Monday, June 26, 2006

After the heavy post earlier in the day, her are some random thoughts....

1. WHAT IS IS with boys and FARTS???? He even re-words song to add the word fart into them!

2. We got our first zucchini from the garden yesterday!

3. Rain rain go away come again in AUGUST!! Ugh it has been raining off and on for 3 days I have stir crazy kids!!!!

4. I think I will try to take them to the $3 Tuesday and Thursday place tomorrow (of course so will every other mommy...)

5. DH is already home for the day and messin up my routine. ;-)

SIGH, I think we'll bake some cookies....


EmilyRoseJewel said...

Boys and farts, I think it is ingrained into their genetic coding. Men do disrupt the daily routines, don't they. I can't keep a routine hardly on the weekends with my son. Fresh zucchini, yum! I should have some fresh squash and tomatoes soon from my mom's garden. Sounds good!

M-j said...

I am ready to cry from this rain. I mean, once a week is ok. To water the plants and stuff. Or hey, it could rain from midnight to six, so that I don't have to put sprinklers on before bed. But EVERY STINKIN' DAY???? ACKKKK!!!!
No $3 place for me, but just about EVERYONE else I know went there today!