Saturday, September 02, 2006

What I did While Ernesto messed with my weekend (or what I did to keep for duct taping my kids to the ceiling.)

I LOVE to have my kids stuck in the house and squirrelly because of the weather. Really I do. (and if you buy that I have a bridge to sell ya).

Before the rain came, in the interest of telling the truth, I am prepared to submit the fooling photos... My poor garden has been SORELY neglected.

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My poor sunflower (which are now on the ground, the rain saturated soil could not hold their weight up)

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My greenhouse is at a standstill is a SEA of grass (there used to be lovely broccoli lettuce and zukes here!)

On the PLUS side!!! I found 3 of these little guys! My nephew (the Rockhound, who has decided to become a lepidopterist) will be over the moon!

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Incase you don't know - those are monarch caterpillars munching on my milkweed.

And this is what Thing 1 built! A cooler to hold their snacks.

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And then there was the trip we took last night to the Christian bookstore. My DH bought himself a Bible! I am so proud. It's a cool Archaeological Study Bible .

I have a few more thoughts -- I can't keep them straight though. I will gather and post again later tonight.


jessica said...

Hope ya'll are doing ok... are you getting anymore sleep? I watched the news and wondered who was being effected by lovely Ernesto!

janjanmom said...

Our garden has been kaput way longer than yours!!

School has a way of taking over!!

Enjoy your holiday...and yes, you should take it!