Saturday, November 06, 2010

I haven't posted here in 4 years! Wow - time flies - since my last post we have continued to homeschool, added 2 more children to our family and drawn closer to God. I am not sure how this is going to go - but I may start randomly posting here again. This is something that came in my head today at naptime.

A. wouldn’t nap today – and after a couple minutes of listening to him not settle down I went up to find him with his head up against the side of the crib. Bumping his poor little head. As I picked him up I said to him “well of course you can’t sleep up there – if you had stayed where I laid you you’d be able to sleep fine” Well as soon as I said that it struck me.

How often do I not stay where the Lord puts me? How often does he have to pick me up and comfort me after have banged my head against a wall because I though I knew better?

As I sat down and nursed my son I thought about how often I have to turn to my Father for food the way A turns to me. How at first A fusses because he’s already upset and it takes a minute for him to realize the milk he wants is right there, and how he nurses a bit and pops off, fusses and eventually settles down to drink deeply, and how he eventually drifts off to sleep with a full belly snuggled up against me.

How often do I fight the food my Father has for me? I may not want it, or think that I don’t but quickly realize He has exactly what I need. And sometimes, I take a little and argue more with Him. Before I too settle down and drink deeply of his word.

And sometimes no matter what the only way he will settle down is if I wrap him up in a wrap and walk. So too – sometimes I must remember the scripture about binding His words to your heart, putting them on your body and the door of your house. That we need to wrap ourselves tightly in His word and let it carry us and support us.

Father help me to take your word into myself, help me to be content and at peace with YOUR timing and YOUR plan. The ways of a man are futile; help me to accept Your ways as my guide.