Thursday, July 06, 2006


Ok I never answered the yard sale question -- Sorry!

The total spent was $8.25 (sorry Jennifer - the kids only conned the hockey thing for free).

Lucy T -- as for that itchy baby belly fever.. (imagine really bad French accent) Say hello to my little friend . Pretty much ensures there will be work involved to get PG. Brian is gettin REALLY itchy though. He was holding the Dictator at the fireworks the other night and he kept giving me that "I miss having a baby" smiles... He NEEDS to get to work on the house.

One Question! How bad is it when you start hearing those Time Life compilation album commercials on TV and the music starts to sound GOOD?? Dang --- am I getting old? Or the Monster ballads on Music Space

We had a civics class on the 4th! After making the playdoh Thing 1 decided (on his own I might add) to make a picture to mail to the president. Yes he did! I am having him make a birthday card for the Pres. as well (and he has also informed me that we need to invite "George" over for dinner). I am really proud of him and we will be mailing it tomorrow.
I don't necessarily like the President, as is my right in this country, but I am SO PROUD of my son for getting what the 4th is about. I am teaching him respect for the office (and the person behind the office) we can learn POLITICS later.

So yes Mr. President - you are welcome to join us for dinner anytime.


janjanmom said...

I would comment but amorous japanese beetles have carted my body off and feasted.

I was pretty close on my yard sale guess!!

Baby fever passes when reality of how much effort they take when they are older sets in. Then you build up a hard veneer similar to the veneer that allows you to say no to cute cuddly kittens when you have two grown cats.

CryssyeR said...

I actually wanted to order the Monsters of Rock! Bad, so bad...
but not so bad as listening to an oldies station and hearing songs that were popular in college as has happend to me I am afraid...

Great job on raising civic minded children - one step closer to eductating them on the dangers of punch card ballots! Whoo-hoo!