn't!!! Do NOT watch this with kids in the room!!!!

Back tomorrow~

Friday, July 21, 2006

Boomama has been touched by tragedy - her dear friend Elise's husband was in a freak accident and went home to the Lord. He leaves behind his wife and 3 children. Please go over and give her your support and prayers for both families.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The question was asked on Her bad Mother "How do you find your way when the path is dark?" She is struggling with faith and what to teach her child , having been disillusioned by the Church.

Go and check out her post and then weigh in here, there, or on your own space it you have much to say (like me!)

I am a saved Catholic - I was raised in the Church - and HATED it. I turned from God - ran from the Church. Until I joined my friend's youth group - I was in a group of kids that were my peers who were able to talk openly about God - with adults that were excited about God and what He does for us. That put my feet back on the path for a while.The youth group was Methodist. And that is where I accepted Christ as my savior.

Then I became a teenager. And the youth group was not enough. I did not have a church to fall back on and I went down the wrong paths. Even when I did GOD STILL LOVED ME. I just didn't know it. It took many years and 2 children (and a car being THROWN at me) to get my sorry behind back in a church. And for me finding my current church was a BLESSING for my entire family.

We have to remember that there is more than One Church, and this is my personal belief - the Catholic Church is not necessarily the True church - I am not saying that Catholics don't know and love Christ and that they are not saved - I am saying I don't believe the ORGANIZATION of the Church as a whole is not pure. Not that any one church is. My church is part of a larger organization that I don't always agree with, but my church takes a more open and forgiving approach to some aspects. The message of our church is clear. JESUS CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SIN. IF WE LOVE AND BELIEVE IN HIM WE WILL BE SAVED. There NOTHING we can do that is unforgivable - GRACE (unconditional and undeserved love of God) coves us all.

I guess what I am saying is - explore other churches, we found our home in a Presbyterian church - My hubby and I talked about going and hemmed and hawed about it for so long - but finally I just WENT and visited a church nearby -I was looking for something DIFFERENT that The Church and I found it. OUR church is inclusive and exciting and excited about what Christ has done for us. It is ALL about how we have been given Grace -unconditional and undeserved love by God and that NO SIN is too big for God. Once you have been SAVED BY GRACE there is NO LOSING that grace. Just like when we get upset with our children - we don't stop loving them! God does not stop loving us - even when we turn from him.

"As a Father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him" Psalms 103:13

Study the BIBLE for yourself - don't concentrate on the man made rituals of a church if that is your objection. We cannot possible conceive of his Grace filled love for us except to like it to our love for our children.
Visit churches - find one that resonates with you. And as for influencing your children with your own "prejudicial experiences" why shouldn't you? If you say have had bad experiences in a certain religion why shouldn't you tell your children about it (when old enough to understand) and explain WHY that was a problem for you, explain WHAT you believe and WHY you believe what you do. We do it all the time - Don't go to the car guy down the street honey - he's crooked, don't date the boy who is in all kinds of trouble, we train our children with our own experiences all the time - why would teaching our children about the pitfalls of organized religion be ANY different? Please note I said ORGANIZED RELIGION not GOD and His love for us.

I know I have repeated myself in a couple places. But it bears repeating.

NOTHING we can do that is unforgivable - GRACE (unconditional and undeserved love of God) covers us all.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

N'Vevirsity - WOW - although I was expecting it to go somewhere - THANK YOU BRANDI!!! YES! Those Clothes are WRONG on a 16 year old! WHY DOES A 16 YEAR OLD NEED TO BE SEXY!! They Prayed about it? And could they pray for more FABRIC please?

Mark the Knife - good as usual - but I liked the first one better.

Leonid The magnificent -- I miss his last costume! Well act least this time he DID something - hopefully he will get a job from it. But I was not impressed with his performance. Peirs is to harsh on him though. DANG! But he handled himself well!

And the Judges choice is............ We'll find out tomorrow!

Bobby Badfingers -- a professional snappist -- WHAT the HECK is that?? Nice to say nice things to his mama. Bad it is - this is NOT a million dollar act I am so sorry! DING 15 minutes up! (what is with the baywatch thing?? Tee hee- I KNOW why he watched Baywatch - and it's not David Hasselhoff)

Sugar and Spice - Hopefully no matter what they will find a place to live. Oh man -- they are REALLY off key. And WHAT is that baby doing out there!!?? I don't CARE what Mom says - they don't belong out there! That bothers me.
At Last - They are amazing - they were sooooo impressive - they owned the stage! And the audience

Natasha lee - she will grow into a fine Concert Pianist someday. She is very talented for an 8 year old.

Valdamir - hand balancing act - The camera angles SUCKED -- I do not want to see the audience - I want to see the ACT -- dang it's annoying. I liked it - what I could SEE of it...

ABC - pay attention to the acts - and stop with the annoying camera tricks!
OK - Dave the Horn Guy! NO NO NO -- I mean the patriotic thing is ok - but I am with Peirs - annoying! Thing 1 liked him though

Realis -- WOW! I truly admire talented athletes like these! They were amazing - the Things both loved them.

Off for reading and kisses - BRB!!
Live blogging will start soon!! Gotta put the kids to bed! If you're lurking LMK!!
I'm melting! It's hot - but oh yeah the heat wave broke - it's only in the 80s -- (and watch me complain about the cold in the winter and dream of this heat)

Yesterday was interesting - my cousin calls me Monday night - telling me he's moving THAT NIGHT. WHAT??? He has decided to move in with his drug using mother (who, BTW, STOLE $10,000 from my grandfather's estate intended for my children - long story but I can't prosecute) . He moved to Virginia with his mom and her jailbird boyfriend (did I mention she's married to someone else?) and left almost ALL his stuff behind in his apartment including his pets.

YUP - left the pets! An iguana, a couple firebelly tree frogs and a large Oscar. Left 'em all for me to deal with. He left all this stuff from our grandfather's house behind - a ton of clothes, furniture, food, trash and CO2 containers EVERYWHERE (and YES I know what he used them for).

SO DH and I went over last night to salvage what we can. We took all the food, and sentimental stuff. I am going to go back with DH tonight to get the bigger furniture and I will have to find a home for the Oscar. Fortunately a friend came and took the Iguana and the frogs because her son is into reptiles.

Maybe I am a little crazy to upset myself about this stuff - after all he is 25 and an adult making his own HORRIBLE choices. But I can't help but worry about him. I am NOT cleaning his apt and making it so he would get his deposit back - I am only taking the things that mean something to me or are of value.

So anybody want an Oscar?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Pools (clothes strew everywhere in the children's hast to get into their "baby soups")

Ice Cream (the hum of the ice cream maker in the background 16.97 at Walmart!)

Homemade pizza for lunch (pocketless pita make GREAT pizza crusts!Works for me!)

Friends coming over for pool time this afternoon! YAY!!

(and a 5 year old who has decided today he is a dog and is barking at me...Sigh..)

Monday, July 17, 2006

I got a sign post from God on Saturday.

We went yard saling (sooo fun! I got a microscope for $1~) And around noon it started to storm - so we decided to get some lunch. And of course Brian wanted to go to his favorite Diner (T.J. 's nearby) We go there ALOT - the managers KNOW us. I really didn't feel like going to T.J.'s at all - but I decided not to argue - it's decent food and cheap. The kids played with their monster truck toys they had scored that day for a quarter while we waited.

Fast forward to the finishing of the meal. Bri has gone to pay with Thing 2, I am getting Thing 1 organized (picking up some game pieces from a phonics game I had scored for .50) and the woman in the booth next to us says
"I know you from St. James!"
"No" I said - because I was thinking of St James High school (which was a BOYS school)
"No really - from St James Preschool!"

(back story here -- St. James is a preschool I had to pull my son out of in 2004/05 school year because the" teacher" did not belong in a classroom - she told another parent that my son was VIOLENT - anyone who knows my son would be on the floor LAUGHING at this assessment- also she used food as a reward for proper work and withheld it from kids who did their work wrong! In a 3 YEAR OLD CLASS! She was requiring them do CORRECTLY paperwork intended for kindergarten and when my son didn't do it right - SHE TOOK HIS PAPER RIPPED UP AND MADE HIM THROW IT AWAY!!!! When my son told me about this I was told he made a paper airplane by the director - which he was NOT able to do at that age- and that I was being overprotective because I had been a preschool teacher. When 2 other children had the same story of the same thing being done to them the Classroom Aide FINALLY came forward and told the director what had really happened - The it was all apologies and butt kissing. Needless to say I RIPPED the director a new one, pulled my son out of that horrid school and got my $$$ back and I tell EVERYONE in my area about that school and discourage ANYONE form sending their children there )

K- told ya that story to tell ya this one. The woman I am talking to - Crystal - her DD was the third child involved in the incident. So we got to chatting for a minute. I told her after I whipped Thing 1 out of that school, I tried another one the next year - and we didn't LOVE it - it was not horrific like the first one - which by the way - when we pass that school Thing 1 STILL tells me he didn't like Miss Stacy and I put Miss Stacy in a time out. (I would have put her in the hospital if I could, I was THAT mad) And that we were going to homeschool now. She almost leaped out of the booth! She is thinking about homeschooling herself. I gave her my phone # and I hope she calls. We talked about her situation - she has 2 older kids and one was on medication just to stay in school - because the SCHOOL said so! I told her she HAS GOT to call me! There is another way.

I KNOW this was a sign post that I am on the right path for my family. I was SOOO conflicted about it. After DH and I made the decision though, and getting the cirriculm and committing to it. I have felt SUCH PEACE with it. I am not at all afraid of the prospect and the yard sales the last couple weeks have found me some great materials.

My mother is a little trepidation - but nevertheless - when she found my Rainbow Resource center wish list - which I had sent her to show my bible cirriculm choices - she bought EVERYTHING on my list! Yay Momma - she is stepping out in faith for me! ('course if her grandbabies don't seem to learn anything heads will roll!)

Now my FIL is another story - he has the usual "what about socialization questions" Which cracked me up! because what he asked me is this...
"Well, how will they learn to get along with all kinds of people in the real world if they are not in school??"
To which I replied ..
"Dad, in the real world are you grouped with 30 people the same age as you all day??"
"No - but well I.. I Just.. I don't know much about it but it seems to me..."

So I smiled, handed him a few CHAP and Homeschool education magazines and said - read these and then come back to me with your questions. He WAS really good about saying he just didn't know alot about it but was willing to learn (10 years ago the man would have just blown his top!) And so far he has been willing to learn - he didn't think DH and I would last (his marriage only lasted 10 years or so and they fought ALL THE TIME- we don't do that and WILL not let him come in screaming and yelling - that took a while- but that's another post) Then he wasn't sure about our having babies so young (I was 24 when T1 was born) or me staying home, or me breastfeeding, and all along he has learned that we really do know what we are doing. Just to show ya- you can teach an old dog new tricks! So I will prove myself to dad again. I am confident that he will be on board before the 1st grade (you can teach the old dog - but it does take longer!)

If you are still with me WOW!!! ya'll are committed! Thing 1 is ready for his computer time!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Got lots to say! Check in Monday! I am goin to bed - BUSY weekend! There was ice cream and bread making and picnicing reading shoping... DO-ING!

Friday, July 14, 2006

DANG!! AGT is running my sitemeter skyrocket!!!

Also I got a search for a barefoot picture of 4 year old child..... hmmmm.. What WERE you looking for? Nevermind - I really don't want to know - and I will pray for you.

Cake is baked and iced and waiting to be taken to church -- and all I could think of was "sweatin for Jesus"in the hot kitchen... LOL!! Boomama I think about you ENTIRELY too much!

Kids are having some downtime before the church picnic tonight. Thing 1 is supposed to participate in the show (they will do a few songs ect from VBS) . We'll see how it goes.

I can't believe I forgot! I went out to run errands. It looks like Taylor was chosen by America - she's the little girl who yodels.

I might not post much today- more errands to run, a cake to bake for VBS picnic, and then the picnic tonight... soooooo I will pop in where I can!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Little miss woke up around 12:45 feeling chipper! She's eaten oatmeal and is watching Miss Spider's Sunnypatch friends.
Baby Girl has been napping all morning. At first she couldn't even keep down water. She can now thank goodness. Sleep is the best for her.

Thing 1 is with his aunt (Rockhound, Diva and Dictator's mom) along with the kids. So I have a sleeping sick baby and nothing to do but HOUSEWORK -- ICK

So far -- in between water runs for Baby -- I have put away 2 baskets of laundry, running more thru, changed the dishwasher, swept and MOPPED the kitchen floor (pick up your jaws PLEASE) I have floor tiles the color of dirt for a reason! I swept the dining room, cleaned the table, and I will mop the dining room - wood floors in there. No vacuuming since Baby is sleeping.

Ick - housework - Although I do take 15 minute breaks to shop my Rainbow Resource Center catalog or check my blog roll....
We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog for a sick little girl. Thing 2 woke up with a sore tummy and is now bringing up plain water. Poor thing. Pray for her to get better quick.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shawn Ryan -- not my cup of tea - and he seemed to be streaching it.

Those POOR doggies!!! What was he thinking!!

Hoopalicious.... Well....Um... Interesting. Great for street performing

Corina Brouder! A HOMESCHOOLING MOM!!! Cool! I would like her top be more pretty!

The Miller boys! I LOVE those boys!!! The love between those boys is amazing!
Alexis Jordan - WOW can this girl SING but I do feel like she is stressing herself as far as she can go - I think in a few years she will pull this off much better.

NO HE DIDN'T! Regis just asked if the guy would keep his balls in the air -- Yes he's juggler but REALLY!

Vladik - Eh - ok not spectacular - I agree with Piers

TEE hee!! Throwdown on the Show!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! My TV listings had America's got Talent listed as starting at 8:30!!! I dared to put my children to be and missed the first 15 minutes!! Who was on First???

Love the Clogging boys - very cool.

The ventriloquist is cute - he does have a point about having a 40 minutes show normally and now having to condense it to a minute.