Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bobby Badfingers -- a professional snappist -- WHAT the HECK is that?? Nice to say nice things to his mama. Bad it is - this is NOT a million dollar act I am so sorry! DING 15 minutes up! (what is with the baywatch thing?? Tee hee- I KNOW why he watched Baywatch - and it's not David Hasselhoff)

Sugar and Spice - Hopefully no matter what they will find a place to live. Oh man -- they are REALLY off key. And WHAT is that baby doing out there!!?? I don't CARE what Mom says - they don't belong out there! That bothers me.

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Rachel said...

I feel Brandi did a great job speaking honestly to Sugar and Spice. As cute as they were, they were not million dollar great!