Sunday, August 13, 2006

The weekend was GREAT (for the most part - but more on the other part later)

Sat. Morning

Went to meet a few girlfriends for coffee and breakfast at a local diner. Some of the ladies brought their kids so I brought the Things with me. We had SUCH a blast. Took up the whole back of the restaurant giggling loud and having FUN. The kids were sooooo happy to see each other. Thing 1 saw one of his friends "Peter" that lives about 45 minutes away. Were those boys happy to see each other!!!! As soon as "Peter" say Thing 1 - it was "Bye Mom" and he plunked himself at the other end of the long table with my boy. "Peter's" brother "Ivan" was more shy and sat by mom to eat and then came to play at the other end of the table later.

Thing 2 had a very nice time playing with "Mini Scrap baby" and mom and I have plans to get them together - SOON.

(And the boy's names are a referral to my Walt Disney version of Peter and the Wolf! Ivan was the cat - and since these two darlings came to their mama and daddy from Russia I thought the names fit)

After that fun - I came home and finished getting ready to host that birthday party. My dear Friend's son Bit was turning 6 and I had offered to host the party. So the whole Bit family showed up! Little Bit, Bit, Big Bit, Bit-ter Sweet, Mamma and Daddy Bit and Grandma and Grandpa Bit. Also Wait a minute!! Peter and Ivan and Mama! Also another Bloggy IRL friend and her 3 darlings (whose middle child is apparently my future son in law. Thing 2 ADORES him)
The party was a BIG success. Dh got to show off his Rc cars, cake was eaten, candy was gobbled and presents given. A good time was had by all.


Today was tiring. My SHE (sister in heart) moved in to their FIRST house today! We have moved them 10 times!! I am NOT kidding - and I am done! I am so happy that they bought a house. And the house is GREAT and not far from us (in fact, it's on the way to our favorite
Tar-jay). So my hubby is SO tired. Cues, really, the d's did most of the work. We unpacked the kitchen , and I moved boxes all over the house to the right rooms. SHE fell and twisted her ankle (maybe a hairline crack) a couple weeks ago (and keeps doing too much and re-injuring it!!) so I was the one muffin stuff around for her while the hipsters loaded the truck again.


Have to clean up the PIT that is my children's room and the ABYSS that is my children's playroom(yes it was clean for the party - it is a mess THAT FAST!!). Shies 5 year old DAD has a 4 foot tall doll house (fits barbie size dolls - but it's from Toys r Us). While they were packing up toys and things to move - her DD says "You know Mommy - I don't play with this Barbie house anymore. Thing 2 really likes it. I think I'll let her have it O.K?" Which was fine with her mom and fine with me. So now I have to make room for it (I know I don't HAVE to take it - but my DD does like it, and how SWEET is is that her friend thought of her?) Then I can pack up Thing 2's little doll house (that SHE no longer plays with!) and take it to the church for the kid's playroom there. Receive a Blessing - pass on a Blessing.

The "other" part of the day? I am just not ready to blog about it yet. We're all ok. It's nothing like that, but it IS something I want to talk to my Pastor about and something I will HAVE to pray on.


Ruski Mom said...

"Peter" and "Ivan" -- you can't fool me!!! I know you really mean "Crazy Boy 1" and "Crazy Boy 2"!!!! LOL! Yes, my kids love yours too and had just as good a time playing on Saturday! CB2/Ivan fell asleep in the car on the way home and didn't wake up until Sunday morning, which NEVER happens! He really enjoyed himself! Thanks for the invite -- we all were glad to be there for Bit's Bday!

janjanmom said...

We are here to "listen" when you get ready to "talk".

I love blogging!! It restores my sanity!!