Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lurk Lurk Lurk....

Does anyone else do this? I swear I check my faves a few times a day (did anyone post something new? How 'bout now? Now? How 'bout now?)

Then I check my site meter - and I am getting ALOT of new hits - some from Bloglines, some from Crazy Hip Blog Mommas, and some - haha! from me - lurking my own site to see if anyone commented! LOL!!!

What is WRONG with me? ;-)

On another topic - I have managed to pick up all the pieces of the kids Fall curriculum - except for the Alpha Omega Horizons Math, and a bible study for kids. YAY!! I am almost there!

We HAVE CORN!!!! The corn is growing ears and tasseling! Hip hip Hooray! Hopefully we will get to eat it instead of the tree rats - I mean squirrels.

(now? How 'bout now? Anyone? )

I got back on my Zoloft and feel much better -EXCEPT for Aunt Flo visiting! Well - that would explain my attitude a couple days ago as well.

ANYWAY! Back to lurking!!!


M-j said...

I read everyday. And I lurk everyday. But don't always post everyday. At least, I try to get it in everyday...

Amy said...

Hi Heather,

Wanted to stop by an say thanks for coming over to visit me. Thanks for the info on your compost. Your pictures of your garden are great - if only I could have that much of a green thumb.