Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunday service was lovely. We had 3 baptisms one of which was the Pastor's own son. He started to tear up as he was talking about his joy at being able to baptize his children.

Also - before Church my DH did the sweetest thing. I was doing my hair , getting ready for service, and Thing 2 comes in the bathroom, he got the brush and detangler and brushed her hair for her. A small thing really, but I've never seen him do it before, and he usually leaves that kind of thing to me. I cannot tell you all how sweet and touching it was to watch my love brush my baby's hair (even if she insists she's a BIG girl)

I just can't think of much more to write tonight. We got our phone service back. Thing 1 graduates form pre-school tomorrow night. And we are going here for vacation this weekend! YAY!


BooMama said...

Glad you enjoyed church...always a great way to start the week. And that's a very sweet hubby indeed - I always love that Sunday morning help. :-)

Tish said...

Aww how sweet. I love little things like that!!!! They are soo important!!! Looks like an awesome place for vacay! Bet the kids will love it!! Have a great time!!!

Everyday Mommy said...

You are SO going to love Great Wolf! Your kids are going to go nuts, and expect them to talk about it for the next 12 months.

Enjoy, enjoy!