Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I have been informed that my blog is boring. Since I have not posted in a couple days (because I have been melting in a puddle of my own sweat!). I. AM.BORING Sigh ... donca love best friends who can tell ya that without fear of being punched in the face (of course that COULD explain why she told me on the phone and not in person.)

So now I will catch you all up.


1. I thought I was done - I did! But NOW I notice more people have added themselves to the Tour of Homes - FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY PLEASE STOP!! My poor fingers are bleeding stubs and I didn't even comment at everyone's place!

2.We had a GREAT experience yesterday. We went to our local friendly ice cream parlor yesterday (since it was about a MILLION degrees outside) and as we were leaving, my son noticed an ambulance parked in the lot and the EMTs heading into the ice cream shop. WELL, there was a young (I guess Jr. EMT??) kid about 17 when he noticed my kids. He told the EMT's that he would be right back - and offered to give the kids a tour or the ambulance! He showed Thing 1 EVERYTHING inside - gave him gloves and answered all his questions. He was great to the kids - he also gave me the phone number and name of the person to talk to about setting up a field trip for some homeschoolers to come see the fire house! He never did get his ice cream by the time Thing 1 was done checking it out the EMTs were back. AND HE DIDN'T MIND. WOW! It was over 100 degrees with the heat index and he took time out to show the kids the ambulance (I can't tell you how many times we have walked by our local firehouse and not once been invited in to check it out - even when Thing 1 stops to look at the fire engines). He gave up ICE CREAM on a hot day to show the kids. I smiled the whole way home. I was so impressed with this young man.

3. Did I mention it's HOT???

4. We made some cute hair things for Thing 2's hair. I will post a picture later tonight. She likes to have beads in her hair (she saw a little African American girl with beads and braids and FELL IN LOVE - my poor baby fine blondie!) So we made some barrettes and things with beads on the end. She will ONLY allow me to put her hair up for church and dance class and only if she "clicks". SIGH no cute bows for me!!


Anonymous said...

Hey! In all fairness I said your BLOG was boring, not YOU. Anyone who knows you at all would NEVER call you Boring...maybe some other B words...what?! Beautiful, Bold, Brainy...Was that lightening?!

Your Best Friend

Rachel said...

Wow! You should write a letter to the EMT's supervisor. That was so above and beyond anything he had to do - how sweet!!