Wednesday, June 28, 2006

DO NOT USE THEM!!! They have screwed up our service again! And while you're at it - VONAGE IS NO BETTER!!!!!! RUN FROM THEM BOTH!!!!! Pay a little more for reliable service! You get what you pay for!!!

Ahhhhh all better... Now then....

I AM SOOOOOOO ITCHY!!! We went to a local farmer's market and play area (it has a playground, animals to feed and a farm market) for play time today - we've had SO MUCH rain that I just had to get the kids out of the house.

Between yesterday at the $3 place (picture an arcade with mini golf and a fast food playland on steroids!)and today at the playground, everything I saw a momma belly I got MORE ITCHY. I am really wantin' another baby. REALLY. But we HAVE to get our third floor finished before we have one (and no actually gettin' PG will NOT motivate my DH - my GREENHOUSE is not done yet!, and we've been working on the third floor for 3 YEARS!!) So I really have to get on him (no pun intended) to get a few things done around the house so we can work on that.

I miss the smell and smiles of my babies, I miss the anticipation of pregnancy, I miss the nursing of my babies (of course I DO NOT miss, sleepless nights, sore "girls", braxton hicks, ciatica pain, LABOR, poopy diapers...) There are a couple of brand new babies at church and DH and I both look at them constantly!

Itchy, itchy, itchy.....

In other news,

Last night I went to help out at the church, we're gettin ready for our bible camp in 2 weeks. I got to talking with the pastor's wife - they home school some of their children (one has learning disabilities, and needs the services provided by their school district). That was great, we got to talk about curriculum choices, and what it's REALLY like, also found out there is one other family that homeschools, besides my family and The Rockhound's family. 4 families all together in our church, that should come in handy.

Casey has a follow up vet visit tonight (he got antibiotic and is fine now BTW), then the kids and I are goin to Wally world to pick up a few things.

Wild Thing's mom and I worked everything out and I will only have 2 full weeks of her, the other weeks, mom took off or dad took off of work a couple days....



Lucy T said...

Lately I see those pregnant bellies everywhere too! I asked the cashier in BJ's if it was my imagination or what? I think they are beautiful. I wonder how long it will be before I see one on you?

momofalltrades said...

What is it about that particular itch that makes us forget all the bad parts about scratching it? I could liken that itch to chiggars. But then, I am covered in chiggar bites, and the idea of scratching my skin off to the bone sounds pretty good right now. The idea of scratching the baby itch...not so much for me, thanks! LOL