Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dude - whatever Marj had - I've got now -- I have been in a semi rotten mood all day. The morning was ok, the kids and I ran a couple errands,I stopped by the extension office and acted like a grownup for a few minutes (doin research on an issue my DFIL has with his birch tree).But the afternoon wore on me - the kids were whining and fighting with each other when they weren't whining to get my attention - when DH got home he sat down and did NO work on the greenhouse. It has 3 sides but has pretty much come to a halt. I am frustrated. By the time my birthday present is finished it will be too hot to use it.

I think Aunt Flo is coming on. TTFN


M-j said...

Marj had "Hormonal issues that are being straightened out with medication" in case you are wondering.
And, it IS contagious! WATCH OUT!

Heather said...