Friday, May 26, 2006

A Mish Mash

So -- on the way to the zoo -- this goes on in the backseat

Thing 2 "Mama - he says I'm meat!! I'm not meat!"
Thing 1 "Yes you are! We're all meat!"
Thing 2 "I am not meat! I not dead - If I dead then I be meat!! See I have blood. I not meat!"


We went to see the big cats - apparently they were discussing the fact that tigers eat meat. And I will have to stop letting them watch Madagascar in the car...LOL! (if you have not yet seen it, really now this is the THIRD reference - what are you waiting for??)

The zoo was fun. We saw the elephants, big cats, zebras (they are my favoritest animal mama - this from Thing 1), giraffes, Flamingos, we went to the children's zoo, rode the train and pony rides, pet the goats, all in all a good day for the kids. We didn't cover the WHOLE zoo - we live near a large city and the zoo is BIG, so we will come back again to do the rest. My mom is a member so we can go as often as we like. We took Wild thing with us too. So it was me, my mom, and 3 children (one stroller!) my mom has a scooter so one girl would ride in the stroller one would ride with Mom-mom. The boy had to walk. Poor thing. Toward the end of the day the girls let him ride in the stroller for a while.

My legs were like jelly by the end of the day! You don't realize as you go deeper into our zoo that you are actually going downhill- until it's time to leave! YIKES! At least my mom's scooter didn't break down. Lat time we went it did and I had to PUSH the thing uphill. Imagine losing the power steering in your car - you know how you can drive but the car turns for crap?? Yeah -- push a scooter like that. Uphill. With a toddler. More fun than dental work.(insert sarcasm here)

Today - had a nice visit with my friend Jennifer (who should really have a blog)and her kids - Bit(almost 6) and Little Bit (2 months) --planned on letting the kids outside - for course it rained. Bummer.

My MIL is making my CRAZY (I know not a far trip really) She asked if she could come visit. She lives about 8 hours away. So we said she could - but she has yet to answer the email or phone calls - or let us know if she's coming.... GRRRRRRRRR

Doesn't she know I have levels of Clean?? I need to know if we are at Code red or orange..... She is just a tiny bit passive aggressive (more sarcasm please).

BUT the kids love her. And she loves them. So it's all good.

Happy Memorial day weekend all!! Don't know how much I will post this weekend -- I will try!


Jennifer said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, like I would have time for a blog. I hardly have time to breath with Little Bit, always attached. :)

Rachel said...

Aw, c'mon Jennifer, learn how to type one handed!!! :)

BooMama said...

I love the "levels of clean" comment - I've got 'em, too.

And thanks so much for "stalking" me in your sidebar. I just saw that, and I'm flattered. Continue stalking - I will not be alerting the authorities. :-)