Monday, June 12, 2006

So, I may be losing my job.

I don't know how I feel about it. I provide Child care for my neighbor's little girl - Wild Thing - I actually share the job with her grandmother - I have her 2 days a week and Nana has her the other 3 (there is also a baby sister - I do not watch her. I just don't enjoy little babies - plus when she was born, I had 2 friends expecting and both approached me about watching the babies. I could NOT have handled both babies, this was before my Zoloft- manna from God (no I'm NOT kidding!)- so I told both no - since I didn't feel right taking one and not the other - and I really don't care to take care of babies - my babies are fine - but I don't love caring for babies in general (I mean the work it takes for little babies! I love babies in general - I just don't want to provide childcare for infants)

I digress. So Wild Thing's mom told me last week that she may be hiring a nanny for the summer. Her mother is going away for 1 week in June, the month of July and 1 week in August. I told her I was willing to take the baby for those weeks (she is almost 1 now) and the 7 year old - that would have also required picking him up from camp, it would have required ALOT. Just the baby is alot when I have to take the girls to dance camp and Thing 1 to bible camp in July. So she was trying to find alternatives. Jennie was willing to take the baby (she enjoys infants more than older ones) and she was willing to take the 7 year old since she has one too and they could keep each other busy. But then, Wild Thing's mom would have one here, two there, and it would be complicated, so she's looking for a nanny.

She says it's not me or my care of Wild Thing, but that she is concerned that it would be too much on me and Jennie and that it would cost her the same to have a nanny in the house (which is true). I just kindof feel like it was the "it's not you it's me" speech. Sigh.

BUT - here's the other kicker - if she can't find a nanny we'll have to figure it out between Jennie and I anyway. On the one hand it would be nice to be done watching Wild Thing, Since it ties me down a little, BUT the extra $ was nice to have around. If I am done watching her I can do more with MY kids, like volunteer at the Bible Camp, focus on what Thing 1 needs to do for kindergarten and work on the summer project he wants to do (paint murals all over his room - space theme - we could "homeschool" all summer about it) Not that I couldn't do those things with Wild Thing here - If I have something to do I just take them all with me. (part of the reason I am not afraid of having another one sometime)

I KNEW that I would be ending this job soon. It just seems abrupt somehow.


M-j said...

WHen this happened to me, I considered taking other kids. But, once I got a taste of freedom, it was hard to go back! I have too much on my plate as it is, so it was a welcome change. And, I was able to be homeroom mom for Bug Boy and volunteer in other ways, too. In other words, I could do WHATEVER I wanted. Sort of.
I miss child care. I don't miss babies. I don't miss diapers. I miss getting paid, and spending time with special little friends. That is about it.
i know you are lamenting it, but perhaps it is time for a change?

M-j said...

Ps, who is Jennifer Margulis?

Heather said...

She's a writer for Parents magazine -- she interviewed me!

Chaotic Mom said...

I did in home day care at one time, too. I missed the money when I quit (when we found out our son was deaf and we had to DRIVE to docs and schools), but I loved every second of the freedom I had regained.

And I discovered I was not the best "kid person", either. Now with three boys of my own I'd really have to adjust my brain to watch other kids at length again. And yes, I enjoy the "manna", too.

I say give her two weeks' notice regardless of HER decision. My two very busy-body cents. I don't normally give unsolicited advice, but I've lived through this a little. I'd rather be with my plants than others' kids all the time.

(I LOVE kids in smaller doses, but not long term commitments...)

pkzcass said...

I agree with Chaotic should just give her your notice. If the nanny thing doesn't work out, it shouldn't be up to you and Jennie to arrange back-up daycare. If you can afford to go without the extra $, then just cut her loose.