Wednesday, July 19, 2006

N'Vevirsity - WOW - although I was expecting it to go somewhere - THANK YOU BRANDI!!! YES! Those Clothes are WRONG on a 16 year old! WHY DOES A 16 YEAR OLD NEED TO BE SEXY!! They Prayed about it? And could they pray for more FABRIC please?

Mark the Knife - good as usual - but I liked the first one better.

Leonid The magnificent -- I miss his last costume! Well act least this time he DID something - hopefully he will get a job from it. But I was not impressed with his performance. Peirs is to harsh on him though. DANG! But he handled himself well!

And the Judges choice is............ We'll find out tomorrow!


Rachel said...

So glad Brandi was honest with those girls. Chas and I were both saying they should be wearing more clothes!

Heather said...

And dude -- were the men getting a little pedafile-ish or what! They were MINORS!!!