Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dang! I'm in trouble! Jan - I'm sorry I made you worry! Things have been really Hectic around here.

On Friday I had my Things plus my best friend's kids overnight and they kept me hoppin! I took my two and her younger two (the Diva and the Dictator) to Kmart to pick up a sleeping bag for my son. Because as you all know you can't have a sleepover without the requisite sleeping bad. So here I am in the store with two 5 year olds, a 3 year old and an almost 2 year old - really not a problem for me.

There's a backstory there - Jennie and her family lived with us for several months over a year ago - they re-located from Texas and she had the baby while they were living with us - we are very much used to running as one large family, and quite frankly in some ways prefer it. Having two moms run the house together was great we would divide the housework and childcare according to preferences while the hubbies were at work, got date nights by switching out kids and picked up each other's slack. And since there were two hubbies that part worked out too!!

So back to the story - here I am in Kmart - leaving actually - baby in the stroller and 3 walkers and this little old lady (if she was 5 feet tall I'd be shocked!) stops me and says - "Are they all yours???" with utter shock in her tone - I deadpanned and said - "Nope picked em up on isle 3" ("Here's your sign!"). She gave me a DIRTY LOOK and said "NO really - are they all yours?" -- why does this biddy feel the need to question how many children I have?? I smiled at her and said - "YUP! Have a nice day mam'"

So after that little experience - took the kids back to Jennie's so the baby could nap and I could pick up the oldest when the bus dropped him off. After nap trot all the kids back to our place for dinner and to pack our stuff - since the baby is still in her crib and our houses spiders at the moment - we figured we'd sleep at THEIR house. FUN FUN FUN! The baby went to bed on time - the boys didn't put up much of a fight - but the GIRLS! Ugh it took them until after 10:30! Oh and did I mention the woke up the baby!? Grrrrrrr. Finally all was quiet.

I should mention something - I am a homebody. If I could bring my mattress on vacation I WOULD. As it is I embarrass my hubby to no end by bringing my pillows whenever we go on a trip. I HATE sleeping away from home. My friend have a cozy thick sumptuous mattress - I slept horrible. Then the Rockhound woke up with growing pains at 2:30 the my daughter fell out of bed (a couch cushion on the floor!) and had to sleep with us - she does not stay still in her sleep! That was around 5. And then at 7:30 MA!! MA!!! MA!!!! The baby was awake - no she was not calling her mother - she WAS calling me. She calls her mom - Mama - and she calls me Ma.

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of why Heather's hair is turning more gray by the moment.!


janjanmom said...

( : Glad your back, all is forgiven.

Rachel said...

I was about to post an inquiry as to where the heck you were, so glad you posted.

You stayed at Jennie's house because your house has spiders? Are you getting them exterminated or something? I'm confused.

Don't you love that question - are they all yours. Yeah, I get that one a lot. Amazing that the woman did not just accept your first answer!

Heather said...

No Rachel -- the crib is in the basment - so I had nowhere to put the baby at my place - MY crib has spiders on it (I assume) - LOL!!