Monday, August 28, 2006

I will fill ya'll in on the story - really but it is a long one - So I will probably wait until the kids go to bed. Sorry!
I have gotten SO MUCH done today! While on the phone with Jules I get tons of housework done - the laundry is cycling abd I got 2 loads in the dishwasher! The kids are being goo too!

I have a rant first!! I had time to cut out coupons this afternoon. and THIS is what I found.

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I mean REALLY - do we need this? Now Cherrios is making "fruit loops"!!

Then there's THIS.....

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Dog treat with fortunes on them. WAIT!!That says READ 'em and EAT 'em. HUH?????? DOGS CAN'T READ!!!

On to the Target ad. I love shopping at Target! Really I do. I was there LAST NIGHT. I didn't see these.

Boy's section

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In case you can't see them. Top right- " I tried to be good but I got bored.", bottom middle "Home + Work Two words that should never be together. Bottom right. "Enough with the learning already"

Then the Girl's section

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The purple one - "I'm in charge here. The parents are just for show". The blue one "Ok I'm perfect now stop staring"
The green one "Spend your money on me"

What are we teaching our youth by purchasing or allowing them to purchase there things? Am I an old fuddy duddy now that I'm a mom?

On a happier note. My Sister in Law is pregnant. For each of my kids, my best freind's kids and one of my dear friend's son I have cross stiched a quilt. I have finished the first corner of the one I have started for my SIL. (shhhhhh- don't tell her - it's a secret)

Sorry! Those pics were driving me NUTS! I had to delete them


Sandy T. said...

I totally LOVE the Fruity Cheerios! They are so good and they are better for you! It's a must try....:)

Heather said...

LOL!! But the whole concept of fruity Cherrios scares me! (nevermind that I LOVE fruit loops!)

Abbe said...

I completely agree about the shirts! I'm not a complete wet blanket and I really do have a sense of humor BUT I would NEVER buy those for my child. If they were older (i.e. over 16) and bought one with their own money that they had earned from a job, I wouldn't make them take it back, but they still wouldn't be allowed to wear it to school. I find the girls' shirts even more offensive than the boys'!!!

Keep on keepin' on, sister!