Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shawn Ryan -- not my cup of tea - and he seemed to be streaching it.

Those POOR doggies!!! What was he thinking!!

Hoopalicious.... Well....Um... Interesting. Great for street performing

Corina Brouder! A HOMESCHOOLING MOM!!! Cool! I would like her top be more pretty!

The Miller boys! I LOVE those boys!!! The love between those boys is amazing!


M-j said...

I think it is HYSTERICAL that you update America's got talent for us!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
Hope all is well.

Corina Brouder and her 4 siblings
were not home schooled.

They did manage to fit their
academics around their music

They all went to NYC public

Today, 2 sisters are lawyers,
their brother is an engineer,
the youngest just graduated
from Harvard and Corina
herself graduated from Fordham
and also studied at Juilliard.

I think that conventional schooling
offers children necessary socialization and interaction
with other adults in positions
of authority.