Friday, June 30, 2006

I am going to admit a dirty little secret... BooMama has challenged us to admit what TV candy we watch....I admit it -- I watch avidly.....

America's Got Talent!!! (ok -it's not THAT bad! Pick your jaws up off the floor, and clean the soda off your monitor, I'll wait...)

Yes, it is a D-list imitation of American Idol, with Piers Morgan (the Simon-esk Englishman) , Brandi (a Paula like bleeding heart), and David Hasselhoff (WTH???) and dear Regis Philben as host! OH MY WORD! Hilarious fun!

The winner of the talent competion will get 1 MILLION dollars. My question is, really, do these people really believe their performances are WORTH 1 million dollars?? One guy balanced a stove on his chin -- all in good fun - but worth a MILLION? I don't think so.

You MUST watch just to see what this guy wears~ but Don't miss the oldest male stripper - or Snow White! (OH MAN Piers and David LOVED her - and pulled Brandi away from the buttons to continue watching her)

Then there is REAL talent! Bianca blew away the judges and she's only 11! This guy has talent - I hope Circ sees him. There were a few others but there are not pictures to link to.:-(

And last but certainly not least (and also not coming back) you can't have missed the Dancing Cow!

In the interest of fairness - I NEVER watch these reality type shows (Survivor, American idol, the bachelor/bachelorette, the apprentice).

Ok - Once I watched a season of the bachelor the one in New York with the guy from Sliders... Also I did like that one with Monica Lewinsky - "Mr. Personality". OK disclaimer over.

Oh yeah -- I am ALL OVER the Star vs. Barbara thing! I watch The View almost every day (and I can LISTEN to it on the radio in the car!). And I am SOOOOO on Barbara's side (which I know now not only does she read my blog, but is also breathing a BIG sigh of relief that I think she's right)


BooMama said...

Oh, absolutely - Barbara reads my blog, too. :-)

I've never seen that "America's Got Talent" show - for some reason I think I'd wince when people performed.

And I can only take the reality stuff in moderation...but I like me some Survivor, for sure.

Thanks for playing! :-) Very fun to read your list....

Angi said...

Since I am an avid American Idol fan, it does hurt to watch AGT, but I do enjoy the show. Especially the format. I could do without David H. He's had way too much surgery...