Wednesday, August 02, 2006

America's Got Talent Live Blog - Part 2

Quick Change - Well I don't know how much more they could have done - but frankly I was disappointed.

George Kelly - Wow - a Christian song! Although it's nice - I feel like he needs more power for this song - ouch - he just miss-hit a key! Too bad this is lovely praise song, he just could not hit it.

Michele Lamour - burlesque - HA! TRASH - Yes it's ok to be sexy and be a woman - but putting that on display in front of the CHILDREN IN THE AUDIENCE. Really puts me off. OH MY WORD!!! I loved the hook - since it was Nightrider and Kit. NOW I WANNA KNOW WHAT'S ACROSS THE STREET! Piers had his children in the audience knowing she would perform?

King Charles Unicycle Troop- I admire ANY group who tries to go out and teach kids something other than gangs and violence. Unfortunately they didn't do anything for me.

Desperation Squad - BAD BAD BAD. WHY ARE THEY EVEN ON? What can I even say?

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Rachel said...

Okay, thank you for obviously hearing what Chas and I heard last night with that male singer. He did not have the power for the song and his pitch was not that great. Yet the three judges all said he was terrific. Hello? What were they hearing?