Thursday, July 27, 2006

I am gettin blog burnout- I can't think of anything to write about. Well - not much anyway. But I have to come up with something! Cuz Karin mentioned me and ALL THESE MOMS said they were going to check out her blog favorites!! ACK! Although my utterly ridicules goal is to get on the bloglines/blogrolls of as many people as possible! Tee hee!!!!

Nope - I didn't live blog America's Got Talent last night - watching the live results show right now.

As for Melanie - I found it pretty interesting that one of PBS's reasons for firing her was that she may "lose credibility with her audience" because of the dialog of this 30 second spot. HUH?? Her target audience is 3!! Why would they be watching a spot that is 7 years old?? What possible credibility could she lose? If she purposely KEPT it from PBS or there was a morality/behavior clause in her contract I could see her being fired - but :losing credibility" with toddlers? Over something they will never see? Frankly PBS lost the credibility if they really expect me to believe THAT.

Thing 2 has been going to Dance camp all week and loving it! Wild thing and she look SO.DARN.CUTE. Thing 1 has had a good time playing with all the other brothers downstairs (he could have done the camp if he wanted to, but the darling declined)

OH! On our way to camp everyday -Thing 1 has been able to bring a couple toys to play with downstairs - on Wednesday he brought his rocks (polished ones)! He wanted to bring them so he COULD.DO.MATH!!!!! Yes he did!!! And we did math - that boy can add in his head! WOW!! He impressed me!

We also went to the library to see a little concert from a local music class/school then spent an hour reading books in the library and borrowing tons (after mommy paid almost $20 in LATE FEES!!! BAD MOMMY!) We had a GOOD HOMESCHOOL DAY. Without even trying.

OH!!! I got my new curriculum in for bible study - I like it - but dang I will have to find the verses for each week and come up with a craft - sigh - I may actually have to work. (Ok - I am kidding - except they really could have noted the verse #'s) Other than ordering the math workbooks I need. I am DONE BUYING - for now. (ha!)

So here it is - LMK if you have dropped by from Karin! And I will get back to posting almost daily once I catch my breath.

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M-j said...

I've been having blogger burnout, too.
Not because I have said it all, but because my brain is deeply fried lately. There has been so much going on, and so many details to remember.
I missed your live blog last evening!