Saturday, August 26, 2006


Said by Thing 2 this morning. Me Too. Hubby is working tons of overtime - Thank you Jesus! We have been tight around here and I have been praying for financial blessings, and we got 'em. Ok - I admit it, I wanted to win the lotto but since we don't actually BUY tickets, overtime is the next best thing.

But since DH is at work there's NOTHING TO DO MOM!! I know I could do ~shudder~ housework but what would be the fun in THAT? SO am am sittin around reading too many blogs. Laughing at THIS , and THIS , growling at our school system over THIS , and generally gettin annoyed with BLOGGER!!! Which decided to putz out halfway thru this post and I had to copy and paste it into Word -- I am working on getting my blog at Wordpress but I am not thrilled with the temples available. I want a FREE service - any other suggestions? Or suggestions where to get free Wordpress templates?

Ok Blogger WOULD NOT let me post this earlier. GAHHHHH! I actually did some housework - Thing 2 helped me with the laundry and I picked some 'maters. Now to figure out how to make home made spaghetti sauce.

Edited -- cuz Blogger is MAKING ME CRAZY today!


Chaotic Mom said...

You posted this twice, thank you Blogger. ;)

Google: free Wordpress templates. TONS out there, you just have to decide which one to use.

NOW you've inspired ME to finally look into Wordpress. If you find a template you like and want to change it up a bit, give me a holler. I'm not promising anything, but I'll give it a try. ;)

Chaotic Mom said...

Okay, I'm at: Just for messing around now. YIKES! Almost information overload! I won't figure this one out or use it for some time. At least until the kids are in school for a while.

Lessons at:

I found a bunch of "free WordPress templates", but they vary with which Wordpress version you have, how they are uploaded, and I THINK to modify the CSS template you have to pay $15/15 credits to Wordpress????? I don't get it yet. Maybe in time... ;)

Angi said...

There are tons of free wordpress templates, so many, it's hard to choose from, that's why I changed the one on my old site so much. BUT, you do have to pay credit thingy to be able to design your own. Unless you want to play with the code for the "sandcastle" one under templates. i think. Did you realize you can change some of them? Add in sidebar stuff, things like that?