Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just call me Steve!!!!!

Or maybe Terry :-) I picked up a SNAKE! A real live snake! *BTW - do not try this at home - only trained idiots know how to pick up wildlife without knowing exactly which species they are messing with!* Found out through research on Google - probably was a baby brown snake.

I actually found it while moving some flats around at the Intergenerational Garden that the Master Gardeners are taking care of. He was a BABY - about 7 inches long and less than the width of a pencil. I tried to pick it up with a stick the way I have seen Steve do (Crocodile Hunter - in case you are lost!) But in the end picked him up by his skinny tail and used the stick to lift his head so the kids could get a good look. Then I let him go in a brushpile.

I didn't have the creeps or anything - I am soooo proud of myself for that STUPID stunt (now the kids will be trying to pick up snakes and with my luck it will be something dangerous! Either that or they will all be in my greenhouse!)

Come to find out the Brown snake is birthed live - and mama could have been around... They fortunately eat bugs and earthworms and such and are frequently found in urban areas.

Now you have learned something for the day. ;-)


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Naw not so bad! And besides we teachers are really good at reserving value judgments! I don't mind baby ones as long as they aren't dangerous. I will be having cameleons in the greenhouse for pest management. And maybe a salamander..