Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well, she's gone home.

SIGH. It's not that I hate her or anything. I don't. REALLY. It's just well, like I said , we're different.

My thought before was that I heard in my head -Matthew 25:40 And instead of getting annoyed - I served. Dude - I must be growing up or something.

The kids are sad she's gone. They really love their Gram. And that makes me glad. Dh's relationship with his mother has not always been good. In fact at times it was downright horrendous. His parents divorced when he was 9 and lets just say it WAS.NOT.PRETTY. There was alot of turmoil for the kids (Dh has a sister) Until just the last few years they barely spoke. My coming into the picture began the healing process. I don't say that to be full of myself - really - I had to smack him over the head with a few truths about his family from an outsider's point of view. Reminding him to look at the situation as an adult NOW instead of the child and what her"knew" happened. We all know how childhood colors what we see - and how kids always think they know what's going on - but truly the only 2 people that know what happened are my in laws.

The relationship has slowly healed - between his mom and him. And between his dad and US. In the beginning Dad didn't respect us as a couple (well, we did get married REALLY young I was barely 22 DH was barely 24 our birthdays are 2 days apart and about 5 weeks before our wedding anniversary). And THAT has taken a long time and several long talks and one HUGE ENORMOUS BLOWOUT of a fight. And now? It's really good. REALLY.

Dad respects me - he does. I don't let him push me around (one of the many reasons for the divorce) and I speak my mind. I am also willing to listen to his side and compromise when I need too.

So all in all it wasn't a GREAT OHMYGOSH we had a great time - visit. But it was pleasant. There were things going on this past weekend at the church ( a goodbye luncheon for a family leaving us, the praise team playing at a Christian bookstore) and flea markets to go to. Much playing in the pool by the kids. Visits to a bookstore, dinners out (yay! No cooking!!)

AND I read a book of the Bible! I read all of Matthew ('cuz I am a New testament kind of girl)

OH YEAH!! For the luncheon? GUESS WHAT?? I made fried chicken! As in Gout out the chicken, soaked it in buttermilk overnight, spiced it up, dragged it in flour and PAN FRIED IT!!! Yes I did!! And it was GOOD baby!! (and yes I thought again about BooMama's sweatin for Jesus post which I can't find - so BooMama if you are reading this SEND ME THE LINK).
I was utterly proud of myself for 2 days!


M-j said...

You go girl! Good job!
I also do alot of tongue holding with the In-laws. And for the same reasons as your DH and his upbringing, sounds like exactly what my DH went through. It ain't easy.
I just do it for my kids.

Rachel said...

Good for you! You survived the visit and don't seem like you're totally stressed - I'm quite impressed. :)

Chaotic Mom said...

I love my inlaws. My mom's visit with us this month involved a boat load of tongue biting. For the kids' sake.

Good for you and your visit. So, when does school start? ;)

Mrs. Darling said...

Your last sentence just cracked me up!