Monday, August 28, 2006


I TIRL-ed Jules!!!!!!! Yes I did!!!! How COOL! On Mondays (tee- hee Jules - Thing 2 just asked for ICE CREAM!) Jules hosts Front Porch days and I mentioned that I did something scary but God led on Sunday.

So OF COURSE she emails me to ask what I did. 'Cuz there's nothin Jules loves more that a God leading story! And I (alright I admit it I planned to tease her into calling me in the email! There I said it! I'm a stalker!) emailed her back a little of the story but said it she wanted the whole story that she could call me. WITHIN 10 MINUTES THE PHONE WAS RINGIN Y'ALL! Heather, the Blog writer whisperer. OH yeah - and Jules says I talk like I blog! Or is it I blog like I talk? Whichever - it was funny!

Oh yeah! And Jules did not sound at all like I expected. She has this slow southern voice that remind-ed me of caramel (ok did that sound too stalker-ish??)

So we talked about everything under the sun (except of course the STORY! LOL! She's gonna call me later -- I'm gonna wait by the phone. Every once in a while I'll check to make sure it's working. I will restrain myself from looking up her # on the caller ID) ~stalker~

We talked about my church, my pastor (who passed the Jules test with FLYING colors!) and what a great Sunday I had. We talked about the kids (I know Love Bug's REAL name! Whoo-Hoo I've arrived! She knows the Things real names!!), we talked about scripture, and how she keeps streching my brain and not giving me time to write a suitable answer before she does it again! We talked about Wild Thing and her family situation (please pray for them - they have welcomed EVIL into their home)we talked about how I should move to Typepad.

Jules has ordered me to tell you, dear readers, the following story. She found it HILARIOUS!! As in she could not breathe and I swear I could hear tears falling down her cheeks she was laughing so hard!

It was spurred on by innocence. While talking to Jules I was doing housework. I do that alot. In fact if I have alot of housework I will glue myself to the phone. Beware! I popped out and got the mail. Noticed I had gotten mail for the people who owned my house 4 years ago! Told Jules. She quipped about throwing it out unless it was magazines. Which I parried with "Well the only magazines I get are Gun club ones! And I HATE guns. As in my DH was in the military (army) and I will not allow pictures of him in uniform in the house. At this point Jules giggles a little.

That is not entirely true by the way. Any picture just in his uniform are fit to display - it's the ones where a weapon is present that turn my stomach. THOSE pictures are in a box in the attic.

This leads to a story about when we bought our house. I was 8 months pregnant with Thing 2 and got the Brilliant Idea that I am going to clean the kitchen. So I start cleaning the kitchen cabinets - sounds reasonable right? I mean we just bought the house and who knows what was in there right?? Yeah, except I was nesting in a BIG was and decided to clean the TOPS of the cabinets - you know the part that usually touches the ceiling?

(Ok here you need to know that the wife of the previous owner was about 5'2" so when they redid the kitchen they put the cabinets lower than standard they don't touch the ceiling and there is a bunch of space up there - we put extra paper towel rolls up there and the crock pot and such!)

So here I am 8 months PREGNANT people, standing on the kitchen countertop (see left that part out didn't I Jules?) cleaning the tops of the cabinets because... I AM CRAZY LIKE THAT WHEN I'M PREGNANT. (this statement had Jules IN TEARS PEOPLE!! " You must blog about this! I order you too!" she said while belly giggling - and who am I to argue?)

What does this have to do with the hated guns? Guess what I found while up there? No not a gun. Just a FULL magazine of bullets. Yes I did. Now tell me, how does one FORGET that there is a magazine of BULLETS on the top of the cabinets? Aren't they supposed to be in a GUN SAFE or something?? WTH??

And being 8 months pregnant I reacted in a totally adult and appropriate way. PANIC! Yes I did. I freaked out a little. Because as you all know those bullets were going to FLY out of that magazine and impale my belly or my little guy (who was not even two) without the necessary firearm. (HEY! I was pregnant and hormonal!!!!) I called my neighbor, who was friends with the previous owner, she in turn called our other neighbor, who's hubby was a former police officer and had a gun safe. He took it and put it under lock and key until the owner could come and get it.

Now here's the really funny part. I was in Marines Corps JROTC in High school. It's where I met my hubby. I have shot weapons (ok air rifles and be-be guns not the real thing but were not ALLOWED to - had we been allowed I would have)

Jules found all this just hilarious (especially since she owns guns, and has won shooting contests).

So that's the story Jules wanted me to tell. Now if Blogger would just let me post it. I will fill y'all in on the God led story later. Better play with kiddies.


Leslie said...

I want to hear the story!


Angi said...

BLogger is SOOO slow today....

I'm yearnin for the story myself.

Don't you love talking to bloggers in real life? I do.

CryssyeR said...

First, Jules sounds way cool.
Second, I want to hear the story, too.
Third, just loved this post. I am laughing out loud at work and everyone wants to know why. Should I tell them? ;)

Susanne said...

So cool that you got to talk with Jules! And the story is too funny! I think I'd panic, too, and I'm not pregnant!

BooMama said...

I really, really thought that I commented on this post before. I think I must not be very attentive with the whole word verification thing. :-) But it is so fun to talk to people we meet through blogging - it adds a whole new dimension to the fun. Glad you and Jules had such a great time!

Lori said...

LOL, great post!