Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sit Down. Take a deep breath. Are ya ready??

The playroom is CLEAN. So is the PIT that was their room. I made room for a 4 foot tall doll house - I moved furniture all over the house ( I get bored easily so I move the furniture in the kid's rooms a couple times a year) I changed around the playroom and it LOOKS GREAT! I am taking pictures (because it will not be like this again for MONTHS).

I have a ton of empty shelves in the playroom! What to do, what to do....

I also bagged up 2 1/2 large garbage bags (contractor size bags!) of STUFF that they don't play with, don't love, don't need and is going to Goodwill. I also managed to convince Thing 2 to give her little doll house to the church (of course I could not convince her to do it out of the goodness of her heart, I had to tell her about the big doll house first)

I have torn apart the kitchen, 2 weeks ago I got rid of 6 grocery bags of kitchen stuff that I have not used in goodness only knows how long. Trashed a ton of junk - lids with no bottoms, bottoms with no lids, all kinds of food that has hung around for so long and we are just NOT going to eat (I didn't throw that away - it's going to the food pantry box at church)

Next is my flaming hotspot of a desk, Thing 1's art center and desk, and the curio cabinet in m dining room full of knicknacks that are not ME.

What is with the sudden Fling-fest you ask? Well, a couple weeks ago I was a little stressed about the PIT that was my house. DH was home and the kids had been at me all day. So I went outside to sit on the front step to just be alone. I wasn't praying specifically - just being quite and meditative and listening. I heard VERY clearly. "Worry not, prepare to move" I got a peaceful calm feeling coming over me.

Now, I don't know if that means in 6 months, a year, 3 months or what. I don't know if it will be under good circumstances or difficult ones (I pray that we won't LOSE the house but if we do - God will provide). My gut feeling is that it will be a good move and happy circumstances. I am NOT going to worry about it. I am just going to follow His direction and start flinging and blessing others with my STUFF (blessing?? Others with my junk is more like it! LOL!)

And I REALLY want to move to a mare homeschool friendly state - AND I AM TAKING MY GREENHOUSE WITH ME! We have not stopped planning things that need to be done here - like finishing the third floor, and moving Thing 2 into her own room. I am just keeping it in the back of my head that we need to finish things to add re-sale value to the house.

That and I told DH we were not having any more babies until he finished the third floor! And I REALLY want to have another baby. So does DH he keeps making SLOW progress.

The kids are playing so nicely in thier new CLEAN playroom!!!! AHHHHHH - 15 minutes is up - time to re-boot laundry, load the dishwasher and get movin'


me said...

we all must feel that way this time of the year, i have spent the last month purging, cleaning and rearranging. man i'm tired... enjoy the clean playroom, if it's like mine, it's already a mess.

Chaotic Mom said...

WHAT? The playroom is clean? Would you like my boys to come over and help put it back to "normal"?????


I hope the homeschooling goes well this year! ;)

M-j said...

Good job on the flinging and cleaning. Hope that third floor gets finished sooN! And your greenhouse!

jessica said...

Can I have some of what you are taking? I need some energy to do the same! hee hee

Heather said...

Sure -- take 1 chapter of the Bible and call Him in the morning!

Rachel said...

Go Heather!!! Good job flinging. :)