Monday, June 12, 2006


I think there will be a couple posts today - a lot went on before I left - I am still sorting thru it all.

Vacation was soooo fun (except for the Native American Bride of Chuckie Animatronic show -HA! I have pics- more on that later) I mean really - indoor water park - what's not to love??

First and Foremost, June 6th my Baby graduated from pre-school!! Thing 1 will be a kindergardener in the Fall!!! The graduation was - well, cute and weird. They had them in caps and gowns, the kids put on a little show, and then they handed out diplomas - imagine trying to get 100 kids to keep still (in a church) while they handed out "diplomas" - I say "diplomas" because they were a PROP! It was just a rolled up piece of paper! WHA? Then they had 2 more days of school.

YES - you read me right - AFTER they graduated - they had 2 more days of school! LOL! I guess that was the only day the church (the preschool is in the basement of a church) had avaiable. Wens. and Friday were playdays anyway.

And if some of you out there think that you are Mommy of the year - NO WAY! It's all me! (doing my princess wave) I didn't know school let out an hour early on the last day and his teacher had to CALL ME TO COME AND GET HIM!!!! Yes - I AM mother of the year.

Wensday, Thing 2 had her last day of dance class. We had a big party with cake ect afterwards. Soooo fun! She really doesn't realize it's done - and since she has dance camp next month she'll be fine. (it's a week long for a hour each day)

I have a few other things to say -- but the Things want to go out and play......I'll post more later REALLY!

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Trish said...

Thanks for the giggles.
I enjoyed your blog. Great writing!