Friday, May 05, 2006

Kids -- great Birth control

Every Time I get wild hair and think maybe I want more kids (as in a big family of 5 or 6) I make sure I watch my best friend's kids that adds 3 to the mix- 7,5,5,3,1 1/2 all together if I am REALLY ichy I add my neighbor's as well - an 8 3/4 year old and another 3 year old. They COULD physically all be mine. Cures me every time!

On Monday I didn't have that particular wild hair but had totally scheduled myself full of kids for the day. Jennie (my best friend) had an all day Photoshop seminar. So I started the day taking Thing 1 to school while she dropped off the Diva. I picked up the baby (the Dictator - she will HATE that when she's older)and went home.

9:15 I have 2 kids

10am I have 3 when my childcare girl gets dropped off (that would be Wild Thing).

11:30 rolls around. I get it in my head to walk to preschool to pick up Thing 1 and the Diva - I am a 15 minute walk, 20 if I get the joy of "Mama carro me!" (yes she's 3 1/2 and still says Carro instead of carry I am NOT correcting her! It's cute and she''l quit eventually)and "Miss Heather, my legs are soooo tired" 2 minutes after we leave the house. sigh The baby is in the stroller and content - YAY

11:55 - in the home stretch I walk by an older gentleman sitting on his porch - I call to one of the girls lagging behind - "come on sweetie! We need to get the other two kids!" His eyes get big "you have 2 more??" and smiles and shakes his head. I grin and feeling a little snarky say - "YUP and there are 2 more in elementary school!" The look on his face was PRICELESS! I wanted to turn around and say- "and I still have my girlish figure!" I never SAID they were all mine - and there were two more older brothers in elementary school.... snort - I'm bad I know.

12pm pick up the 5 year olds - amid groans that "we have to walk?? Why didn't you bring Vannie?!" that would be the name my son gave our minivan. He's very creative. He has a car named Car-ie and a horse toy named Horse.

12-12:50 big mean momma that I am drag all 5 children to the deli on the way home to buy soda (caffeine my drug of choice - and I NEED it with 5 kids!), milk,and hotdogs rolls.

1 - start the grill and make lunch -hot dogs and hamburgers. Barley touched OF course!

1-3 the round of "can I have a snack" starts whew big meanine that I am I point out that no one has eaten enough lunch and "NO we're NOT having ICE CREAM"

3 pm Drag all that monsters out to the car and go to Jennie's house to meet her oldest off the bus. We are now TRAPPED at Jennie's because I have exceeded the limits of how many kids I can fit in the van without looking like a clown car.

I am so not having more kids!


M-j said...

YOu know,
reading this puts it all in perspective. I keep wanting more. I keep missing doing daycare. ANd then I have the day where I watch all nieces and nephews on the same day, or the three neighbor kids come over and WHAM! I no longer want more kids ! Instant cure!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

I am so not having a big family either! I am not blessed with the energy required!

Love the van name. My son loves to name things too. Usually pretty obvious names like Vannie. I am surprised he hasn't thought of that one!

BTW, nice to meet you. I am Janice and I clicked on you from Chaotic Home's blogroll.

Veronica Mitchell said...

My husband and I waited a while to have kids. On the days when waiting was difficult, I would go to a bookstore and read books on adolescence. It worked like a charm.