Saturday, April 29, 2006

I had a nice morning today - went yard sailing with a dear friend(I am still trying to come up with names for them - the baby shall be Little Bit I think)and her mom - we went to the local church's outgrown children sale (1/2 price day- yippee!) and then after wards I took the kids home - made lunch and played with our "new" toys.

I had decided to go to a nursery today that was having a "thing". Members of the Co-operative extension (other master gardeners) and the Bugmobile were there, also tree experts and people who are interested in the watershed area around us. It's a NICE nursery - a little pricy - but sooo nice to walk around and the staff is great. And with gas prices I don't have to drive all over the county to get what I want.

So we are coming up 352 passing of all things a cemetery. My children and I almost became residents. A white 4 door sedan crosses the median going pretty damn fast. Gets AIR people! All I can say is God took control of my steering wheel. I remember the car coming at us, Thinking "Oh My God!!!!!" and swerving like crazy. HE heard me. The car barely misses us - but it MISSED us. I pull over to the side of the road - shaking like a leaf (um - yeah just like in the song -Jesus take the wheel). The truck that was behind me pulls up ahead of me and the woman inside makes sure that I am ok. (I am getting a headache and feeling sick just typing this) I finally stop shaking enough to get the kids out of the car and walk around for a minute. I CANNOT drive at that moment - I'm too shaken head up to where the car has hit a LARGE (8 foot tall!) azalea bush. The woman behind the wheel is about my age. She's fine -shaken and upset but not hurt. There is a row of hedges from the street that she must have gone OVER because they are not damaged. There is no sign that a car went through them. Her car landed on it's tires and she is not hurt. She knew who I was - I told her (and the park police) that I was the one she almost hit. I had my children with me. The look on her face was, well she couldn't look at me. I don't blame her. Apparently she lost control of the car and it wouldn't stop.

I sat down near a beautiful red threadleaf Japanese maple with my (safe unharmed) children in my (safe unharmed- but still scared shitless) lap and said a prayer of thanksgiving (and I helped the kids say one too).

I did eventuality get where I was going. And bought myself PLANTS to feel better. Also the MG's that were there were people that I knew well and was able to talk out the last of my fear with.

I am going upstairs now to be with my safe babies. My DD wants her bath.

Friday, April 28, 2006

This started out as a poem to enter in Owlhaven's contest. I couldn't quite keep to the rules. I actually hesitated in posting this at all since alot of my IRL friends visit here (it somehow would feel "safer" if they didn't). However, I decided that I needed to post this for me. This is my blog and if I don't post the messy stuff then I guess it's not real is it? So here it is...


I am from lies
I am from mistakes made and lessons learned
Secrets kept in a notebook, deception

I am from cactus and tomato plants on a summer day
Rabbits, chickens, and doves
I hate chickens

I am from sitting on the driveway with my grandparents
I am from fighting
Yelling, screaming, vile words

I am from

I am from
Faith in the Son
Love for my family

I am from re-birth and second chances
Light and laughter
Family and friends

I am me


Thursday, April 27, 2006

I don't know what got into me -- but I cleaned the dickens out of my house!! My playroom was a disaster DI. SAS. TER. Sooooo I cleaned up all the toys re-organized them into their proper baskets, the toys in their room that belonged downstairs came down, the toys that belonged upstairs went up. I will take a picture and post it (because heaven only knows when it will be this pristine again). The kids each have their own bookshelf of toys - Boy toys on one girl toys on the other then a small bookshelf for actual books. The trains are put away (Thomas brio) and the train table is clear. Thing 2's bar is under the table (ballet bar). THEN after tackling all that Thing 1 vacuumed his room!

"Now mommy - your room is next!" OMW! They were having fun! So we tackled my room. I will NOT tell you all the crap I had in there - suffice to say it is WAYYYYYYYY better. Books are moved into the craft room (which BTW is STILL clean!) laundry is re-booted and plants are watered!

Doin the happy dance! Then I swished and swiped the bathroom! My DH almost fell over when he came home from racing (Wensday nights he races his RC car). Which he won BTW.

Also I found a great little nursery - my IRL friends email me and I will get you directions - so I bought a bunch of plants and planted them. Took cuttings of some. Planted radishes with the Things, more salad (lettuces) and corn seeds. The tree rats (squirrels) had better stay AWAY from my corn this year.

I had a very productive day.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A week ago I had this....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

BUT TODAY!! DH has stopped being passive aggresive...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

NOW I have THIS! And Since that picture was taken the back wall has been framed - that's what he's doin in previous picture - and the walls have started to go up.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Also we planted salad today - the Things and I did

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And I did some bed prep for corn and eight ball zucchini. Actually this bed looks even better because after I took the pickture I added in come compost and peat moss.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

WOW!!! Busy couple of days -- Monday - kid off to school - tackled some of the laundry monster. I actually put the clothes away! ~insert shock and awe~ Then filled up 5 laundry baskets full of miscellaneous toys. I used to have a system. All the toys have a bucket on the shelves and the shelves are above the kids heads - this works great - unless you are a SHE and then you forget to make them clean up and before you know it - it looks like ToysRus threw up in your house, and people are shocked when they see carpet. At times I have forgotten the carpet is down there.

SOOOOOO -- they toys are all up - still have the art center to tackle and the kids room to organize - but it's gettin there.

Yesterday afternoon - after the rain stopped we had a playdate at Rachel's house and that was alot of fun. Nothin like 2 teachers and 6 kids - we totally got into the teacher groove. Made us both giggle.

Today was treatment day for my mom - who also has brochitis right now. Caught up on emails- goin outside to the garden now!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

YAY!! She's better -- that was not pretty. Poor baby woke up 8 times Friday night. She couldn't even keep water down.

The play (field trip) was ok - a little weird but I think it was fine for the kids just weird from an adults point of view. The Magnificent Red Button - it was put on by Stages of Imagination. I could have SWORN I KNEW one of the actresses but I can't place her and she isn't on the website. Bummer!

Anyway yesterday was a rainy sickie day. After the girl perked up around 7 and started wanting to eat things got better (we were watching Unwrapped - one of their favorite shows and it was all about kiddie foods - she saw Spagettio's and had to have some)

I also spent part of the afternoon running errands for my cousin who is in the hospital - nothing MAJOR there - but I had to go and get crickets and rosy reds to feed his oscars and firebelly frogs and feed the Iguana (iggy). The flippin oscar almost jumped out of the tank at me! Scared the crap out of me. I didn't eve want to go near it to put the rosies in. But I did and he was much nicer once he realized I was the lady with the food.

So all in a boring day. But I did get 6 more flats of seeds planted! And got my seeds that I will be selling at my plat sale organized - YAY me - I have been kindof puttin that off.

Also! Dungeon room - STILL CLEAN!! Mt. Wahmore has become a foothill, unfortunately though, the Cliffs of Foldalot are growing.... Sigh

Friday, April 21, 2006


Why does someone ALWAYS get sick on field trip day?? Thing 2 is sooo sick - she can't keep anything down. Poor baby - and Thing one is going to be so miserable tomorrow since it is supposed to rain ALL DAY - ugh - pray for me!!!! And send me chocolate.
Maybe I'll just up my Zoloft...... ;-)
It's Friday! It's field trip day!

Again a Madagascar reference - you must see this movie!

Anyway - takin' the kids to a play - I will post about it later - in my not yet Dayqil induced state yesterday - I was thinkin THANKFUL thirteen

I am STILL thankful for dayquil and tissues with lotion. ESPECIALLY on field trip day!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday 13

1. Dayquil (well walmart brand)

2. Tissues with lotion

3. Pillow

4. cozy blanket

5. warm day (I SAID go outside!)

6. DH will be home tonight

7. More dayquil

8. Caffinated goodness (soda my addiction of choice)

9. Leapsters

10. Have I mentioned tissues yet? with lotion

11. Digital cable

12. the hammock I bought DH for Father's day

13. My greenhouse gardener's companion book

WHY is it every time I think I have allegies - I realize after I take the first Claritin that it's a cold?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Busy day today - Mom's treatment, then we went out to lunch with her. Our favorite pizza joint, then to the nearby Tot Lot. ARGH - I realized something today while at the Tot Lot - my kids are not TOTS! There were a lot of 1-2 year olds there - my kids had a GREAT time. Thing 1 got to play Big Boy to all of them (since he is on the young side in our neighborhood this is good for him) and Thing 2 found a little girl her age to play with. Overall though this particular playground is not great for them. SO I need to find a KID lot instead of a Tot lot! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa! And I got a little baby itchy -- but I am SURE that will pass.

Tonight I had my Master Gardner meeting and that was great - mostly business for the month but after the meeting part of the meeting - I was stopped from leaving several times because I was needed - YAY! I may actually be a apart of the group. Cool Huh?

Monday, April 17, 2006

You Should Be a Film Writer

You don't just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind.
You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life.
Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling.
And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!

I did it!!!!!! I was in a rotten mood (hence the earlier post) and instead of wasting the night.......

I CLEANED UP MY DUNGEON ROOM!!! It was my craft room - which you couldn't walk in let alone craft in. I tossed 3 1/2 bags of trash organized the stuff - took the 4 rubbermaid containers of kids clothes up to the attic got the plants that were overwintering there out and to the basement for TLC. Vacuumed all the dirt off the couch (a couple plants had fallen - I don't want to tell you when) and the floor.
Now if I want to use my sewing machine - I CAN!

Wha-hoo doin the happy dance in the clean floor of my craft room!!!!
I have come to the realization that there are no lurkers -- It's all me - I keep checkin to see who has replied.

I had a whole post -- Blogger lost it in cyberspace..... GRRRRRR so this is what you get.

Chaotic mom -- no plants 8 garden books - yay!

Janjan -- well, a couple minutes is ok - considering the holiday -- just work me into you daily life ok???;-) BTW- how did you find me?

Rachel and M-J -- I have never felt like a grown up - at least now I have proof!

Eggs- collect
candy - hidden

Greenhouse - not built -
DH - passive aggressive about said greenhouse -- grrrrrr

Because of the weekend holiday my Birthday edict has been extended (kinda like tax day) so all you lurkers -- Ollie ollie oxenfree!! Come out come out wherever you are!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's all about me day!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

I am turning 30. No I don't mind, I can finally think of myself as an adult -- 30 is firmly in ADULT not flighly 20 something.

So here is my birthday commandment -- (remember all about ME day!) All you lurkers out there! Post!! I'm showin ya mine - now show me yours!

Friday, April 14, 2006

The best laid plans......

The kids were SUPPOSED to have a sleep-over
DH and I were SUPPOSED to be having a date
Later we were SUPPOSED to be as loud as we wanted without worrying about waking anyone.

INSTEAD -- Thing 2 id got a told in my dose... "I not sick mamma! Look I no cough"
HA! And since she was supposed to be a home that has a newborn in it... She ain't goin'

Sigh... Oh well -- Egg Hunt tomorrow and it's supposed to be nice....

Today is a blah kind of day. It's warminsh but gray and I haven't done a darn thing all day. I just don't feel like it. Mature huh??

The kids are having a sleepover tonight, and DH are going on a date for our birthdays (since we are a day apart). Tomorrow we'll pick them up and go on an Easter egg hunt then hopefully Dh will start for real on the greenhouse since it will be nice.

Not much going on today, God's just waterin' the garden.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Why is it -- when DH takes a shower - no-one bothers him, but when I dare to run the water I have only enough time to wash the important places before someone small and female bothers me????

She bugged me until I snapped at her a little. Bad Mamma - then she went to her room (at 6pm) and never came out! The little mite fell asleep and slept until morning. WOW!!!

Why is it when DH says -- "Wow we really need to clean up around here" -- he doesn't mean - WE he means ME??? Grrrr he's lucky it's his birthday.

When does putting the laundry away cease to be fun? The kids are having a blast - I HATE laundry!!

ok vent done -- gotta clean more - nobody wants to come home to a dirty house on your birthday......
Happy happy birthday baby.....

It's DH's Birthday today -- we are cleaning up the house (the kids are SOOOO ino it - they think it's FUN -- poor things LOL!) and making a birthday cookie for him (like those big ones you see at Mrs. Fields) So not much to report today -- I will be on later this weekend.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Well, It has come to my attention that I have not been blogging enough (this from the lady who forgot her blog for MONTHS!) LOL!!!!!!!!!

So here's the rundown. Tuesday is my mom's treatment day -- she has breast cancer. She has been in treatment for almost a year now - She's finished all the major drugs. She is continuing with one called Herceptin for the rest of this year. She's also started radiation - and her hair is starting to grow back (although a lot more salt then pepper this time).Rumplistilskin I take her to or meet her most weeks for her treatments. I don't go to every radiation treatment because they are to early in the morning for me to be able to get the kids up, dressed fed and to a sitter's without waking them at 6 am. SO Tuesday morning I did that.

Tuesday afternoon the kids and I went to a Praise Party at Thing 2's dance school. It was ok. The dancing was fun and cute (my poor little guy was the ONLY boy in the whole place). But the bible lesson was a little harsh. The ladies who did the lesson were evangelical ministers (? I am not sure if they were ministers or just with the ministry) and they talked ALOT about the nails in Jesus and the blood of Christ cleansing out dirty hearts from sin. THIS BOTHERED ME. Children DO NOT have dirty hearts. I know we all sin, but I am sorry -- children are pure and clean. If you disagree with me, fine - but don't bother me with it. Harsh? Maybe - The lesson they were trying to get across was not the lesson they taught. And I will be correcting the damage for a while I think. My son was concerned about it later and the look on his face when they were talking about the nails.... I thought about walking out but it was over so fast. In our family we are focusing on the positive aspects of God's love not the scary stuff (I just feel at their age things like nails in hands and floods ect will just cause nightmares) VENT done. Supercalifragilisticexpalidoius

So today use another busy day. After dropping of Thing 1 at pre-school for the Easter party there, Thing 2 and I went to pick up DH paycheck, deposit said paycheck, spend the aforementioned paycheck at the grocery store, and get my new driver's license picture taken. Arriving home with just enough time to put the ice cream in the freezer before it was time to pick up Thing 1. Back home make lunch , finish putting away groceries, then a few minutes in the back yard (the kids played - I sat in the square of cement blocks the will be my greenhouse). Zipeedeedoda Then off to pick up a Master Gardener friend to water the plants at the greenhouse (we - the Mater gardeners I mean-are growing plants at a local greenhouse for a community sale). Took her home, then off to HobbyTown USA to pick up birthday gifts for the kids to give to Daddy (luckily DH is WELL known there are the kids and myself - so all I had to do is walk in and tell them it was his B-day and they started pulling stuff that DH needs) Banana-pants. Incase you're wondering DH races RC cars and flies Rc Planes and has several of each.

Then on the way home I ramparts to GET MILK! Yay!!!! I only got home about an hour ago - and then I got harassed for not posting --sniffle-- so if you are still reading this LONNNNNNNG post I commend you..

BTW -- did you catch them all??

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ahh Tar-jay -- how I love thee.... My best friend and I went shopping for a certain holiday tonight. (She kidnapped me!) And MAN! If Walmart is the $100 store - Target is a close second. I got cute stuff tough -- and I was good - I Only bought 3 packs of seeds....

I spent all night last night transplanting seedlings into larger 6 packs for sale later this spring ( I was up until almost Midnight doing it- and loving it!) I also took a bunch of cuttings from my garden of various sedums and mints. It almost looks like I might just have stuff to sell this year. Today I transplanted my strawberries and am potting up the extras into 6 packs and single pots for the larger plants to sell as well! I am really excited because work has started o building my greenhouse. I will post pics this week so we can see some progress. I am doin' the happy dance because I will have so much room in there!!!

Today I had Wild thing all day along with my own darlings but I kept them outside as much as I could and they (my 2) turned the bathwater BLACK (they like to "help" me in the garden).

Nothing else particularly earth-shattering happened today - just another day in the garden.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I've been tagged!!! Dang girl -- didja have to tag me so hard??? ;-)

4 Jobs I've Had In My Life:

McDonald's! 'nuff said
Preschool teacher (and yet I still had children....)
Retail sales (several)
Mom - The best job yet!

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

Kiss me Kate 1953 musical Kathryn Grayson,Howard Keel,Ann Miller
Sgt. Bilco with Steve Martin
The Mummy or anything with Brendan Fraser (my Vin!)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - 1953 musical Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell

4 Websites I Visit Regularly
my other bloggin mammas my favorite place to buy seeds!

4 Favorite Foods

Coco's Pizza
French fries

4 Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:

Anywhere tropical!
In a Large greenhouse with an unlimited buget
In my garden - (it's raining)
Syney Australia

4 Books I Could Read Over and Over:
Gosh this is a really hard one -- I am an avid book reader. And I go through them fast! I will have to think about it.

4 Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over

Jesus take the wheel - Carrie Underwood
Bitch - Meredith Brooks -- this is my theme song! Really!
After all - Cher and Peter Cetera - our wedding song
Def leppard - doesn't matter what one!

4 Reasons Why I Blog:

I honestly don't have a good answer for this one...

So now I gotta tag someone!!!! I pick.... Nacny!!!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

For Karin!! The Chaotic Home, flying through my crazy days.

This one is simple but soooooooo good. It is a thick/dense cakegood with or without glaze or fresh fruit. I got this recipie from My grandmom- who had cut it from a magazine

Cream Cheese Pound cake - no substitiouns - if you're gonna do it = DO IT RIGHT. ;-)

1 1/2 c. Butter room temp.
1 8oz package cream cheese - room temp
2 1/3 c. sugar
6 eggs room temp
3 c. flour
1 tsp vanilla

Cream butter and cream cheese in a large bowl. Gradually add sugar beating until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, beating welll after each addition. Gradually add flour, beat until just blended. Add vanilla. Pour into a greased and floured tube pan (Bunt pans are fine too!) Bake at 300 for 90 minutes or until cake tests done. serves 12- 16 or one mommy late at night (remeber calories eaten between 11 and 6 am don't count)

Here's a better pic in all it's cuteness.....

Image hosting by Photobucket

And here it is!!!
Image hosting by Photobucket
You don't want to know how much it cost. Well, it is Tommy Hilfiger and it WAS on sale - it did cost less then $50. I NEVER spend that much on a bag -- but it is soooo darn cute! I pobabbly will not post tomorrow since I will be taking care of a dear freind's son - he's sleeping over tonight and I will have him all day tomorrow... Next I will find the recipie for Karin.....
I didn't get the purse. I decided to go to a close by mall -- forgetting that the Strawbriges had CLOSED to look for other ones. Macy's had nothing. ICK. So I trotted over to Tar-Jay M-J's favorite haunt. ICK. NOTHING. I am very particular about my purses. I hate to spend much on them (since I change them frequently - it's my one girly thing - since I rarely put on makeup or do up my hair). It had been a rough day, I got some books at Borders but no bag. So what id I do you ask??

I came home and picked on DH about it. "I can't find a purse, the only one I like you hate and will be embarrassed to be see with me....." YES I KNOW - SNARKY - I had had a rough day. So what did he say? "I'm sorry honey I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I won't be embarrassed - you can get the purse" HA! I know I am a terrible horrible wife.... Leave me alone. I am getting the purse after I pick up Thing 1 at school. I will post a pic. PLUS!!! I found a register roulette coupon!!! YAY!!!!!

And I went over the budget on the groceries too.... Leave me alone.... ;-)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


It snowed this morning. SNOWED! In April -- it's APRIL PEOPLE!!! NO snow because "the Duke" says so.... (he knows who he is) Did I mention it was thundering at the SAME TIME??? So really -- WTF?

Thing 2 had dance class this morning and halfway through that - it snowed AGAIN. Of course a cheer rose up from all the ballerinas - and a collective groan from the mamas. I am done with winter - really. I am going to start a petition
- it can snow form Thanksgiving until new years - then - That's it winter's over turn up the heat no less than 70 degrees please.

Ok -- rant over. Maybe. I am not feeling particularly witty today - I have very few brain cells left. Not only did I have Things 1 & 2 home today(well, T1 had preschool but that's only half day). It was a early dismissal day for our district for parent teacher conferences -- so I had Wild thing's brother. Not Wild thing, just her brother - she was at gramma's. I don't know why he could not go there too, but hey - I can use the $. But wait! There's more. Since I was not overrun enough (please keep n mind the day before we had run doc. Appointments ALL DAY with my mom)
I elected. That's right people ELECTED to have Rockhound over as well. Since he and Wild thing's brother are the same age.

Did I mention I had to take all four of them with me to water seedlings at the greenhouse nearby? The seedlings are for a project we are doing with the Master gardeners..... I have lost my mind.....

So - I think after T 1& 2 are in bed I am going out to buy a new purse. And I think I will go to a store that starts with a B and buy the Lime green one my DH hates...Tee -hee... Well maybe not.

*** Dude - I really don't have any brain cells left - how bad is it when you misspell words bad enough that spell check doesn't recognize them??? I LOVE spell check...'course I guess it's not exactly HELPING my brain cells.. But I have few enough to go around.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I have been running around for a couple days now... These are the things I've learned....

1. When a child says he feels REALLY sick at a restaurant on April fool's he may NOT be kidding..... Ugh, thanks Rockhound (nephew)
2. Thing 1 has ALL his birthdays planned out until his "last one" when he's umm..8 (which BTW - will be Bob the Builder)
3. Thing 2 would like a princess ballerina party (keep in mind their b-days are in the fall and winter - but I guess it's good to plan ahead)
4. Tax money spends faster than regular money
6. Having to take my mom to 3 (yes T.H.R.E.E) doctor appointments in one day with Thing 1 and Thing 2 in tow is not fun - no matter HOW good they were. And they were REALLY good.. But man that's a lot of work.
7. Having to babysit tonight after said doc. appointments sucks
8. Clearance racks ROCK (see 4 and 5 above)

Busy busy busy around here - transplanting seedlings and killin stuff (whoops) We got a ton of work done outside in the garden making plans and moving beds to new locations to fit the greenhouse in. The garden is still a disaster but a controlled one.

Why is it when I have a really good post planned I'm never around a computer - and once I get to one I CANNOT remember what it is I wanted to say? Act amazed - it was profound and enlightening I'm sure......

Sunday, April 02, 2006

FOREWARNED!! You must have seen Madagascar to understand this post! If you have not - get off your fanny - go in the kids playroom and watch it - it's funny, then come back and read this post...


(in Melvin's voice)

"I can't do it I just can't do it!!!" -- "Huh? Fire!!! "Aghhh! FIRE!" (in a powerful voice now)

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I figured out grown up English enough to put links on my sidebar!!!!!!!!!! WOW! I am a techno goddess.... (leave me alone to bask in my glory for a minute ok?)

tee hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<<<>>> (((cough))

I have been infected with a virus for a couple days care of my friend Rachel. I haven't been able to shake it... If you want to know more you have to go to MY comments -- find Rachel and then trot over to her blog... I would give you the links.. But I CAN"T SEEM TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO A STINKIN LINK! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Apparently the directions are written in some strange language - like I donno - English for ADULTS -- since I only speak English for toddlers I am having a problem... So can anyone translate for me?? Rachel you teckie wiz???

OMW!!!! I just spell check this post!! Do you know the BLOG spell checker does not know the word BLOG???? LOL!!!!! Go ahead try it!