Tuesday, May 23, 2006

SEE!!! Isn't it cool ???!!!

OK I don't feel better - but I do feel more grounded. I know I am not the only one going thru this dismal mood. Just got off the phone with my best friend (gettin the code for my cool new banner) and she's in a funk as well. So do ya think my oncoming "woman's curse" is worth upping my Zoloft for a couple days?? I mean really - it's not depression - just the pain of being a woman right? I can tough it out. Can't say the same for DH (maybe I should slip him some...LOL!!) Can you imagine what it must be like to be a lesbian?? I mean really - we all know in house of women we start to cycle together, golly - that must be horrible! LOL! (- don't flame me - just a joke - I am in a MOOD tonight)

So, on another topic....

As I was showing D(ear-long-suffering-yes-I-noticed-you-were-in-a-bad-mood)H(lucky-he-still-has-all-his-limbs)my new banner. I realized I had kinda bashed him a little in the last post. And there he is, possible reading it. Oops. There are a few people that do not have my blog address. DH is one of them. My mom is another. I had my blog for a few weeks before I "outed" myself (my goodness-I wonder what google will turn up now!!) All my online friends and Flylady friends do. A couple of my garden friends do as well. But my not my mom or DH. My mom does not have it by design. I have I guess a little angst there still. I'm trying - I forgive anew everyday. But DH was accidentally/by design, I mean he has never asked for it (and he is sitting in the same room with my a lot when I'm here- he could easily look over my shoulder.) and I have never bothered to send him the link. Also MIL and SIL. I just feel no need to share this with them.

Why with strangers then? To quote someone "Because all the other kids are doing it" maybe. I guess it gives me a little anonymity, (only a little - I have IRL friends who read me - and call me when I "eat worms") A little freedom, and a forum to find others who think like me? I have a public diary, but I want to hide it from the people it may hurt. Is that right? I don't know. Is it Christian? Probably not, if I don't have the courage to say it to their face then maybe I shouldn't write it. On the other hand I need a forum to get it out. If my mom, for example, knew I had the feelings I do about certain areas of my life, well it would hurt her, hurt our relationship now and take away from my kids.

So is it wrong? Weigh in.

Do you hide (either by design or not) your blog from friends or relatives? Why or Why not?

ALSO - do you NOT post things because you know so and so reads and you don't want to upset them? I have tried not to do this, this is a warts and all space for me, like it or lump it.

leave a message or blog about it and leave me your link. I want to hear what you all think.

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M-j said...

I blog whatever the heck I want to. It is mine. I don't care if so-and-so reads it. Too bad.
That being said, DH does not know how to find it. HE knows I do it, that is about it. And, even though it is on my E-mail signature, I carefully erase it for other people, like my sisters, MIL and one friend who'd think I was a total kook!
So, I don't really hide it. I just don't want MIL getting that part of me. I want it for myself.