Wednesday, August 09, 2006

(America's Got Talent) I could blog for HOURS just on Leonid the Magnificent. OH MY WORD - if you missed him, you missed the BEST part of the show! He was.. stunning, astounding, and well, just plain magnificent. And YES he defiantly goes to different clubs. Oh man... Wow...

So I will go on to another topic - my little girl and the seeds she's planting.

Monday afternoon was lazy sort of day. It was a Wild Thing day so I had the extra child. Thing 1 was in the house playing with his paper airplanes (a current love) the girls were in their princess dress-ups swinging on the swings and I was outside on the deck in a chair -reading a book, but mostly checking my eyelids for holes. The sun was shining, it was balmy and warm, but not too hot. A perfect day for little girls on a swing and eyelid hole checking. The girls voices in the backyard are washing over me. I am not LISTENING to them, just hearing them really.

So there I am with my feet up, relaxing and I hear Wild Thing in a happy excited voice says "Yeah and GOD made me!" I perk up!
"God made us all. And he loves us!" My Thing 2 replies
"Did God make the houses? No, the builders did" This is all Wild Thing
"No Wild Thing -God made the people smart enough to make the houses" We have been talking about that a lot lately as they sort out God's creations and human ones.
"Yeah - God made us smart!!" Wild thing again.

At this point a butterfly flitted by, and the girls ran off to chase it and continued to play. I sat in my chair and praised God for his blessings.

Wild Thing's parents are agnostics and anti-church, NOT anti God per say, but anti-church as a body and (Dad especially) well, I am truly not sure where their faith IS - I can pretty much tell you where it ISN'T right now (they have some other life choices that I wholeheartedly disagree with and pray about nightly) in any event. We are one of the few Christian families around them and certainly around Wild Thing on a regular basis. I am SO PROUD of my little girl. She is helping to plant the seeds in her best friend that hopefully will grow and flourish.

Last week Wild Thing asked me a question about whether God gets mad at kids (or is grumpy, I can't remember the exact wording). I was able to calm her fears and tell her that God loves her the way her Daddy loves her. Even when he is grumpy because she's done something wrong he STILL loves her and will ALWAYS love her. And that THAT is how God loves us too. She had a big smile on her face when I explained it.

I hope those seeds will grow in her. I pray they will. And I praise God that I have the chance to make a difference in her faith so young.

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kellygirl said...

Hi..I popped over from my friend Michelles blog. I have 4 little ones and am homeschooling the 2 older siblings (8 and 6). The other two are 3 and 1. I think it is so awesome that your little one was able to share her heart that is filled with Her Fathers love. It must make you feel so proud (in a good way). What a sweet story and encouraging too.