Saturday, August 26, 2006

The problem with moving (in the bloggy world) is I LIKE the format I'm in - just gettin bored with the colors.

I have been playing with a Wordpress blog but you can't do much to change it in the free mode. And I HATE the idea of paying for it.

Although I am planning on looking into buying a domain name - and then starting from scratch - then I would need major design help.

So many choices - so little time. I will play for a while and see (since I have these short people in the house who want to learn and eat and stuff!) what happens.


Lucy T said...

For $2.24 a month (billed in six month segments) you get a free domain name and superior hosting at
I've had it for about a year (not that I've used it) and my brother has been with them for years. Like you said, it will take lots of learning, but pricewise, you cannot find any company who matches what they give you for $2.24 a month.

Lucy T said...

Addendum: I just checked the 1and1 website - they now also give you a free blog site along with the domain name and web hosting. I see templates..

Lucy T said...

and it is powered by Word Press