Friday, March 31, 2006


This is my propagation station! DH built it for me last year - it has aluminum shelves and lightbulbs under it to warm the soil with shop lights above - it hold 15 flats (but really on 14 since I have to leave space for my cat - he will just squash the seedlings if I don't)

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I am insane!! Really There are about  25 flats of SEEDS planted and 11 flats plus a good 25 pots of various plants. I plan on having a plant sale later this year -- I hope - or I am in trouble!! This bakers rack (which you can't see well) has 4 flats plus various plants on it - plus what is on and above the dryer

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It MUST have been anti -procrastination day today! I buzzed over to my best friend's home(mother of "the rockhound -7- , the diva -5 going on 16-, and the dictator -almost ,gulp, 2-) this morning and "showed" her how to prune her roses -- HA! "showed" - I did it for her -- ;-)

We did a little weeding and cleaning out her garden and them packed the kids up and took them to the mall! JOY to the kids! NO really - there is a restaurant in there that has an indoor play-yard they love. Then we took them to the bookstore and we ALL got books ( I got the mostest!) Well, in my defense it is part of my big #) birthday -- YES you will have to hunt on your keyboards to figure it out!!

After that I ended up dumping Thing 1 on my friend for the afternoon (he was invited!) while Thing 2 protested at THE TOP OF HER LUNGS part of the way home - oh my word - she's gonna be an opera singer with pipes like that. I put the "no-mommy-I-don't-want-a-nap-I'm-not-tired" child down for her nap , I actually REMEMBERED to put the steaks in the marinade for dinner tonight!

I am on a roll! After putting the darlings (insert sarcasm here -Thing 1 was in a mood) to bed for the night. I went to my basement and puttered with my plants, re-potted things that needed it that I had been putting off (whoa -- now we're to the exciting part of my day huh??). I planted yet MORE seeds (because I am a glutton for punishment and am totally insane - which you will see as soon as I figure out how to take a picture of my basement).

THEN (does the fun ever stop??) I caught up on Master gardener paperwork that was due -- oh a month or more ago, I can't even say whoops, I just flat out didn't feel like it, Bad master Gardener... No compost for me...

But wait there's more!!!! I got emails I had been putting off done! GO ME!

Now -- just don't ask me about the grocery store..........

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

OK -- I got some garden work done today -YAY!!!!!! It's spring!! Maybe the gardening will be theaputic enough to cut back on the Zoloft (though I doubt it)....anyhoo... I was tearing out some mini garden beds today and transplanting with my DD (Thing 1 was at pre-school) today I would toss her the plants and tell her to put them in the bucket. I referred to them as "plants" and very matter-of-factly she informs me "well, Mommy actually they are bulbs" AND SHE WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somewhere God is laughing at me. REALLY REALLY hard. She is a trip. This kid is so me I cannot believe it. Of course this means we clash as well but today was a good day.

Today I got to see a mommy friend's new tattoo. She took her DH and they went to Miami for their anniversary and got tattooed at Miami Ink. I. AM. SO. DAMN. JEALOUS. Although she didn't get inked by one of the guys you see on the show but she met several of them and got a picture with Yoji. Very cool. I am happy for her - really- no REALLY I am . I will be getting my own tattoo locally soon. And I can't wait.

Thing 1 and I had a really interesting conversation at dinner tonight. He has really started asking questions about God. About how God can see him, and where God lives, and can we visit Him? Wow I have to stop and thin about how to answer each question in a way that he will grasp, and examine my own beliefs so I can answer him. We should really find a church home. I want to but well, Church was not a cozy loving place to be when I was a kid. I was raised Catholic and in a church that was not so kid friendly. I am a Christian, I believe in God, and I KNOW that Jesus is the way to heaven. I know that God loves me and hears my prayers but How on earth do I find a church that beliefs what I do, and protects the kids they way they should be? I am really neurotic about the kids being left in Sunday school without people who have been properly screened. If the Catholic church has taught me anything it is that being and authority in a church means NOTHING.

Wow - that got deep fast.....

In any event, we had a busy but good day here and I am on my way to having a re=-vamped garden and my greenhouse. Now if my seeds would just flipping SPROUT!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The SECOND I come downstairs to get on the 'puter...Mommy! Mommy - I have an owie, Mommy I don't like the shadows in my room... All this from Thing 2. She took a long LATE (read fell asleep at 5 and would NOT wake up until 7 and in one HECK of a mood), so now of course What am I thinking to try to put the darling to bed?? I. AM. SUCH. A. MEANIE.

And of course DH is "sick". sigh

I am gettin to know how to work this thing so bear with me...

And on top of it all -- my seedings are not doing well!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....sigh

Monday, March 27, 2006

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