Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Saturday - why Heather's hair is turning more Gray by the hour.

K- after babykins wake me up - we all get up breakfast ect. My kids have art class at the Art museum in the city - since I am feeling a bit like the woman in the shoe, my mom comes over to take my kids to their art class. I SPECIFICALLY told her they need to be home by 2 since Brian was taking them out to do a mother's day thing (the grocery store was having a thing - they get to decorate a mini cake and get a picture with it and a carnation - the 4.99 it costs goes to a charity. Sounds like fun) SOOOOOOOOO..... I spend the afternoon with Jennie's kids - DH is working on the greenhouse and my kids are at art class. I actually made Banana bread with Jennies kids- which was really cute! Even the Dictator helped! She got a kick out of putting the bananas in.

Took her kids back to their house for the baby's nap. Jennie and her DH arrived home around 3. My mom and my kids didn't arrive home until 3:30!!! Yes - and hour and a half late. And did I mention the thing at the grocery store ended at 4? GRRRRRR - the next day she blamed it on me! "Oh well, you didn't tell me why you needed them home by 2"

1. YES I DID! I TOLD her they needed to be home by 2 so Brian could take them to do a mother's day thing.
2. WHY should it matter WHY I need them home - I am their mother - If I say they need to be home by 2 THEN THEY NEED TO BE HOME BY 2.

Of course I made my mom cry on Mother's day - sign me up for Daughter of the year. I mentioned #2 to her - I didn't say it meanly just matter of fact, but whooo doggies was she upset.

So was I. Sometimes she forgets that I am their mom and not her. I am the one who makes the decisions for them, and that their discipline is up to me. She did her best - but was not the greatest mom herself. My grandmother mostly raised me.

Anyway - after we had both cooled off - I kept hearing Dr. Phil ("this relationship needs a hero")- course it could have been God too - just using Dr. Phil. So I called my mom and apologized for making her cry on mother's day. We made up.

Monday - my mom had her last radiation treatment for breast cancer. She got to ring the bell (they have a bell there - it symbolized hope) and the kids and I came. We brought her a few Iris from my garden.

All is well. Stay tuned for my Mother's day! This is DH's long day - he races tonight - so I am sure there will be several posts! No wordless Wednesday for me!LOL!


M-j said...

Oh man,
that sounds like it was tough. I am not a big fan of mother's day to begin with, I feel like everyone is forced to be nice to someone, and it should happen everyday! I don't need queen treatment! Just another Hallmark Holiday.
Sorry, I will get off my soapbox now. But seriously, I am sorry you had a fight with your mom. But glad her treatment is over!!!!

Rachel said...

Good for you for being the "hero."

What are "her races?"

Chaotic Mom said...

I don't know, she sounds like my mom. Somehow I'M always at fault for not making her feel good. Like I'm a horrible daughter for raising my kids so far away from her. Hello? I married a man in the ARMY?????

Heather said...

That sould read - HE races tonight- his RC cars.