Wednesday, May 31, 2006

POOL SEASON!!!!!!!!!

The pool is up - the kids are thrilled! Pink (oops forgot the sunscreen!) and happy!
The second Thing 1 came home from school - I turned around - closed the door - turned back around and I had 2 naked babies! Little girl had her dress off and the boy was shirtless - "Can we go in the pool? Can we go in the pool PLEASE???" Oh yeah baby!

Pool time until lunch, lunch, more pool time and then workbook time ( I got workbooks from Walmart to help them along this summer) Plus it's Rock paintin day! They have been collecting rocks everywhere, when we were at the zoo we kept finding hidden little statues everywhere, so the kids are gonna point some rocks and hide them in our gardens. Cute!

Off to swim!!! TTFN


M-j said...

Ahhh....pool days. Nothing like them. Mine are begging, but I don't dare until "the" cast comes off, KWIM?
I envy you...
PS - gave up on the garden this year. Next year you will hear my pleas for help!

jessica said...

No garden but love the pool days! Kids are having a blast!