Thursday, August 03, 2006

America's Got Talent Live Results show!

Oh no! He's gonna sing -- ick - I am NOT a David Hasselhoff fan.

COOL! The back to back thing was a good trick. Love their comedic patter too!

Desperation Squad - THANK GOODNESS they are gone
King Charles unicycle squad - their act totally bombed last night so I'm not surprised
David Smith - too bad bit I figured he wouldn't make it.

OH MY - the wacky talents are too funny! HA!! Regis sucked helium!!!

Oh my word - the little girl played her ears!! That CANNOT be good for them!
OH - I am speechless - if you were not watching this - the pretty little girl BURPED the word to take me out to the ball game.

The Circ act was OF course very cool!

It's between David and Donya and Celtic Spring -

HOORAY for family! Celtic Spring won! Piers is too hard on them - They should totally stick together. I will blog about this whole thing later I think.

Ick - get out of my TV David Hasselhoff! Ewwww - and the Hoffettes! LOL!!! Tee Hee - the got Kit in! KIT GET HIM OUT OF HERE!

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