Saturday, June 24, 2006

"Our Family is Changing"

This observation was made by my husband over dinner. Our son had spontaneously decided to say a prayer before dinner (not something I had instituted - just because I felt strange and it is hard to get little ones to not eat until the prayer is done). He had said a prayer before snack at pre-school and that was what her recited. But he's NEVER done that before. The Lord moved him to tonight. :-)
OF COURSE after he said a prayer, Thing 2 had to say a prayer of her own. DH was floored. Hence the observation. It's not a bad thing, it's a wonderful thing. When he said it he had a look of awe and joy on his face. It's really nice, we are growing in our faith as a family.

Then, at bedtime, Thing 1 did not want to read a "story" he had me read from their children's bible. We read about Jesus' experience when he was 12 at the temple, his baptism and the sermon on the mount. Their bible makes the stories short and paraphrases a little but they really got the message about letting your light shine. Thing 1 really asked a couple really good questions and had a good little talk. WOW!

They are growing, and I am a blessed mama.

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