Saturday, June 24, 2006

My life did not turn out the way I expected it.

In high school, I expected to go to college, and possibly become a TV anchor person or lawyer. I was going to get married and have kids, but I was going to have it ALL!
Then, I got way to involved with boys, goofed off in school, and really thought I would end up pregnant. Didn't do that either. (whew!)

Where am I? I didn't go to college, had some schooling , a min career, and am now home with my kids. I will NOT be going back into the workforce anytime soon. I am a mom of 2 and getting a little itchy for more (but we have GOT to finish renovations first)and I am going to homeschool. My ideal life is soooooo different than what I had planned back then. I want a farm for goodness sake! A FARM people (can you have a farm without animals? I don't want to clean up poop!).

A few of the women who's blogs I read have been dealing with contentment, and faith. I did not get what I expected AT ALL. But I did get it all.


Jennifer said...

Man plans...

Expectation: A PhD in human genetics, working in a lab doing ground breaking work and possibly teaching college. A "normal" spouse (only one) and "normal" kids (ours) eventually. A chance to travel and follow a few other dreams.

Reality: SAHM dreaming of a quilt shop where I can pass my art on to others. A wonderful but far from "normal" spouse on the second try (for both of us), 4 kids (2 ours and 2 "ours") also far from "normal" and Canada and Aruba my only traveling, for now.

...and God laughs.

Always did know me better than I knew myself. :)

Mom2fur said...

Sometimes what you want or expect to happen isn't half as great as what really does happen, LOL!

me said...

it's hard to have a farm with no just need to hire someone to clean it up. this is the way to go. oh and make sure your house is upwind of the barn..pppeeeewwwwww.

me said...

ps...i like jennifers last line God is hysterical every day He looks in on me.

M-j said...

Ok, gotta jump in on this one:
Expectation: Not married feminist, working on my PHD, travelling the world, adopting various orphans.

Reality: Barely finish the BS before #1 arrived, married young, not yet working on the Master's, Never been outta US (except Canada, which doesn't count, 'cause it's attached, Kid #2 with some funky special needs (and kid #1) and did not adopt various orphans.

Yup, Man plans, God laughs is one of my favorites. Another of my favs is "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans."

Jennifer said...

M-J so you wanted to be Angelina pre-Brad when you grew up? :) :)