Wednesday, May 31, 2006

OMW! Game Show goodness! LOL!

I just watched the hokeiest (is that a word?) version of The Price Is Right yet! LOL! CBS is running this show - Game Show Marathon. The idea is they get a bunch of B-list celebs and have them play classic game shows. TPIR, Match Game, Press your Luck, Card sharks, and something else.. ANYWAY Tee hee! It's hosted by Rikki Lake (love her!) and tonight Pagie Davis (Trading Spaces) was on! I LOVE paige - she is great, and really funny. But MAN, they excitement was a little bit forced. Snort- imagine Celebs knowing the prices of everyday household items - like Simple Green and Tide -- WORTH watching just for that. And I swear some of them had NEVER seen the show, so they had no clue what they were doing.... HA!! What I found really amusing was several of the brand names (like Tide, and Lifesavers) were not used. They showed the PRODUCT - but did not say the brand name (no tape or anything - you could clearly read the brand names) it tickles me that the show could afford to SHOW the products but not SAY THE NAME of it!

I am sooooo watching it tomorrow night! Off to the Dumb box again - Deal or no Deal!

If you can't already tell - I am a little bit of a game show fan....
POOL SEASON!!!!!!!!!

The pool is up - the kids are thrilled! Pink (oops forgot the sunscreen!) and happy!
The second Thing 1 came home from school - I turned around - closed the door - turned back around and I had 2 naked babies! Little girl had her dress off and the boy was shirtless - "Can we go in the pool? Can we go in the pool PLEASE???" Oh yeah baby!

Pool time until lunch, lunch, more pool time and then workbook time ( I got workbooks from Walmart to help them along this summer) Plus it's Rock paintin day! They have been collecting rocks everywhere, when we were at the zoo we kept finding hidden little statues everywhere, so the kids are gonna point some rocks and hide them in our gardens. Cute!

Off to swim!!! TTFN

Monday, May 29, 2006

I had SUCH a good time today!! Went to Rachel's for a Blog/Flylady/Memorial day picnic. There were about a dozen kids running around in and out of the pool, swingset, and mudpit. YES MUDPIT!!! It started out as a dirt pile and ended up as a mud wallow-- the kids were COVERED and none of us had a camera -- by far the best was Chaotic Mom's oldest son -- sans cochlear implant and COVERED in mud. LOL! He just grinned a me (when I got his attention - he's deaf if you didn't pick that up) and said - "It's not too bad" HA! His winning grin was just about all that wasn't covered! The kids had an absolute blast.

Us Mommies had a good time too - I loved being able to hang out with my friends and talk about things other than Dora, school, and the sandbox. I can't tell you all how fun it was. And I only had a little wine - so this isn't a drunk "I love you man!" moment... ;-)

K- we meant what we said - REALLY - I know you don't know some of us all that well, but really, feel free to unload on one or all of us - it helps having someone you can go to in person to talk to, who will NOT judge you, your kids or your parenting. But really see the doc too -- All the other kids are doin it!

Poor DH is upstairs laying down in a dark room watching Stargate Atlantis. He developed a headache at Rachel's and actually fell asleep! He was embarrassed about that, but you know it was bad because he let me drive home. I don't know why - but whenever we go somewhere as a couple, Brian drives. I know we are not the only couple that works like this - so you all know it must have been pretty bad. Poor guy, I don't even think he got any of the ribs. :-(

Well, back to reality tomorrow..... Sigh - I need a nanny and a maid....

Sunday, May 28, 2006

No strawberry festival -- it's NEXT weekend - whoops! So we just had a lazy day. I planted some things. Discovered that my composter had actually WORKED! I had real honest to goodness compost! Exciting to me anyway -- ;-) I even swept the deck and re-organized my seedlings so there was more room for oh I donno -- our picnic table.

Today was nice. I convinced my best friend Jennie and her family to come to our church and check it out. They seemed to really like it. Today's message was bout not having a hard heart toward God one of the verses we studied really got my attention - from Hebrews

12 See to it, brothers, that none of you has a sinful,
unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God.
13 But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today,
so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness.

Our Pastor has a great personality, and an incredible way of teaching that makes the scriptures really make sense. We study a few lines each week (Mark right now) and he just takes them apart bit by bit and we hash it out (yes, WE, this is a very participatory church - I love it!) It really make the Living Word sooooooo much easier to understand. I may have a NIV version (which is in plain English) but I still get lost VERY easily.

After church we all went out to brunch (all 9 of us! We have five kids between us) and then off to run our individual errands. We went to get the kiddie pool from storage at Pop-Pop's. YAY!!!! The kids were thrilled. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing in the pool and sprinkler.

Tomorrow - off to a BBQ at a Rachel's!!! Nice to have some IRL friends. ;-)

Have a good Memorial Day all -- Thank soldier will ya?

Saturday, May 27, 2006

MIL finally answered the Phone last night (at like 10!) and she's not coming, way to let us know Gram. Good thing I didn't tell the kids you were coming. Grr

We're goin to a strawberry festival today (and of course DD wants to wear the dress I had put aside for church tomorrow.....)

Friday, May 26, 2006

A Mish Mash

So -- on the way to the zoo -- this goes on in the backseat

Thing 2 "Mama - he says I'm meat!! I'm not meat!"
Thing 1 "Yes you are! We're all meat!"
Thing 2 "I am not meat! I not dead - If I dead then I be meat!! See I have blood. I not meat!"


We went to see the big cats - apparently they were discussing the fact that tigers eat meat. And I will have to stop letting them watch Madagascar in the car...LOL! (if you have not yet seen it, really now this is the THIRD reference - what are you waiting for??)

The zoo was fun. We saw the elephants, big cats, zebras (they are my favoritest animal mama - this from Thing 1), giraffes, Flamingos, we went to the children's zoo, rode the train and pony rides, pet the goats, all in all a good day for the kids. We didn't cover the WHOLE zoo - we live near a large city and the zoo is BIG, so we will come back again to do the rest. My mom is a member so we can go as often as we like. We took Wild thing with us too. So it was me, my mom, and 3 children (one stroller!) my mom has a scooter so one girl would ride in the stroller one would ride with Mom-mom. The boy had to walk. Poor thing. Toward the end of the day the girls let him ride in the stroller for a while.

My legs were like jelly by the end of the day! You don't realize as you go deeper into our zoo that you are actually going downhill- until it's time to leave! YIKES! At least my mom's scooter didn't break down. Lat time we went it did and I had to PUSH the thing uphill. Imagine losing the power steering in your car - you know how you can drive but the car turns for crap?? Yeah -- push a scooter like that. Uphill. With a toddler. More fun than dental work.(insert sarcasm here)

Today - had a nice visit with my friend Jennifer (who should really have a blog)and her kids - Bit(almost 6) and Little Bit (2 months) --planned on letting the kids outside - for course it rained. Bummer.

My MIL is making my CRAZY (I know not a far trip really) She asked if she could come visit. She lives about 8 hours away. So we said she could - but she has yet to answer the email or phone calls - or let us know if she's coming.... GRRRRRRRRR

Doesn't she know I have levels of Clean?? I need to know if we are at Code red or orange..... She is just a tiny bit passive aggressive (more sarcasm please).

BUT the kids love her. And she loves them. So it's all good.

Happy Memorial day weekend all!! Don't know how much I will post this weekend -- I will try!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mom-mom's takin us to the Zoo today
zoo today Zoo today
Mom-mom's takin us to the zoo today and we can stay all day

We're goin to the zoo zoo zoo
how about you you you
you can come too too too
We're goin to the zoo zoo zoo

OK - if you don't know that that's Peter Paul and Mary - from Peter Paul and Mommy Then what's wrong with you?? LOL! LOVE that song!

Really - we're goin to the Zoo - the big city Zoo is opening a new exhibit and we're goin!! As soon as my van is done being inspected that is......

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I got it! Just for a minute anyway - I really got it.

OK - TMI - it's late and I just had to get out of our bed to type this. DH and I just "got back together" after not having a chance to for a while. He was sick, then we were tired and swamped with kids ect, then I got sick. So let's just say it's been a WHILE. Poor guy.

I told ya that to tell you this. During - the um, best part, I said "Oh G--" K- I normally don't do that anymore. Say G-- if I'm not talkin to him I mean. So anyway. Afterwards, laying in my hubby's arms, both of us relaxed, cuddling. I sent up a prayer - "Sorry G-- but wow! What a gift you give us"

And then I GOT IT! WHAT an amazing gift sex is. REALLY. In all this time I didn't get it. I have been married for 8 years (next month!) and I DIDN'T GET IT!!

I guess I should feel a little cheated. I don't though. I feel blessed to have finally gotten it. Sex is SUCH a gift to us, it binds us closer as a couple, it creates our children, and it's fun! All this time I have thought of it as ok.

As a teenager it was a way to get boys to like me. I was NOT a "good" girl. I wanted to be a "good" girl that the moms liked but I wanted the boys to like me so.... I didn't get that boys who LIKED ME - the real me - wouldn't have talked me into doing something I really didn't want to (DH included in HS anyway). I had sex way too young and way too much (not as much as some, and no pregnancies) and got a reputation. I pray I can teach my daughter differently so she gets it sooner than I did.

As a "adult" (because 18/19 is soooooooo adult) I used it as a tool to manipulate boys. And even as a married woman, I have not always enjoyed sex. It was another thing on the "to do" list (excuse the pun) especially after the kids were born. It was fun sometimes but for me - sometimes it was just giving in because he wanted to, or pushing him away. My DH must really love me. THANK YOU GOD!

So tonight, I got it. Sex is a gift, not a currency, and should be treated as special, I don't mean hearts and flowers all the time, but I need to remember even when I have days where I feel like it's a chore, that sex is a GIFT FROM GOD. It's a special thing in my marriage - not just something to do on our anniversary, it's there to bind us, please us, and please God.

Thanks God -- tonight I finally got it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

SEE!!! Isn't it cool ???!!!

OK I don't feel better - but I do feel more grounded. I know I am not the only one going thru this dismal mood. Just got off the phone with my best friend (gettin the code for my cool new banner) and she's in a funk as well. So do ya think my oncoming "woman's curse" is worth upping my Zoloft for a couple days?? I mean really - it's not depression - just the pain of being a woman right? I can tough it out. Can't say the same for DH (maybe I should slip him some...LOL!!) Can you imagine what it must be like to be a lesbian?? I mean really - we all know in house of women we start to cycle together, golly - that must be horrible! LOL! (- don't flame me - just a joke - I am in a MOOD tonight)

So, on another topic....

As I was showing D(ear-long-suffering-yes-I-noticed-you-were-in-a-bad-mood)H(lucky-he-still-has-all-his-limbs)my new banner. I realized I had kinda bashed him a little in the last post. And there he is, possible reading it. Oops. There are a few people that do not have my blog address. DH is one of them. My mom is another. I had my blog for a few weeks before I "outed" myself (my goodness-I wonder what google will turn up now!!) All my online friends and Flylady friends do. A couple of my garden friends do as well. But my not my mom or DH. My mom does not have it by design. I have I guess a little angst there still. I'm trying - I forgive anew everyday. But DH was accidentally/by design, I mean he has never asked for it (and he is sitting in the same room with my a lot when I'm here- he could easily look over my shoulder.) and I have never bothered to send him the link. Also MIL and SIL. I just feel no need to share this with them.

Why with strangers then? To quote someone "Because all the other kids are doing it" maybe. I guess it gives me a little anonymity, (only a little - I have IRL friends who read me - and call me when I "eat worms") A little freedom, and a forum to find others who think like me? I have a public diary, but I want to hide it from the people it may hurt. Is that right? I don't know. Is it Christian? Probably not, if I don't have the courage to say it to their face then maybe I shouldn't write it. On the other hand I need a forum to get it out. If my mom, for example, knew I had the feelings I do about certain areas of my life, well it would hurt her, hurt our relationship now and take away from my kids.

So is it wrong? Weigh in.

Do you hide (either by design or not) your blog from friends or relatives? Why or Why not?

ALSO - do you NOT post things because you know so and so reads and you don't want to upset them? I have tried not to do this, this is a warts and all space for me, like it or lump it.

leave a message or blog about it and leave me your link. I want to hear what you all think.
Dude - whatever Marj had - I've got now -- I have been in a semi rotten mood all day. The morning was ok, the kids and I ran a couple errands,I stopped by the extension office and acted like a grownup for a few minutes (doin research on an issue my DFIL has with his birch tree).But the afternoon wore on me - the kids were whining and fighting with each other when they weren't whining to get my attention - when DH got home he sat down and did NO work on the greenhouse. It has 3 sides but has pretty much come to a halt. I am frustrated. By the time my birthday present is finished it will be too hot to use it.

I think Aunt Flo is coming on. TTFN

Monday, May 22, 2006

WHAA HOO!!!! CLOSIN IN ON 1000 VISITORS! (HA! reallly half of those are me~ LOL!)

Keep your eyes out! If you're my 1000th you'll get a little somethin special from me... (i have no idea what it is yet.....;-> )

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I am feeling better this morning (not great - but not the gum on the bottom of my shoe feeling either.)

Thanks Rachel! I'll see how I'm feeling - I don't want your guys to get sick though.

Mother's day was nice - we went to Chili's for lunch and they were giving out plants for mother's day!!! YAY!!!!!! You all have no idea how excited I was! I was bouncing in my seat DH had no idea until we got there! But boy was he happy for me. Then we went to a nursery that's down the road and looked around (I only got one thing there this time)

Monday went to a Christian book store to get the cool tab thingies for my new bible -- DUDE! (and I don't meant this meanly or anything) There were like a dozen tabs I didn't use - so when I talked to my pastor I asked him why -- turns out Catholics have like a dozen more books in their bible! I jokingly said - So Pastor Jeff do Catholics use a different Bible altogether?? LOL!!! He said "Well, kindof" then went on to explain it. Maybe Nancy could explain it on her blog one day. I don't want to get flamed I jus found it amusing (I admit I have warped sense of humor)

So we're chugging right along - had lots of extra kids this week, promptly got sick - DH was a good help. I am feelin alright - I'm trying to decide whether or not to go to church. I am REALLY bummed at the idea of NOT going but am a little worried it's going to take all my energy reserves. Gonna call DFIL later today to pick up the kids for a while. Maybe I could drop them off after church......

Got some planting done on the deck and I WANT my local friends to come SEE IT!!! Pretty please???

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I am sick -- I am miserable -- I am miserably sick. ICK. I'll post when I can.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Saturday - why Heather's hair is turning more Gray by the hour.

K- after babykins wake me up - we all get up breakfast ect. My kids have art class at the Art museum in the city - since I am feeling a bit like the woman in the shoe, my mom comes over to take my kids to their art class. I SPECIFICALLY told her they need to be home by 2 since Brian was taking them out to do a mother's day thing (the grocery store was having a thing - they get to decorate a mini cake and get a picture with it and a carnation - the 4.99 it costs goes to a charity. Sounds like fun) SOOOOOOOOO..... I spend the afternoon with Jennie's kids - DH is working on the greenhouse and my kids are at art class. I actually made Banana bread with Jennies kids- which was really cute! Even the Dictator helped! She got a kick out of putting the bananas in.

Took her kids back to their house for the baby's nap. Jennie and her DH arrived home around 3. My mom and my kids didn't arrive home until 3:30!!! Yes - and hour and a half late. And did I mention the thing at the grocery store ended at 4? GRRRRRR - the next day she blamed it on me! "Oh well, you didn't tell me why you needed them home by 2"

1. YES I DID! I TOLD her they needed to be home by 2 so Brian could take them to do a mother's day thing.
2. WHY should it matter WHY I need them home - I am their mother - If I say they need to be home by 2 THEN THEY NEED TO BE HOME BY 2.

Of course I made my mom cry on Mother's day - sign me up for Daughter of the year. I mentioned #2 to her - I didn't say it meanly just matter of fact, but whooo doggies was she upset.

So was I. Sometimes she forgets that I am their mom and not her. I am the one who makes the decisions for them, and that their discipline is up to me. She did her best - but was not the greatest mom herself. My grandmother mostly raised me.

Anyway - after we had both cooled off - I kept hearing Dr. Phil ("this relationship needs a hero")- course it could have been God too - just using Dr. Phil. So I called my mom and apologized for making her cry on mother's day. We made up.

Monday - my mom had her last radiation treatment for breast cancer. She got to ring the bell (they have a bell there - it symbolized hope) and the kids and I came. We brought her a few Iris from my garden.

All is well. Stay tuned for my Mother's day! This is DH's long day - he races tonight - so I am sure there will be several posts! No wordless Wednesday for me!LOL!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dang! I'm in trouble! Jan - I'm sorry I made you worry! Things have been really Hectic around here.

On Friday I had my Things plus my best friend's kids overnight and they kept me hoppin! I took my two and her younger two (the Diva and the Dictator) to Kmart to pick up a sleeping bag for my son. Because as you all know you can't have a sleepover without the requisite sleeping bad. So here I am in the store with two 5 year olds, a 3 year old and an almost 2 year old - really not a problem for me.

There's a backstory there - Jennie and her family lived with us for several months over a year ago - they re-located from Texas and she had the baby while they were living with us - we are very much used to running as one large family, and quite frankly in some ways prefer it. Having two moms run the house together was great we would divide the housework and childcare according to preferences while the hubbies were at work, got date nights by switching out kids and picked up each other's slack. And since there were two hubbies that part worked out too!!

So back to the story - here I am in Kmart - leaving actually - baby in the stroller and 3 walkers and this little old lady (if she was 5 feet tall I'd be shocked!) stops me and says - "Are they all yours???" with utter shock in her tone - I deadpanned and said - "Nope picked em up on isle 3" ("Here's your sign!"). She gave me a DIRTY LOOK and said "NO really - are they all yours?" -- why does this biddy feel the need to question how many children I have?? I smiled at her and said - "YUP! Have a nice day mam'"

So after that little experience - took the kids back to Jennie's so the baby could nap and I could pick up the oldest when the bus dropped him off. After nap trot all the kids back to our place for dinner and to pack our stuff - since the baby is still in her crib and our houses spiders at the moment - we figured we'd sleep at THEIR house. FUN FUN FUN! The baby went to bed on time - the boys didn't put up much of a fight - but the GIRLS! Ugh it took them until after 10:30! Oh and did I mention the woke up the baby!? Grrrrrrr. Finally all was quiet.

I should mention something - I am a homebody. If I could bring my mattress on vacation I WOULD. As it is I embarrass my hubby to no end by bringing my pillows whenever we go on a trip. I HATE sleeping away from home. My friend have a cozy thick sumptuous mattress - I slept horrible. Then the Rockhound woke up with growing pains at 2:30 the my daughter fell out of bed (a couch cushion on the floor!) and had to sleep with us - she does not stay still in her sleep! That was around 5. And then at 7:30 MA!! MA!!! MA!!!! The baby was awake - no she was not calling her mother - she WAS calling me. She calls her mom - Mama - and she calls me Ma.

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of why Heather's hair is turning more gray by the moment.!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Friday, May 12, 2006

Haven't posted in a couple days - Things have been hectic around here. I've had kids coming out my ears. This weekend I have my two as well as my best friend's three -- Roll call! Rockhound, Diva, Thing 1, Thing 2, and last but certainly never least - the Dictator! What. was. I. thinking? Their parents are going to a home schooling convention so I get all the babies. SOOOOOOOO - If I don't post for a couple more days, they have taken me hostage for jellybeans.

Monday, May 08, 2006

I did something yesterday that I have not done fro a looooooong time. In fact the Things came with me to do this. We went to Church.

Ok not hugely exciting but since I haven't gone to a service except for the occasional wedding, funeral, or show of support for a friend doing a special reading or event in, oh, a DECADE or more. A big deal to me.

It was, nice. VERY different from what I grew up with. I was raised Catholic and the mass is a very traditional, prescribed thing. Stand up, sit down, kneel, kneel, stand up, shake hands, get the communion, kneel ect (we Catholics get our exercise in church! LOL!). This church was a contemporary Christian church. Rock like music, and no pews. We sat in a semi circle of office chairs (the cushy stackable ones). And it was PARTICIPATORY! Pastor would ask us questions about the verse we were discussing and people would answer! I even answered a couple things! OK ANYONE who has been to a Mass KNOWS how many worlds away this is!! But I think I liked it. It was more real. More about the scriptures and what it meant to us, instead of trying to achieve perfection. Something I already struggle with. I will be going back next week. With Dh this time.

Of course I GRILLED the Sunday school teacher. How long she had been there, what exactly she taught ect. I don't leave my kids with strangers - I had the assurance of a family friend who attends the church that she was safe (and there are two in the room at all times). The kids seemed to enjoy it.

OH! And on Saturday the same church had a community yard sale - we took our stuff over (free spaces!) and made $100! My best friend had sent some of her stuff with me- and she made $61! I was sooooo good After the yard sale - we packed everything back in the trailer and took it all to Goodwill. There were a couple things they couldn't take -and a box of books we're donating to the pediatrician's office but we sold and flung a ton of JUNK!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Kids -- great Birth control

Every Time I get wild hair and think maybe I want more kids (as in a big family of 5 or 6) I make sure I watch my best friend's kids that adds 3 to the mix- 7,5,5,3,1 1/2 all together if I am REALLY ichy I add my neighbor's as well - an 8 3/4 year old and another 3 year old. They COULD physically all be mine. Cures me every time!

On Monday I didn't have that particular wild hair but had totally scheduled myself full of kids for the day. Jennie (my best friend) had an all day Photoshop seminar. So I started the day taking Thing 1 to school while she dropped off the Diva. I picked up the baby (the Dictator - she will HATE that when she's older)and went home.

9:15 I have 2 kids

10am I have 3 when my childcare girl gets dropped off (that would be Wild Thing).

11:30 rolls around. I get it in my head to walk to preschool to pick up Thing 1 and the Diva - I am a 15 minute walk, 20 if I get the joy of "Mama carro me!" (yes she's 3 1/2 and still says Carro instead of carry I am NOT correcting her! It's cute and she''l quit eventually)and "Miss Heather, my legs are soooo tired" 2 minutes after we leave the house. sigh The baby is in the stroller and content - YAY

11:55 - in the home stretch I walk by an older gentleman sitting on his porch - I call to one of the girls lagging behind - "come on sweetie! We need to get the other two kids!" His eyes get big "you have 2 more??" and smiles and shakes his head. I grin and feeling a little snarky say - "YUP and there are 2 more in elementary school!" The look on his face was PRICELESS! I wanted to turn around and say- "and I still have my girlish figure!" I never SAID they were all mine - and there were two more older brothers in elementary school.... snort - I'm bad I know.

12pm pick up the 5 year olds - amid groans that "we have to walk?? Why didn't you bring Vannie?!" that would be the name my son gave our minivan. He's very creative. He has a car named Car-ie and a horse toy named Horse.

12-12:50 big mean momma that I am drag all 5 children to the deli on the way home to buy soda (caffeine my drug of choice - and I NEED it with 5 kids!), milk,and hotdogs rolls.

1 - start the grill and make lunch -hot dogs and hamburgers. Barley touched OF course!

1-3 the round of "can I have a snack" starts whew big meanine that I am I point out that no one has eaten enough lunch and "NO we're NOT having ICE CREAM"

3 pm Drag all that monsters out to the car and go to Jennie's house to meet her oldest off the bus. We are now TRAPPED at Jennie's because I have exceeded the limits of how many kids I can fit in the van without looking like a clown car.

I am so not having more kids!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I am totally messing with my blog tonight (right after CSI that is!) So please watch out for falling rocks!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just call me Steve!!!!!

Or maybe Terry :-) I picked up a SNAKE! A real live snake! *BTW - do not try this at home - only trained idiots know how to pick up wildlife without knowing exactly which species they are messing with!* Found out through research on Google - probably was a baby brown snake.

I actually found it while moving some flats around at the Intergenerational Garden that the Master Gardeners are taking care of. He was a BABY - about 7 inches long and less than the width of a pencil. I tried to pick it up with a stick the way I have seen Steve do (Crocodile Hunter - in case you are lost!) But in the end picked him up by his skinny tail and used the stick to lift his head so the kids could get a good look. Then I let him go in a brushpile.

I didn't have the creeps or anything - I am soooo proud of myself for that STUPID stunt (now the kids will be trying to pick up snakes and with my luck it will be something dangerous! Either that or they will all be in my greenhouse!)

Come to find out the Brown snake is birthed live - and mama could have been around... They fortunately eat bugs and earthworms and such and are frequently found in urban areas.

Now you have learned something for the day. ;-)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Just another day in the garden. I have been keeping busy playing with the Things and my other kids that shift in and out (my childcare and freind's kids). I keep picking up more plants to put in (nevernmind all the stuff I started from seed). Potting yup stuff and planting along. DH is making progress on the greenhouse and kids are loving being outside and away from the "dumb box" I am thinking about an essy I want to write and post - but haven't composed it yet.