Monday, July 10, 2006

NIGHTMARES!! What to do when your previously good sleeping toddler is waking up with night terrors?? My friend Rachel is having a terrible time with her daughter -- here are my ideas - what tips and tricks do you all have? Read her post and then answer here or there. Here's my 2cents.

What about getting a crib tent? The ones people usually buy to keep kids in? Tell her that it will keep stuff out.

A sound machine? We use this in our rooms to keep street noises ect at bay. Maybe something is waking her up (a barking dog- the trees who knows?)

a GLO-Worm doll - than she could cuddle it and it would light up the dark a little?

Either add (or subtract) a nightlight? Either the shadows might be scaring her from one - or adding one might be good - we use a touch lamp that has 3 light levels - When Thing 1 wants to read in bed we leave it on the brightest setting, when it's sleeping time we "turn" it down.
Anti teddy bear spray -- (Febreaze type stuff in a bottle) spay it around right before bed time to keep out the bears.
Ask her what will keep them away - she may have an idea that works for her - you'd be surprised.

I remember when Thing 1 had the same problem ( I think he was Julia's age)Our final thing that worked was a special friend from Build a Bear (we already had it - but you could invest in one) Bailey the dog scares away any monsters (because everybody KNOWS monsters are afraid of Doggies.

I was also told to tell him God watched over him and protected him. At the age Julia is - I don't think it would work -although now at 5+ it does help him.


Rachel said...

Thanks, Heather! I already told Julia that tonight we're going to use a magic spray to keep away bad dreams (or monkeys, which she's now saying is what scared her). She also has a guardian angel doll hanging above her crib, and I told her that was protecting her since angels are close to God, but that wasn't cutting it for her last night. We'll see how magic spray works! :)

LB said...

Both of my children went through the nightmare phase, and the best thing to combat the bad dreams was simply to talk about them. As the parent, I listened, comforted, and cuddled. I think the cuddle/conversation method will work when they're older too.