Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dollar Tree ROCKS!!!!!

I LOVE the Dollar Tree! I dropped $62 (YES I DID) there today! I got 18 workbooks for the kids - most of them biblically based. (Remember I have 2 kids- and I got extras to put up of the Kindergarten stuff for Thing 2 for next year, and 1st grade stuff for Thing 1)

I got some terrific puzzles, dominos, dice, and poker chips for counting. A clock puzzle for learning about time, markers, construction paper, tape, and the like (of course). A little bulletin board for my desk, smelly good candles, flashlights (my kids LOVE flashlights!) a couple of mama-can-I-have-thises but really - it's the Dollar Tree. ;-)

I cleaned UP!!!

We also went to the library and took out SO MANY BOOKS!!! Mama books, homeschool books, fun reading books and computer games. WHAAA HOOO!!!! Fun day! I took a picture of some of my loot, I will upload it later (the picture thingy is on DH's puter in the basement and I am too darn lazy to go down there right now, although I really should change the laundry over...)

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The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

A woman after my own heart! If you and I got together, we could clean that place out! I love it in there! And it's much cleaner than most dollar stores!!