Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm melting! It's hot - but oh yeah the heat wave broke - it's only in the 80s -- (and watch me complain about the cold in the winter and dream of this heat)

Yesterday was interesting - my cousin calls me Monday night - telling me he's moving THAT NIGHT. WHAT??? He has decided to move in with his drug using mother (who, BTW, STOLE $10,000 from my grandfather's estate intended for my children - long story but I can't prosecute) . He moved to Virginia with his mom and her jailbird boyfriend (did I mention she's married to someone else?) and left almost ALL his stuff behind in his apartment including his pets.

YUP - left the pets! An iguana, a couple firebelly tree frogs and a large Oscar. Left 'em all for me to deal with. He left all this stuff from our grandfather's house behind - a ton of clothes, furniture, food, trash and CO2 containers EVERYWHERE (and YES I know what he used them for).

SO DH and I went over last night to salvage what we can. We took all the food, and sentimental stuff. I am going to go back with DH tonight to get the bigger furniture and I will have to find a home for the Oscar. Fortunately a friend came and took the Iguana and the frogs because her son is into reptiles.

Maybe I am a little crazy to upset myself about this stuff - after all he is 25 and an adult making his own HORRIBLE choices. But I can't help but worry about him. I am NOT cleaning his apt and making it so he would get his deposit back - I am only taking the things that mean something to me or are of value.

So anybody want an Oscar?


M-j said...

I am glad you got the pets out safely. And that you aren't cleaning the place. Good for you! Don't bail him out!
And, for the record, I think it sucks that that $$ went to the crack whore. Oops, is that too strong a word?

Heather said...

Umm -- I think it's heroin and crack actually.