Sunday, July 09, 2006

I am in SUCH a mood. Things have been tight around here - I am 3 days without my "happy" pills. And I. AM. NOT. HAPPY. I don't feel like blogging, I don't feel like doing much of anything. Dh is watching a movie, and I just want to hide. I don't want to hear it, I need headphones.

Anyway - the story was (since I left ya'll hanging ALL DAY) Thursday evening at church (while gettin ready for VBS - starts tomorrow!!!) My Dh and Jennie's DH are hanging paper vines from the ceiling of the church (in the SANCTUARY) and Jennie's Dh is using a push pole - it's this LONG thing that my DH uses in his line of work (telecom installation) basically - it's similar to a hook they use at stores to take hangers down from high shelves. Jennie proceeds to say - to all our kids - "Look guys! Daddy has a big stick!"

Just let that sink in.

Yes She Did! And I totally went there! "Jennie!!!!" Of course that was NOT what she meant - and she turned BRIGHT RED.

oh yeah - did I mention Pastor Jeff was about 15 feet away and there were a couple other people in the room?

Yeah she was ready to KILL me.

But that does not top the squid (the theme of the camp is Treasure Cove so oceans ect) cut out! I am downstairs helping to decorate the ocean rooms- hanging paper fish from the ceiling, attaching shells, starfish ect to the paper covered walls. Kim holds up (Kim is the pastor's WIFE) this cut out of what is supposed to be a squid. EXCEPT that is SOOOOO not what it looks like! So she holds it up to her hubby (THE PASTOR) and says - Hon? What are we gonna do with this? The look on Jeff's face WAS PRICELESS! He looked over at me and got SOOO red! Jeff consigned the phallic symbols to the trash amid giggles and quips of "dang kids what kind of church are we sending you too????" LOL!

Tee hee!


jessica said...

Been there with the happy pills... I took them for 9 mths and it was hard to get off of them. Good luck and i will be praying for you.

Michelle said...

OH MAN, that is priceless!
Funny, so funny!

M-j said...

very funny...

LB said...

:o) this is all so cute!

What are the "happy pills"? I think I could use some of these soon, unless they make you miserable, and in that case - no thanks ;o)