Wednesday, August 02, 2006

America's Got Talent!!!!

BRANDI IS NOT WRONG! She is TOTALLY inappropriate! There are kids in the audience as well!! I really hate the stripper act.

The passing zone! OH MY WORD! The was GREAT - soo funny it had all 4 of us in stitches!!!

Celtic Spring - Not my cup of tea, but good. Piers is a jerk when it comes to family.

Sean and John - love them they were on fire! Wow! They got a chance to perform with Gregory Hines! I like the style.

Lilia Stepanova -Ok - her big trick was almost the same - I would like to have seen something else. She is very talented true - but I was looking for something else.

Dave Smith the one man side show - "Yeah it's dangerous, yeah I could die, but it's a good time!" OH my word - he reminds me of a couple of guys I dated in high school! This act was - um - interesting.

Back in a hour for the second half!!

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