Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Marj -- definitely want to find other kids to play with. Social is one of the reasons I want to keep him home, he is a bit out of step with other kids in our neighborhood (because we don't watch action hero Gi Joe/power ranger type shows, don't play with toy guns...) and I think he was getting a little picked on over it in Pre-school. That is why I have GOT to find the other homeschool moms here. Apparently alot of the girls who are homeschooled got to Thing 2's dance school!

Also I found a great new art center very near my house to enroll them in art classes and the boy in karate (they offer dance too but we like Thing 2's dance school)My IRL friend email me off list and I'll tell ya where it is.

In other news, my poor fur baby Casey has to go to the vet today. He got a puncture wound in his paw and it's gotten infected. I have tried to clean it and treat it - but it's not getting better- so give a tiny prayer for him, and my wallet! I hate vet bills.

As I start thinking about homeschooling I realize how much of my day is teaching, now really ya think a former pre-school teacher would have noticed this before but of course I didn't. Thing 1 wants to paint his room and add murals of the moon, comets all kinds of space stuff. So we got a GREAT book by H.A Ray (curious George) about the constellations It is GREAT!! I LOVE IT!! We also got one called 1000 facts about space - we picked them up at Barnes and Nobles - great books with vivid pictures! And now my 5 and 3 year olds know who COPERNICUS is!!!! Oh yes they do! HA! Learn THAT in kindergarten! (am I terrible or what??)

Ok - off to the Art museum to pick up his artwork, then to get a carrier for the fur baby! TTFN


M-j said...

Ok, def wanna know where that school is!
And, as for things to learn in kindergarten, My Bug Boy will go there knowing the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees, lesser known car parts (compliments of his Daddy) and how to read on a first to second grade level.
Coppernicus. Gotta love it.

Lucy T said...

Preschool for my DD3 is going to be the test to see if she's classroom material. The area IS big with homeschoolers. That makes for plenty socilization opportunities, if needed. A homeschooling former Ridley Elem school teacher told me recently that what she saw as a teacher wasn't as much socializing as it was "following rules" while being observed. LOL. I have to agree. Also on the back burner is the idea of joining a local homeschoolers co-op program. So anyway, if you end up homeschooling Thing2 and I do my DD3 as well, it will be great knowing we are in the same boat. Plus, maybe we can socialize these unruly little heathens afterall! LOL.
PS - Sorry to hear about Casey, even if she does make me sneeze!