Thursday, July 13, 2006

Baby Girl has been napping all morning. At first she couldn't even keep down water. She can now thank goodness. Sleep is the best for her.

Thing 1 is with his aunt (Rockhound, Diva and Dictator's mom) along with the kids. So I have a sleeping sick baby and nothing to do but HOUSEWORK -- ICK

So far -- in between water runs for Baby -- I have put away 2 baskets of laundry, running more thru, changed the dishwasher, swept and MOPPED the kitchen floor (pick up your jaws PLEASE) I have floor tiles the color of dirt for a reason! I swept the dining room, cleaned the table, and I will mop the dining room - wood floors in there. No vacuuming since Baby is sleeping.

Ick - housework - Although I do take 15 minute breaks to shop my Rainbow Resource Center catalog or check my blog roll....

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Rachel said...

I hope your little girl feels better soon!

I just put all the blogs that I like to stalk, err, I mean read, into Bloglines. That way, I can just click on Bloglines and see which of my favorites have updated. It's saving me a LOT of computer time!!!