Monday, May 08, 2006

I did something yesterday that I have not done fro a looooooong time. In fact the Things came with me to do this. We went to Church.

Ok not hugely exciting but since I haven't gone to a service except for the occasional wedding, funeral, or show of support for a friend doing a special reading or event in, oh, a DECADE or more. A big deal to me.

It was, nice. VERY different from what I grew up with. I was raised Catholic and the mass is a very traditional, prescribed thing. Stand up, sit down, kneel, kneel, stand up, shake hands, get the communion, kneel ect (we Catholics get our exercise in church! LOL!). This church was a contemporary Christian church. Rock like music, and no pews. We sat in a semi circle of office chairs (the cushy stackable ones). And it was PARTICIPATORY! Pastor would ask us questions about the verse we were discussing and people would answer! I even answered a couple things! OK ANYONE who has been to a Mass KNOWS how many worlds away this is!! But I think I liked it. It was more real. More about the scriptures and what it meant to us, instead of trying to achieve perfection. Something I already struggle with. I will be going back next week. With Dh this time.

Of course I GRILLED the Sunday school teacher. How long she had been there, what exactly she taught ect. I don't leave my kids with strangers - I had the assurance of a family friend who attends the church that she was safe (and there are two in the room at all times). The kids seemed to enjoy it.

OH! And on Saturday the same church had a community yard sale - we took our stuff over (free spaces!) and made $100! My best friend had sent some of her stuff with me- and she made $61! I was sooooo good After the yard sale - we packed everything back in the trailer and took it all to Goodwill. There were a couple things they couldn't take -and a box of books we're donating to the pediatrician's office but we sold and flung a ton of JUNK!!! YAY!!!!!!!


janjanmom said...

God doesn't care where we go to church, he just wants us to see him and praise him while we are there!! I am proud of you for finding somewhere you are comfy.

I love getting rid of junk and then getting money for it!! Glad you were able to fling some junk!

M-j said...

I am glad you enjoyed the service and found a place to call home. That is what is most important.
Good job on the junk flinging!

Chaotic Mom said...

Hmmmm... I'm not 100% thrilled about where we're going to church right now. I miss the more contemporary churches. Your post will have me thinking about this all day now. ;)