Sunday, May 21, 2006

I am feeling better this morning (not great - but not the gum on the bottom of my shoe feeling either.)

Thanks Rachel! I'll see how I'm feeling - I don't want your guys to get sick though.

Mother's day was nice - we went to Chili's for lunch and they were giving out plants for mother's day!!! YAY!!!!!! You all have no idea how excited I was! I was bouncing in my seat DH had no idea until we got there! But boy was he happy for me. Then we went to a nursery that's down the road and looked around (I only got one thing there this time)

Monday went to a Christian book store to get the cool tab thingies for my new bible -- DUDE! (and I don't meant this meanly or anything) There were like a dozen tabs I didn't use - so when I talked to my pastor I asked him why -- turns out Catholics have like a dozen more books in their bible! I jokingly said - So Pastor Jeff do Catholics use a different Bible altogether?? LOL!!! He said "Well, kindof" then went on to explain it. Maybe Nancy could explain it on her blog one day. I don't want to get flamed I jus found it amusing (I admit I have warped sense of humor)

So we're chugging right along - had lots of extra kids this week, promptly got sick - DH was a good help. I am feelin alright - I'm trying to decide whether or not to go to church. I am REALLY bummed at the idea of NOT going but am a little worried it's going to take all my energy reserves. Gonna call DFIL later today to pick up the kids for a while. Maybe I could drop them off after church......

Got some planting done on the deck and I WANT my local friends to come SEE IT!!! Pretty please???


Mom Nancy said...

Am I crazy, but didn't you and Rachel both mention something about this week being Mother's Day?? Last weekend was Mother's Day, wasn't it? I'm so confused.

Heather said...

No -- I am just sooooo far behind - I hand't posted my mother's day.

Rachel said...

Just say the word and my crew will be there to see your new plantings! :)