Thursday, September 07, 2006

I am LIT!!!

Well, actually I am slightly calmer than what I was earlier. MY local newscast just did a story on "homeschooling".

However, they profiled a student doing a state supported cyber PUBLIC SCHOOL. THAT IS NOT HOMESCHOOLING. It is PUBLIC school at home. As a parent you have NO MORE RIGHTS than if your child goes down the street to the local school.

You are given the curriculum, and if it doesn't work for your child, TOUGH. If you would like to teach that God made the universe - good luck - you will still have to teach the Big bang theory. Can't skip it. You have no choice but to complete ALL the curriculum, even if your child doesn't get a subject or problem (for example Algebra - my nemesis). Say you spend an extra 2 weeks on algebraic formulas but don't get to the next stage on time, you have a problem. You must work on the PUBLIC SCHOOL timetable.

This makes me NUTS!! If homeschooling and public schooling at home are portrayed as the same thing, what is to stop lawmakers from writing laws that infringe on true homeschoolers rights? The rights that pioneering homeschoolers went to JAIL for?

Am I saying that public schooling at home is wrong? For me and MY family -- HELL YES. For anyone else? I don't know, not my problem. Each family makes their own choices. Homeschoolers chose to homeschool for 1000's of reasons. My main reasons are faith based. Other families choose homeschooling for faith reasons, for secular reasons, for reasons of safety in the school, just to name a few.

I am saying it's a horse of a different color. And it's going down a slippery slope.

Edited to say this -- I did call my local news and give them a piece of my mind. And I left my phone # and contacted a woman in my state (actually in my neighborhood) to see if she would be willing to back me up if they called back.

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