Monday, July 17, 2006

I got a sign post from God on Saturday.

We went yard saling (sooo fun! I got a microscope for $1~) And around noon it started to storm - so we decided to get some lunch. And of course Brian wanted to go to his favorite Diner (T.J. 's nearby) We go there ALOT - the managers KNOW us. I really didn't feel like going to T.J.'s at all - but I decided not to argue - it's decent food and cheap. The kids played with their monster truck toys they had scored that day for a quarter while we waited.

Fast forward to the finishing of the meal. Bri has gone to pay with Thing 2, I am getting Thing 1 organized (picking up some game pieces from a phonics game I had scored for .50) and the woman in the booth next to us says
"I know you from St. James!"
"No" I said - because I was thinking of St James High school (which was a BOYS school)
"No really - from St James Preschool!"

(back story here -- St. James is a preschool I had to pull my son out of in 2004/05 school year because the" teacher" did not belong in a classroom - she told another parent that my son was VIOLENT - anyone who knows my son would be on the floor LAUGHING at this assessment- also she used food as a reward for proper work and withheld it from kids who did their work wrong! In a 3 YEAR OLD CLASS! She was requiring them do CORRECTLY paperwork intended for kindergarten and when my son didn't do it right - SHE TOOK HIS PAPER RIPPED UP AND MADE HIM THROW IT AWAY!!!! When my son told me about this I was told he made a paper airplane by the director - which he was NOT able to do at that age- and that I was being overprotective because I had been a preschool teacher. When 2 other children had the same story of the same thing being done to them the Classroom Aide FINALLY came forward and told the director what had really happened - The it was all apologies and butt kissing. Needless to say I RIPPED the director a new one, pulled my son out of that horrid school and got my $$$ back and I tell EVERYONE in my area about that school and discourage ANYONE form sending their children there )

K- told ya that story to tell ya this one. The woman I am talking to - Crystal - her DD was the third child involved in the incident. So we got to chatting for a minute. I told her after I whipped Thing 1 out of that school, I tried another one the next year - and we didn't LOVE it - it was not horrific like the first one - which by the way - when we pass that school Thing 1 STILL tells me he didn't like Miss Stacy and I put Miss Stacy in a time out. (I would have put her in the hospital if I could, I was THAT mad) And that we were going to homeschool now. She almost leaped out of the booth! She is thinking about homeschooling herself. I gave her my phone # and I hope she calls. We talked about her situation - she has 2 older kids and one was on medication just to stay in school - because the SCHOOL said so! I told her she HAS GOT to call me! There is another way.

I KNOW this was a sign post that I am on the right path for my family. I was SOOO conflicted about it. After DH and I made the decision though, and getting the cirriculm and committing to it. I have felt SUCH PEACE with it. I am not at all afraid of the prospect and the yard sales the last couple weeks have found me some great materials.

My mother is a little trepidation - but nevertheless - when she found my Rainbow Resource center wish list - which I had sent her to show my bible cirriculm choices - she bought EVERYTHING on my list! Yay Momma - she is stepping out in faith for me! ('course if her grandbabies don't seem to learn anything heads will roll!)

Now my FIL is another story - he has the usual "what about socialization questions" Which cracked me up! because what he asked me is this...
"Well, how will they learn to get along with all kinds of people in the real world if they are not in school??"
To which I replied ..
"Dad, in the real world are you grouped with 30 people the same age as you all day??"
"No - but well I.. I Just.. I don't know much about it but it seems to me..."

So I smiled, handed him a few CHAP and Homeschool education magazines and said - read these and then come back to me with your questions. He WAS really good about saying he just didn't know alot about it but was willing to learn (10 years ago the man would have just blown his top!) And so far he has been willing to learn - he didn't think DH and I would last (his marriage only lasted 10 years or so and they fought ALL THE TIME- we don't do that and WILL not let him come in screaming and yelling - that took a while- but that's another post) Then he wasn't sure about our having babies so young (I was 24 when T1 was born) or me staying home, or me breastfeeding, and all along he has learned that we really do know what we are doing. Just to show ya- you can teach an old dog new tricks! So I will prove myself to dad again. I am confident that he will be on board before the 1st grade (you can teach the old dog - but it does take longer!)

If you are still with me WOW!!! ya'll are committed! Thing 1 is ready for his computer time!

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momofalltrades said...

Yeahy for you! It is tough when people you love question your actions. But I totally hear you on knowing it's the right thing for your fam. Hang on to that, you'll need it at some point in the future. We all do! ;O)